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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a data entry company based in USA providing data entry outsourcing and other BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. Our business process outsourcing solutions cover data entry services, document conversion services, Scanning services, intelligent imaging, indexing, storing, conversion and so on for a wide range of industries such as Medical, Legal, Information Technology and other businesses.

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Document Scanning Services to Organize your Personal Documents. Digitizing your personal documents can preserve from destruction or loss.

Document Scanning Services to Organize your Personal Documents

An unforeseen natural disaster or accident can damage your important documents. What if you return home one day to find that your critical documents have been lost or damaged in a mishap? That’s why more and more people are choosing document scanning services to safeguard the hard copies of important papers. In our daily life, we handle a lot of paper documents such as bank statements, invoices, receipts, tax paperwork, and more. These could get torn or fade over time, or get lost or destroyed. Three Trends That Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry. Medical data entry requirements are growing tremendously and medical practices and clinics face challenges in scanning the voluminous patient data.

Three Trends That Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

With increased patient data, fewer staffs, changing technology, growing consumerism etc the healthcare industry is changing and healthcare providers are in search of new approaches to control risks, store patient data safely and provide quality care to the patients at lower cost. According to a Siemens Healthineers article published in, there are three noticeable emerging trends in the healthcare industry -- consolidation, standardization and managing health, with the objective of providing better service and quality care to the patients. Accurate Data Entry Indispensable in Clinical Trial Management. Clinical trials involve large volume data entry, and outsourced solutions such as data entry services prove helpful.

Accurate Data Entry Indispensable in Clinical Trial Management

Data can be entered in different ways – it can be done in the form of direct entry into the computer from paper-based case report forms (CRFs); it can be in the form of scanning (optical mark reading) or optical character recognition (OCR) for scannable/faxable forms. Earlier, clinical trials were conducted at a single study site by a team but now multi-center, multinational clinical trials are common with complex protocols. In this constantly developing technology era, paper-based processes and methods are still used in clinical trials. Researchers collect data using paper case report forms. These reports are then digitally transcribed by administrative staff.

The latest approach, published in Trials, highlights the use of a web-accessible database incorporating randomization and data collection in a multisite clinical trial of a complex physical activity intervention. Digitizing Made Easy with Technology That Is Flexible Than Ever Before. The business world is rapidly digitizing and creating new opportunities for businesses around the world.

Digitizing Made Easy with Technology That Is Flexible Than Ever Before

The new capabilities enable businesses to be agile, customer oriented, well-connected, innovative, and efficient. Digitization is a journey that strives towards continuous improvement and optimization of business processes. However, digitization is not an easy task and often requires the assistance of professional document scanning services to take care of bulk document scanning requirements. The existing physical paper documents are scanned to be converted into PDF, XML, HTML and other formats for further publishing or sharing. Three Crucial Tips To Protect Data Privacy. (800) 670 2809.

Three Crucial Tips To Protect Data Privacy

Tips For Offices And Homes To Go Paperless.pdf. Enterprise Resource Planning System For Effective Business Management. (800) 670 2809 Data entry servi ces become help ful when rising data volume delays processing an d affects revenue and growt h of a company.

Enterprise Resource Planning System For Effective Business Management

Every business has its own set of processes and they fa ce similar operational problems as they grow. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system that helps businesses cut down wasteful processes. Business software tools designed to facilitate th e flow of information among all. Digitization Project for Preservation of Maine's Historical Documents.

A Big "NO" to Staples on Tax Documents in Michigan. 6 Key Guidelines for Maximizing the Value of Data Mapping. How Document Scanning Solutions Ensure Improved Efficiency and Help Save Time & Costs. Document scanning services can change the way your business operates for the better, and save you both time and money In this competitive world, your competitors continue to raise the bar of customer experience through various measures.

How Document Scanning Solutions Ensure Improved Efficiency and Help Save Time & Costs

Digitization is one such means that would help provide better customer service in an easier and more efficient way. How Digital Transformation Changes Businesses. (800) 670 2809 It is widely accepted now that digitization is vital for achieving improved business efficiency, and many organizations use document scanning services to speed up t he aspect of the process, namely digitizing paper assets.

How Digital Transformation Changes Businesses

However, digitization is still far. Microfiche Scanning: Digitization and its Advantages. (800) 670 2809 Businesses around the world are now well ahead on the digitization path, scanning and.

Microfiche Scanning: Digitization and its Advantages

Digital Scanning – Approaching Paperless. If you have been thinking about the hectic work of organizing, storing, and maintaining your paper archives for a long time, then it’s time to get digitized.

Digital Scanning – Approaching Paperless

With advanced scanning technology available now, why stuff your cabinets with large bundles of papers? Large organizations with bulk document scanning requirements typically use document scanning services. Digitization services provided by BPO companies are a great option for business offices, home offices or regular offices. How Business Process Outsourcing Enhances the Sales Effort - Download - 4shared. Document Conversion from PDF to EPub. Data Entry Outsourcing. Processing and digitizing data is an important activity in any business organization. Is your organization spending a significant amount of your resources - manpower as well as time in entering data into the system? It is time then to partner with a company providing customized data entry services that can free up your staff’s hectic schedules, and allow them to focus on other core business activities. Improve productivity and increase your profit margin with Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) by your side!

One among the leading data entry companies in the U.S., MOS delivers high quality data entry solutions for a wide range of industries. How bpo services help the banking and financial sector. A few steps to create a paperless office. Step by Step Guide to Automate Your Business. Why Outsourcing IT Security Functions Is a Sensible Option. More Skilled Workers Indispensable for the Growth of the BPO Sector. Its time for businesses to go paperless with document scanning servic… 6 Tips For Easy Photo Manipulation. Document Imaging Scanner Market Trends — 2016 to 2021. As businesses increasingly convert paper documents to electronic format, the document scanning and imaging market is set to witness rapid growth. Document scanning and imaging technology allows businesses to convert any type of hard copy document into digital format. This process of capturing digital images paper documents and converting them into electronic searchable images helps organizations easily capture, store, secure and retrieve critical information whenever they need it.

Recent reports indicate that the demand for document imaging solutions will grow as businesses look to bring new sources of data into big data analytics and image capture plays an increasingly important role in storing and sharing critical documents and images as part of business workflow. The common forms of document imaging systems include microfilms, printers, copiers, document scanners, multifunction printers, archive writers and computer output microfilm. Application Segment Analysis covers: 4 Reasons Why Companies Fail When Outsourcing. (800) 670 2809 Businesses require data entry services of various types which may include survey data entry, forms processing, and so on.

Many organizations prefer the outsourcing model because it allows them to focu s on their business mission, conserve capi tal and focus on core activities. Outsourcing as a result of which they hesitate to outsource their requirements. Essential Tips to Improve Quality of Data. Document Imaging - How Is The Process Of Imaging Done. The Future of Business Process Outsourcing Services. (800) 670 2809. Why Computerizing Theses and Dissertations Is Important for Universities. Data Entry, Analysis and Management an Essential Aspect of the Entertainment Industry. Document Scanning – a Quick and Easy Way to Organize Your Financial Documents. Preserve Your Family Photographic History with Document Scanning. (800) 670 2809 Old photographs are most people’s prized possessions. However, they are likely to be stored in closets, att ics, basements or storage l ockers and with time t hese photographs.

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