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Sage CRM for Financial Services Industry. Financial Services in terms of audits, reporting, reconciliation, etc. is not only important to be done on a regular basis, but also it is statutory in India to prepare audits and reports in a duration, the financial period, for taxation and compliant purposes.

Sage CRM for Financial Services Industry

Usually during the financial period end when the audit or the reports are being prepared, it is important to have all documents in one place and also a system which can easily help with these financial activities. ERP Secrets Revealed For Increased Business Productivity. In our previous blogs, we have gone through the use of an Enterprise System for nearly every industry.

ERP Secrets Revealed For Increased Business Productivity

Going further, in this blog, we will speak about how Sage ERP Solutions from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd can help your company with increased revenue, better customer service and ultimately, productivity. Sage ERP – Sage ERP System gives a complete visibility and flow of information between all functions within the enterprise such as taking customer orders, keeping customer data, scheduling operations, keeping track of all processes and keeping inventory records and financial data. Festive Season Treats Ecommerce with Crores of Revenue. E-tailers have gained gross merchandise value (GMV) worth $3 billion (Rs 19,000 crore) within the festive sale series conducted from September 29 to October 4, 2019.

Festive Season Treats Ecommerce with Crores of Revenue

The Asian & Indian Ecommerce market is witnessing a whooping surge of sales during festive season. Ecommerce industry giants – Amazon & Flipkart dominated 90% of the market share during their sale campaigns. Flipkart witnessed 60-62 per cent standalone gross GMV. If other industry players like Myntra and Jabong are added, the percentage goes even beyond that.

Find the right accounting software for your business. Going in for the right accounting software never got so much simpler An exponential growth, increased demand for your company’s quality products and services, profitability and many more, are all coveted right? Change Management, change in culture or change in the way things are being carried out, etc. will not do it all. Find the right ERP software for your business. In our last article we had talked about some tips and ideas for choosing right account software for your business.

Find the right ERP software for your business.

Keeping in mind the same quest we are with more tips mentioned below will give you an idea of considering the right options before finally making your mind to consider buying a particular accounting software. Many a times there is a dire need for specific accounting software for industries of a particular kind. For instance, a manufacturing company may require a software that would have customized modules like budgeting, online banking interfaces, etc. rather than just mere checkbox selection functionalities etc., which would be required by a small start-up business. Find the right ERP software for your business. ERP for Trading & Distribution Industry - Freight Management. ERP for Trading & Distribution Industry – Sage 300 ERP for Freight Management Companies and Clearing & Forwarding Agencies.

Sage 300 ERP, a robust accounting software application with its flexibility has provided solutions like Sage EES (integrated ERP and CRM) for Trading and Distribution, Medical Equipment Distributors, Wealth management, Real Estate or Realty, Retail and now we move to the Shipping industry. Freight Management companies and clearing & forwarding agencies both can benefit from Sage 300 ERP since its complete financial management and smart business intelligence tool tackle the finance budgeting and budget management, assets management optimizing money management required majorly by sea freight forwarders. Business forecasting and versatile set of reports covering all angles of accounting requirement gives the financial officers the MIS they always wanted. As freight forwarding industry has customers who have multiple subsidiary companies. Business Management Software for Effective Inventory Control. Why is it so important to adopt a business management software to effectively handle inventories?

Business Management Software for Effective Inventory Control

Wikipedia defines Inventory Control as Supervision of the supply, storage and accessibility of items in order to ensure an adequate supply without excessive oversupply. It can also be referred as internal control – an accounting procedure or system designed to promote efficiency or assure the implementation of a policy or safeguard assets or avoid fraud and error etc. Why is Inventory Management so Important? Be it supply chain management, pharma trading, retail or any distribution industry, inventory management forms the integral part of the process. Inventory is Money: Lost or untraceable Inventory is a major risk, let’s take an example. Inventory is Time: The time it requires to answer a customer’s question about the Availability of stock is pure loss of Productivity. Secure your Medical Device Manufacturing Business with ERP.

Sage Software Solutions has packaged an end to end solution comprising of Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM for Medical Equipment Traders & Distributors dealing in Medical equipment like surgical instruments, diagnostics equipment, Therapeutic equipment, Life support equipment etc. It can be termed as Sage ERP for Medical Equipment Trading because of its exhaustive features and customization ability to make it applicable to this particular industry. Sage Software Solutions is confident of tackling one of the most complex yet unorganized processes and provide the organization with a world class ERP and CRM system for their business intelligence, financial management, supply chain management and customer relationship management.

