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UW-Madison fusion dance team gains national notice in second year. A flurry of women in sequined costumes move across the floor to traditional Indian music, bobbing their heads in synchronized movements and clicking short wooden sticks together in time to the beat.

UW-Madison fusion dance team gains national notice in second year

This is raas, a style of dancing that comes from the Gujarat region of India, and it is only part of the competition performance of Wisconsin Surma, University of Wisconsin–Madison’s first fusion dance team. UW-Madison students will have the chance to see Wisconsin Surma, now in its second year, in action Friday, April 15 at India Night, hosted by the Indian Student Association. The free event will be held at the Orpheum Theatre with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. “People should know Wisconsin has so many great qualities, and a really good dance team. I really want our campus to know what we do,” co-captain Bindiya Shah says.

Fusion dance incorporates a variety of styles, from hip-hop to Bollywood to classical Indian dancing, including specific styles such as Bhangra and raas. WISPIRG receives second try for funds · The Badger Herald. The Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group was granted a second chance to try and receive student segregated fees by the Associated Students of Madison Student Judiciary.

WISPIRG receives second try for funds · The Badger Herald

Earlier in the year, WISPIRG was denied funding by the Student Service Finance Committee because it was believed 75 percent of the group’s beneficiaries were not University of Wisconsin students, which is one of the criteria for funding organizations. WISPIRG Visibility Chair Sami McKeough said his organization has been working on a plan to present their case differently this time around. 1916 fire changed the face of Bascom. A century ago, disaster struck the heart of UW–Madison’s campus.

1916 fire changed the face of Bascom

On Oct. 10, 1916, the dome on top of what was then called Main Hall caught fire. Mapping historic Boston in the Mapbox Studio dataset editor. I recently created a historical map of Boston using the new Mapbox Studio dataset editor.

Mapping historic Boston in the Mapbox Studio dataset editor

The geographic footprint of Boston has changed drastically over the past several hundred years. Luckily, there are many carefully drawn historical maps that have preserved the various stages of the changing landscape. In this map, I brought those historical coastlines back to life by overlaying them onto an interactive map of present day Boston. Delta Air Lines Says Some Flights Resume but Delays, Problems Remain. UW-Madison fusion dance team gains national notice in second year. SSFC rehears WISPIRG's funding eligibility decision · The Badger Herald. In depth: Homelessness: Stepping up to the plate · The Badger Herald. Walking down State Street has its many perks: a beautiful view of the Capitol, truly diverse restaurants and some chic boutiques.

In depth: Homelessness: Stepping up to the plate · The Badger Herald

But, it’s not often one can walk a block without hearing from a panhandler. While homelessness in the downtown area is clearly visible to students on a daily basis, how the university community is getting involved with them may not be as evident. Co-coordinator for Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group’s Hunger and Homelessness Campaign Rashi Mangalick said she thinks homelessness downtown is definitely a problem and is often ignored. “It’s been around for so long, and sometimes it’s hard to see what we can actually work on so it can become less of a problem,” Mangalick said. However, according to University of Wisconsin Police Department Assistant Police Chief Dale Burke, ‘s homeless population is no bigger than any other capital city or home to a major university. Protest at UW-Madison. Web Page Under Construction. WISPIRG receives second try for funds · The Badger Herald. Boston Fort Point Roof Deck Apartment 6C, 326 A Street Pictures.

Student group registers 5,463 voters · The Badger Herald. A University of Wisconsin student group has registered 5,463 students — 19 percent of the undergraduate student body — to vote in November’s general election.

Student group registers 5,463 voters · The Badger Herald

The drive, called the New Voters Project, was run by Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group and set a new record nationally for students registered to vote in a semester. UW-Madison Graduate School of Fun. Do you remember the class clowns in your school?

UW-Madison Graduate School of Fun

They pulled pranks. They shot spitballs. They wore their ties around their foreheads on picture day. They were the kids who mixed up all of their leftover hot-lunch foods and dared themselves to eat it. (Gross.) They were their own breed. SSFC Grants CWC money for 2 years · The Badger Herald. Chair Matt Manes introduces SSFC Members of the Campus Women’s Center hugged each other and let out a huge sigh of relief at the student government meeting when they were granted funding eligibility after being denied last year.

SSFC Grants CWC money for 2 years · The Badger Herald

The Student Service Finance Committee unanimously voted CWC eligible to receive funds for the next two academic years at their Thursday meeting. CWC Program Coordinator Rae Lymer said the group is very relieved to have funding. She added they have spent more than 100 hours working on providing SSFC with documents and information for the hearing process. That Time Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura Was Elected Governor Of Minnesota.

