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MATH 411

Questioning. School. Career Aptitude Tests. Resources for Students. General Science Sites. QUIZZ ■ IT ■ UP. ANATOMY STUDY. Project & Problem based Learning. Discovery Education Web2012 : Web 2.0 Tools. Quizzes, tests, surveys, trivia. Open Educational Resources. Digital Games and Learning. Online Courses & MOOCs. Education. +110 herramientas WEB para docentes. Curation Tools. Quiz/exam tools. PowerPoint search engine with thumbnail results - SlideFinder.


100+ Web Games & Tools to Stretch Your Mind Without Moving a Muscle - Find Schools Posted by Site Administrator in LearningDec 30th, 2008 With all the recent reports in the news touting the benefits of keeping your mind sharp to help fend off the effects of aging like dementia, its a good idea to do what you can to keep your mind in shape. The good news is that you don’t even have to leave your comfortable chair to perform these mental exercises. The following list provides you with over 100 web games and tools that will help you keep your mind in top form. Select from brain games, crossword puzzles, classic games, tools to help you learn new things, improve your English language skills or to help you learn a new language, and a few other great mental stretches as well.

Online Brain Games These games are specially designed to keep your brain in shape with activities such as memory games, jigsaw puzzles, and games designed by scientists just for mental acuity. Sharp Brains Brain Teasers and Games. Crossword Puzzles LA Times Daily Crossword. Other Word Games Web Sudoku. Khan Academy. Learn. PlayBuzz Personality Quiz. Acquired traits can be inherited via small RNAs. Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have found the first direct evidence that an acquired trait can be inherited without any DNA involvement.

Acquired traits can be inherited via small RNAs

The findings suggest that Lamarck, whose theory of evolution was eclipsed by Darwin's, may not have been entirely wrong. The study is slated to appear in the Dec. 9 issue of Cell. "In our study, roundworms that developed resistance to a virus were able to pass along that immunity to their progeny for many consecutive generations," reported lead author Oded Rechavi, PhD, associate research scientist in biochemistry and molecular biophysics at CUMC. "The immunity was transferred in the form of small viral-silencing agents called viRNAs, working independently of the organism's genome. " In an early theory of evolution, Jean Baptiste Larmarck (1744-1829) proposed that species evolve when individuals adapt to their environment and transmit those acquired traits to their offspring. Dr. AP Chemistry Review Activities. AP Chemistry Interactive Review Activities In keeping with the new framework for AP Chemistry beginning in 2013 - 2014, I am indicating here if the topic to which a review activity relates has been dropped from the curriculum.

AP Chemistry Review Activities

It will be identified as excluded (Excluded) to indicate that the College Board has specifically excluded it. I will leave the reviews here, however, in case some of you find them useful. These are not graded assignments. They are intended only as practice of concepts and vocabulary that are essential to your success in this course. Systems of Equations - Lesson 4. My Study Life. Back to School Resources. Flashcards for Basic Principles of Genetics: Stack 1. The Leading Lesson Plan Page Site on the Net. Worksheets - Educational Worksheets for Children. Today's Most Popular Study Guides.

Browse sites in topic science/biology - Page 1. School Apps. Coursera Data Science Specialization. List of Top Websites That Start With R. 50 Amazing Online Study Resources for College Freshmen. Studying for an undergraduate degree can be one of the most painstaking yet rewarding experiences of your life.

50 Amazing Online Study Resources for College Freshmen

While the decision on what to study and where can be immensely difficult to answer, there are easy answers to some of college’s toughest questions. Because studying for a degree shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds, we have collected 50 amazing online study resources for college freshmen. Homework done in a snap. Special Education Apps.

Complete Guide to educational and special needs apps, complete list at One Place for Special Needs. Complete guide to educational and special needs apps With over 300,000 apps it's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of app choices.

Complete Guide to educational and special needs apps, complete list at One Place for Special Needs

It's also easy to spend a small fortune on a lot of useless apps. As a special needs parent I wanted to get right to the "good stuff" and figured you did too. Check out our guide that breaks down the best of the apps by skill set so you can easily find and buy apps that most benefit your child. Great for kids with autism, ADHD, apraxia, learning disability, sensory issues and more. By Dawn Villarreal, One Place for Special Needs Android apps (all) Android does not have the nice interface of iTunes for viewing apps on the Internet as opposed to your device. Aphasia appsApps specific to those with aphasia Apraxia appsApps specific to those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech Articulation appsApps that focus on articulation. Auditory memory apps Auditory memory is the ability to remember what you heard.