The medical equipment trading involves transactions of high end goods which are imported and then they have to be installed at the client end under the appointed engineer’s supervision. Sage EES i.e. Sage EES i.e. What is SMAC and what effect does it have on business ERP. Impact of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud on Enterprise Solutions Enterprise IT discussion is not complete without considering the impact of SMAC on business.

What is SMAC and what effect does it have on business ERP

SMAC stands for social, mobile, (big data) analytics, and cloud. Its advantage ranges from predicting future (Analytics), available anywhere (Mobile), everything so simple and networked (Social), and at a fraction of the price (Cloud). Sage CRM: on Premise or on Demand. Choose the best fit for your firm Internet-based technologies have played an important role in the development of modern CRM applications over the last several years. They have been the critical driving force behind the rise of on-demand CRM, and have also enabled on-premise CRM vendors to dramatically simplify deployment and administration. CRM has become far more accessible as a result; adoption rates have soared, and companies today enjoy unprecedented choice when it comes to how they want to purchase, consume and support their new business applications.

Deployment, nonetheless, is a ‘how’ rather than a ‘what’, and competing CRM solutions are separated by a broader range of considerations than just the choice between on-demand and on-premise. Sales Management Software Checklist. A quick checklist to help you get started with ERP – Sales Management Software Here are some tips to help you understand the essentials before you switch to another ERP system.

Sales Management Software Checklist

This can be a method to even evaluate a new ERP system for the first time. 1. The 4 Most Vital Steps in ERP Implementation. Major companies in Mumbai and across the country are focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to effectively manage their day-to-day operations and increase profitability.

The 4 Most Vital Steps in ERP Implementation

Yet, the main challenge lies in apt execution. There might be several vendors; established and newcomers painting red the execution ideas, it is very essential to understand the key factors involved in successful ERP implementation. ERP implementation can be segregated in four stages namely Plan, Execute, Track and Measure.

Blockchain and ERP Integration. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a widely used terminology to collaborate multiple departments onto one platform, manage finance and accounting, payrolls and statutory compliances for companies.

Blockchain and ERP Integration

Block chain technology known as distributed ledger allows sharing of information between multiple computers without having a centralized platform to maintain the highest security. So what does it look like when both are integrated? It will result into mapping, linking and accessing the transaction between two parties or manage the supply chain process without having to fear the breaching of information.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt CRM for Manufacturing Industry. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has grown across length and breadth of the IT sector.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Proving to be the biggest software market, CRM is expected to become $80+ billion in revenues by 2025. One of the major reasons, CRM software is gaining momentum across all industries is real-time data accessibility through mobile and cloud solutions. So next time you are about to get ready for a client meeting, simply login to your CRM software, pull out all the customer related data along with previous interaction cycles in a jiffy and win that deal. Now that we are well aware of the Aha moment of CRM, circling back to the headline here are a few top reasons why manufacturing industry needs a CRM software.

One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturing industry is the looming labor shortage. ERP for Alcohol Industry. Breweries and distillery is the most complex industry in the market. The added rules and regulations along with heavy taxes levied makes it even more complicated. Right from the manufacturing to transport, seamless flow of data related to customs and excise duty, licensing, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSSAI) and regulation rules is mandatory for smooth operations. In addition to these, it is also important to make on-demand information like raw materials, procurement policies, MIS reports, liquor production units, etc. easily accessible. A few key elements involve complying with bottling, quality check and blending, milling, fermentation, ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), grain procurement and Molasses Control (Act).

Top 5 ERP Software Trends of 2019. 3 Reasons ERP Software Is Must for Manufacturing Industry. Govt. eases 'Angel Tax' norms for Recognised Startups. In what seems to have triggered a wave of joy amidst the startup landscape in the country, the government of India has at last eased the Angel Tax norms aimed to benefit early birdies aiming to enter the startup bandwagon. With this revolutionary move, the Indian government has attempted to address several major concerns of the startup community and boost the startup ecosystem as a whole.

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Civil Aviation, Mr. How tourism business can outsmart its competitors with CRM. This is the age of customers, where it is imperative for a business to put its customers in the first place. Yes, being customer-oriented is the key to success in today’s era and the tourism sector is no exception. This is the reason providing optimum customer experience is more important than ever. Tourism undoubtedly is one among the fastest growing industry verticals across the world. Difference between social listening and social monitoring. Social Media has changed the dynamics of our lives. Integrated ERP Solutions. How AI can help in detecting floods? Natural disasters can create a havoc in people’s lives and the best suited example of the same are recent floods caused in major parts of India. The capital city, Mumbai experienced half of the season’s rains in just a week’s time.

As per the news from Hindustan times, Mumbai received 2,117.8mm rain, covering 91% of season average. ERP Software for Packaging Industry. ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Trading. Employee Benefits and Perks: What are the different types? The lifeblood of one’s company –employees are one the most critical assets to any business.