23 Reasons The Wisconsin Badgers Still Won The NCAA Tournament. This mashup of famous dance scenes is your new favorite video (video) The Miracle of Minneapolis. No other place mixes affordability, opportunity, and wealth so well.

The Miracle of Minneapolis

What’s its secret? If the American dream has not quite shattered as the Millennial generation has come of age, it has certainly scattered. Living affordably and trying to climb higher than your parents did were once considered complementary ambitions. Today, young Americans increasingly have to choose one or the other—they can either settle in affordable but stagnant metros or live in economically vibrant cities whose housing prices eat much of their paychecks unless they hit it big.

The dissolution of the American dream isn’t just a feeling; it is an empirical observation. Last fall, Jed Kolko, the chief economist for the online real-estate marketplace Trulia, published a study of housing affordability, which looked at homeowners’ monthly payments in each city relative to the area’s median income. These studies, and similar findings, tap into a broader worry. What’s wrong with American cities? Minneapolis–St. MSPBJ Women in Business 2014 honorees, Day 1 - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. Alyssa Kreutzfeldt, Principal Financial Group The Minneapolis/St.

MSPBJ Women in Business 2014 honorees, Day 1 - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

Paul Business Journal is announcing the first round of its 2014 Women in Business Award honorees. The Business Journal Women in Business project recognizes 50 women professionals and business owners each year for their career achievements, leadership qualities and contributions to the broader Twin Cities community. Editors selected the winners from hundreds of nominations. 40 Signs You Went To The University Of Wisconsin-Madison. Where to Watch the World Series: Infographic Helps Fans Pick a Bar. If Every Big Ten School Were A Parks And Rec Character. University of Illinois as Jean-Ralphio “Technically I’m homelessss.” Both are broke, but they still manage to have a good time anyways. Got off on a technicalllllityyy! Indiana University as Leslie Knope. Recreating Law School. Infographic Of The Week: 2013 Chart Topping American City: Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Bollywood dancers take to the streets of Minneapolis. Bollywood Dance Scene - Indian Independence Day Flash Mob - Minneapolis. “One Billion Rising to End Violence” brought warmth Rallying Near Frozen Powderhorn Lake. By Mili Dutta and Ankita Deka The One Billion Rising to End Violence Against Women: Twin Cities was the catalyst bringing hundreds of people together near the shore of frozen Powderhorn Lake on February 14th, Valentine’s Day at Powderhorn Park, Mpls The event featured speeches from prominent local activists representing a cross section of social identity groups in the twin cities; including Elder Atum Azzahir [below]. Other items in the evening included a Bollywood dancers Rashi Mangalick, Divya Maiya, and Jinal Jhavari [above] from local artists from the Tapestry folklore dance group, a Fire dance by local performer FyreSnake, and a flash dance “Break the Chain” that has been part of the global movement was also featured.

Local artists from Oya’s Radio opened the event with their soulful music. WISPIRG denial reveals flaws in SSFC’s funding criteria. Chair Matt Manes introduces SSFC The past few years the Wisconsin Student Public Interest Research Group has applied for Student Services Finance Committee funding, it has fought an uphill battle, and won. Group warns of risky toys. By Diana M. Alba DALBA@LCSUN-NEWS.COM Posted: 11/23/2011 01:36:24 AM MST LAS CRUCES - A pair of red rubber, funny-face glasses.

A cellophane-encased bunch of colorful mini-dinosaurs. A packet of shiny, plastic coins. At first glance, they appear to be harmless children's toys. But, as Black Friday approaches, one consumer advocacy group is urging Las Cruces parents and other gift givers to take a closer, more-cautious look at the toys they buy their children this holiday season. At issue, the group says, are toys that either don't comply with U.S. product rules for child safety or toys that comply, but still pose hazards for children.

Controversial student org funding method introduced. SSFC Chair Sarah Neibart speaks during Thursday night’s meeting, where the Student Leadership Program’s budget was decided and Pave presented their budget for next year. Neibart spearheaded the initiative to bring back the Campus Service Fund back as a funding option. SSFC approves WISPIRG funds. SSFC approves WISPIRG funding of nearly $150,000. SSFC rehears WISPIRG’s funding eligibility decision. SSFC Chair proposes definition of service. WISPIRG eligible for seg fee funding. SSFC OKs WISPIRG funding - News - The Daily Cardinal - University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Daily Cardinal - Tuesday, April 26, 2011. SSFC denies WISPIRG funds for 2nd time in school year. Rashi Mangalick: Ag subsidies add to nation's obesity problem. WISPIRG seeks student support for bill that may increase financial aid - News - The Daily Cardinal - University of Wisconsin-Madison. Textbooks can break students' banks. August 2, 2010|By Luis Zaragoza, Orlando Sentinel, Sentinel Staff Writer.