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The Useless Web. The Dwight Schrute Knows Best Meme. Oh Dwight, you are the best thing to happen to the US version of The Office.

The Dwight Schrute Knows Best Meme

The wry second-in-command at the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin is famous for his obscure knowledge and comically literal interpretation of… well… everything. And so the Dwight Schrute Knows Best meme or simply, the Dwight Schrute meme was born: Enjoy the Dwight Schrute meme? Check out Part 2: The Return Of The Schrute Meme and Schrute Facts. Slacker.


FAVE TV SHOWS. COMEDIANS,TV &SHIT THAT'LL MAKE U GIGGLE. Find information through people. Top Ten Lists - View All Lists. AnimalsWho doesn't like animals?

Top Ten Lists - View All Lists

Find lists of animals you'd like to own, animals you'd like to eat, and animals that will eat you back.BooksAh, the TV and radio of years past. If you haven't picked one up recently, you probably should. They're called classics for a reason.Companies and ProductsWhat do people think is the premier mobile phone, hottest new car, best jeans, or skate deck with the most pop? Find out.Consumer ServicesNeed help researching insurance companies, building your website, or even finding a date? EducationWhether you are a fan of school looking for the top institutions, or not a fan and spel lik dis, there are lists here for you.FoodsMuch more than a staple of life, foods can be everything from a simple pleasure to the way to a man's heart.GamesWhether you play games on consoles, PC, or prefer the non digital sort, you'll probably find at least one list here worth voting on.InternetFew things have revolutionized our society like the proliferation of the Internet.



My general Interests. Vevo convert and download. 35 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Your Sanity - distractify. These squares are actually the same exact color.

35 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Your Sanity - distractify

Hold your finger over the boundary between the two shapes and see them change. Source: The Cornsweet illusion exploits the brain's lateral inhibition, which creates more contrast between the two objects when they have different colored edges. Cross your eyes and you should be able to see a familiar face. Stare at this lady's nose for 10 seconds, then blink rapidly while looking at a light surface. These cars look like they're different sizes... Source: but in reality they're all the same. The Ponzo illusion works because our brain judges an object’s size based its perceived distance. These dots seem to change color and orbit the center.

Source: Similarly, stare at the cross in the center and watch the blank spot. This park in Paris looks like it has a giant 3D globe... But it's actually completely flat. Which orange circle looks bigger? Surprisingly, they’re the same size. Stare at the yellow dot. Optical Illusions, Videos, Images, Brain Teasers and more! Good Morning and Happy Monday to everyone!

Optical Illusions, Videos, Images, Brain Teasers and more!

Hope the weekend was good and you had a Happy Father’s Day! Today’s optical illusion is remarkable one because it is going to force anyone that sees it to really look at it and use their imagination! So, what do you all see because you are supposed to see a Native American sitting on a horse right next to his village, and there is a beautiful rainbow overhead, which really adds something to the picture.

However, that is not all that people are going to see, and their eyes and brain are immediately going to take this picture and start seeing other things in it. There is one very obvious animal in this picture, but the others are not so easy to find, but oh the fun you are going to have trying to find all the animals, and good luck finding them! Want to see another great optical illusion? Sunday is here, which means one more day of the weekend to enjoy!

Ready for another illusion that will make you do a double take? Happy Saturday everyone! Distractify.