Employees are the ones, who drive a company towards its goals. Long story short, the overall performance and productivity of a business depends on the state of its workforce. Related – Top 10 Ideas to get your Workforce Super Engaged Here, the state defines whether they are motivated through complimentary perks for their work. Without a motivated or recognised workforce, chances are that the company would collapse. Some of the most popular employee benefit options are as below: Employee Appreciation: Here are 6 Definite ways an HR can show! There is nothing much important than a performing team to a business.

The success rate of any firm depends on the efficiency of the team. CRM software for Retail Industry. ERP software for Retail Industry in India. Wearable in HR: Pocket HRMS Brings in a New Twist. MUMBAI, Aug. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wearable technology couldn't get any hotter than it is right now. Be it fitness trackers, smart bands or smartwatches, these are widely popular these days. People from all walks of life are tracking their fitness achievements, heart rates, sleep patterns, steps and much more on the go through wearables. In fact, according to a recent study, the wearable market is poised to reach a staggering 1.1 billion by the year 2020. All thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. While the telecom tech shifts from 4G to 5G, the number of connected wearable devices is expected to skyrocket wildly.

4 major onboarding mistakes HR make with new recruits. How Automated Attendance System could Benefit your Small Business? 3 Fundamental things that Every Taxpayer Must Know. 6 Crazy Instances Every Office Worker Will Relate To. Fill your Sales Funnel with Qualified Leads. Customer Segmentation in CRM. Customer Segmentation in CRM. Is your email marketing suffocating your prospects?

CRM Value Addition to Small Businesses. How to nurture leads the right way? Is your manager biased while hiring? 4 Ways to Identify! Funny GIFs on the Journey of an Employee: Onboarding to Retirement. Sage ERP Solutions for growth of Indian SMEs. CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry. Increased Productivity with Sage ERP Solutions.

Here’re 4 Marketing Gigs that You Could Also Carry Out from Home. 5 tips to bridge the generation gap in a workplace. 3 ways an HR can respond to professional ghosting. At which stage SME needs an ERP System? Wearable in HR: Pocket HRMS brings in a New Twist! Yes! Employee turnover can be a Leadership issue. How to build a B2B Content Calendar. Is Email Marketing Dead Already? The Technology Trinity: AI, ERP and Cloud. Achieve Customer Satisfaction with a CRM Software. Scalable ERP Software for Small Businesses. Scalable ERP Software for Small Businesses. Is your CRM software working at its optimum level? Mobile-Friendly Enterprise Resource Planning Solution.

Mobile-Friendly Enterprise Resource Planning Solution. Sage CRM: on Premise or on Demand. Top 10 essentials before switching to an ERP system. Tips to plan, track and measure your ERP Implementation. How Cloud ERP helps Auto Component Manufacturers go Lean? ERP & Cybersecurity - What no one is talking about? How tourism business can outsmart its competitors with CRM. 5 tips to help a small business avoid tax overpayment. Unlocking the World of IIoT for a Smart Factory Future.

Startups and Tax Compliance: How can ERP help? 5 tips to help a small business avoid tax overpayment. A 4-step guide to help make CRM an indispensable asset. 4 Signs your Startup should get a CRM in 2019. Is B2B marketing going the B2C way? Top reasons startups succeed. Beware! Never commit these 6 mistakes while planning for tax savings. Govt. eases ‘Angel Tax’ norms for Recognised Startups. What to do when your CRM isn’t working?

3 secrets to outstanding customer experience this year. 5 ways ERP can drive a food & beverage business on top. Evolution of ERP - How Far Have We Come! Sage 300cloud: Get smart with numbering. 4 Coming of Age HR Tech Trends to look out for in 2019. 6 GIFs that prove HR life is full of fun and chaos and how they deal with it. 5 Easiest Tax planning tips for New Business Owners. 5 unsettling cloud faux pas you better not make in 2019. How ERP can solve the biggest problem with Social Selling. How ERP can solve the biggest problem with Social Selling. 3 reasons you should invest in business process automation. Differently hiring: What’s so buzzing about this practice. Funny GIFs on the journey of an Employee Journey.

Full and Final Settlement: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think. Budget 2019: 7 things every salaried person should know. 3 ways HR can respond to professional ghosting, when candidates go dark. How to “woo” your recruiter in 2019 with four easy and effective tricks. New Year, New Start: 5-Step New Year Resolutions for HR. Why should HR focus more on job description today? Managing the hidden costs of HR for your business. Why it’s easier to source ideas from your customers. 5 Disruptive Digital Business Trends in 2019. 5 Ecommerce challenges and how enterprise solution can help.