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Tea-Smoked Salmon » What's On My Plate. Pickled Eggs Recipe. Ingredients Beet pickled eggs with cardamom and anise 1 beet, peeled and roughly chopped into 1 to 2-inch sized pieces, cooked*1 cup beet juice*1 cup cider vinegar1/4 onion, sliced1/3 cup granulated sugar3 cardamom pods1 star anise6 hard cooked eggs**, peeled *Simmer the chopped beets in a cup of water, covered, until tender, 30-40 minutes, or used canned beets.

Pickled Eggs Recipe

Use the beet juice from the cooking water, or the juice from canned beets. Curried pickled eggs 1 cup cider vinegar3/4 cup water1/4 onion, sliced3/4 cup white granulated sugar3 cardamom pods1 teaspoon mustard seeds (yellow or brown)1 Tbsp yellow curry powder6 hard cooked eggs**, peeled Jalapeno pickled eggs 3/4 cup cider vinegar3/4 cup water1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp white granulated sugar6 cloves2 jalapeno peppers, sliced in half lengthwise, seeds removed and discarded1 teaspoon cumin seeds1 bay leaf1/2 teaspoon dry oregano1/4 onion, sliced1 garlic clove, peeled6 hard cooked eggs**, peeled Tarragon pickled eggs Method.

Homemade Kway Teow ~ Steamed Flat Rice Noodles. After many trials, errors and disappointments I am pleased to finally report success with making my own kway teow.

Homemade Kway Teow ~ Steamed Flat Rice Noodles

I have gone through the whole rigamarole of testing various methods and different plates and trays. The kway teow came out perfectly using my black/grey coated baking tray. Quite by accident I discovered that leaving the kway teow to cool, made it much easier to remove and the steamed rice noodle came out much smoother. Plus you don't get burnt fingers ! It is not really time consuming to make kway teow. Sage and Garlic Turkey Burgers. Nutritional Info: Per Serving:Serving size: 1 burger, 310 calories (110 from fat), 13g total fat, 3g saturated fat, 80mg cholesterol, 590mg sodium, 24g carbohydrate (3g dietary fiber, 4g sugar), 26g protein Special Diets:

Sage and Garlic Turkey Burgers

Recipe: Roasted Marrow Bones. Fresh spelt pasta with dried mushrooms dressing. Settembre 29, 2011 Yet Emiko said it: don’t spread yourself too thin . Do not use all of your strength committing yourself into too many activities, otherwise at some point all your energy will slip out of your hand, scattering in thin streams and losing the usual sharp incisiveness. When someone knows you so well is rarely wrong, and in fact it happened. I’m living a beautiful and intense time, crammed of things I want to do, see, learn, study, of friends who deserve my undivided attention because they are about to move away, too far away to answer the last minute call to cook together a winter and cosy lunch during one of the hottest days in August ( with the fireplace roaring in the background, just to say ).

RISOTTO CU SFECLA ROSIE. Best recipe for lembas bread. Navajo Wild Sage Bread. I'll admit that when I received a review copy of Martin Jacobs and Beverly Cox's book Spirit of the Harvest, I was a little nervous.

Navajo Wild Sage Bread

I have exactly zero experience with Native American cooking, and I was worried the ingredients would be difficult to find and perhaps even hard to use. But really, when you think about how much the New World has given to cooking, all of the ingredients for which we can thank the native people of North and South America, the food is actually quite accessible.

But not overly so. L’EXQUISIT: Pan tunecino. Un pan diferente, ideal para acompañar quesos y olivas o para rellenar, tal como os mostraré mañana...

L’EXQUISIT: Pan tunecino

Con este pan, participo en el World Bread Day que se celebra hoy. Zucchini Thepla/Spicy Zucchini Flatbread. The trick to making bao? Starting with the perfect dough - Page 5. 2 teaspoons canola or peanut oil 2 scallions, chopped, white and green parts.

The trick to making bao? Starting with the perfect dough - Page 5

Homemade Bouillon. Chinese Winter Melon 'Slow Fire' Soup ~ 冬瓜老火汤. It's been awhile since I have featured one of my absolute favourite Chinese comfort foods, the ever-nourishing and soothing slow-fire soup or 老火汤 for those of you who read Chinese. Slow-fire soups are a genre of soups usually Cantonese in origin and as the name implies, you have to boil or rather simmer this soup for hours before it is considered done. Usually there will be a kind of protein, a meat of some sort, chicken or pork are popular choices, boiled with a type of vegetable or even peanuts all combined with a myriad of Chinese dried goodies including dried scallops, red dates, maybe a herb or two and the list goes on.

Tender Coconut Soup. Method: Break open the tender coconut and collect the water in a cup.

Tender Coconut Soup

Scrap out the tender coconut and dice them into small squares and keep it aside. Peel and dice carrot into small cubes. Chop garlic and ginger finely too. Take a tsp of oil in a pan and drop in the chopped ginger, garlic and carrot pieces and fry for a min. Take the corn flour in a small bowl and dilute it with 2 tblsp of water. Pour the diluted corn flour syrup to the boiling soup while stirring continuously. Sprinkle white pepper and finely chopped coriander leaves and serve hot. Step by Step Recipe -Lotus Root and Peanuts Soup with Pork (蓮藕花生湯) The leaves outside are starting to turn into beautiful colors and the fresh crispy wind is sneaking through the window with a friendly chill.

Step by Step Recipe -Lotus Root and Peanuts Soup with Pork (蓮藕花生湯)

Time to shake off the summer laziness and embrace the arrival of the fall season! As the weather is getting colder each day, my appetite for hot soups is coming back again. Waking up in a cold morning, there is nothing better than having a bowl of hot soup while watching my two cute kittens play. FoodTrek: Getting My Xiao Long Bao Groove On. Ddukguk 떡국- Korean Rice Cake Soup Recipe. Recipe adapted from Maangchi After a slew of spicy Korean features, today I am featuring a non-spicy popular Korean dish, ddukguk or rice cake soup which is another great way for cooking dduk 떡 (rice cakes/ ovalettes) apart from the ever-popular ddukbokki, rice cakes cooked in spicy gochujang-based sauce, the No. 1 street food of Korea.

Ddukguk 떡국- Korean Rice Cake Soup Recipe

Filet mignon wontons in miso and mushroom broth. My buddy Frank and I have been going back and forth over a filet mignon starter course served by two local restaurants: his favorite is a ravioli in brown butter sauce, mine is a wonton served in a ginger miso broth.

Filet mignon wontons in miso and mushroom broth

We knew we could out-do both of ‘em and spur of the moment we came up with these amazing umami-bombs. We both liked it better than our faves and the crowd we served it to went wild; but there were places for improvement for version 2.0. Before we get started, let me talk about what I didn’t like about our dish: the sauce looked muddy, we should have defatted it and strained it through a chinois. I also wanted a few chives or tiny bits of scallion floating, but I didn’t have any on hand.

Finally, there are probably too many ingredients. OK, enough of the disclaimers, what is in it? Parsnip & Apple Soup With Crispy Sage - Media (1 of 20) 20 fall recipes. Recipes — Cooking Ideas — Cabbage Soup With Persimmon-Herb Pesto— SFGate Food & Wine. Recipes — Cooking Ideas — Gitane's Semolina-Crusted Sardines With Plum Relish— SFGate Food & Wine. Ceviche recipe: how to make the traditional Peruvian dish.

Ngu Binh Restaurant. The Astronomer and I dined at Ngự Bình Restaurant earlier this summer while in Little Saigon for a very special wedding. With three hours to fill in between the ceremony and reception, we decided to stuff ourselves silly with Vietnamese food. Little Saigon is slightly too far for us to explore on the regular, so we had to seize this opportunity to dine on the best Vietnamese food this side of the Pacific.

In the midst of all the wedding chaos, the bride and groom were kind enough to point us to Ngự Bình for Central Vietnamese cuisine. Here, chef and owner Mai Tran prepares family recipes that she learned in her hometown of Thua Thien. The delicate steamed dumplings and complex noodle soups that hail from this region never fail to make me swoon. The first dish to land on our table was the mit xuc banh trang ($6.25). The banh beo (6.25) were served in shallow porcelain dishes stacked precariously on a tray. Lemongrass Shrimp Recipe. I am lucky that I live in Orange County because I can pretty much get all the ingredients I want at the many ethnic food stores here. Whenever I want to cook Chinese, there is 99 Ranch Market.

Savory Monkey Bread With Dill Butter. Savory Monkey Bread With Dill Butter Warning: this savory monkey bread is strangely addictive. I’ve had several friends confide that they thought about the bread for days after eating it. Perhaps I inadvertently put a spell on them? More on that in a minute. SWEET POTATO SPOON BREAD. The Orange Season. Sage Pesto, Apples, and Fall « Katie at the Kitchen Door. Corn Pancakes with Sour Cream and Chives. Cactus and Eggs with Sacaton Relish on Navajo Fry Bread.


Breakfast. Dessert. Drinks. Snacks. Dips, Dressings, and Sauces. Other. Ayahuasca: An Amazonian Healing Plant. By Michael Wiese, Contributor to Shamanism on 6 Gluten-Free Grains to Add to Your Diet (Page 2) Whether you’re sensitive to gluten or just wanting to eat less of it, here are 6 gluten-free grains that offer many health benefits: Brown Rice Unlike white rice, brown rice is high in fiber and vitamin E.

Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin, immune function, and many other critical functions in your body. Stay Cool and Dry with Lavender Powder. Natural body and food powders are a chemical-free way to fight odor and perspiration. How to Give a Killer Massage. Make Your Own Dry Tea Powders.