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World Kidney Day – Focuses on Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere. A global campaign aimed at raising awareness about kidney disease, World Kidney Day (WKD) is observed on the second Thursday in March every year.

World Kidney Day – Focuses on Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere

The 2021 campaign which falls on March 11 is conducted as a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). The campaign aims to generate widespread awareness about the importance of our kidneys to overall health and aims to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and other associated health problems worldwide. Chronic kidney disease (CKD, also called chronic kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD) refers to the gradual loss of kidney function. If left untreated, CKD may reach an advanced stage, wherein dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in the body.

In most cases, the condition may not become apparent until your kidney function is significantly impaired. World Kidney Day was first initiated in the year 2006. Observing National Endometriosis Awareness Month in March. March is observed as “National Endometriosis Awareness Month” in the United States.

Observing National Endometriosis Awareness Month in March

Supported by the Endometriosis Association, the campaign is observed with a unique mission to generate widespread awareness about a hormonal disorder that affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide. It aims to highlight the consequences of living with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disorder that occurs when the endometrial implants (comprising tissues that form the lining of the uterus) grows outside the uterine cavity. The lining of the uterus is called the endometrium. The condition most commonly involves the ovaries, fallopian tubes, peritoneum and lymph nodes. The 2021 national campaign is a platform for women to get news, share updates about endometriosis research, and be open about the battle that women fight everyday with this disease. Treatment for this condition mainly involves medications and surgery. People throughout the country can participate in this observance in different ways. March is Observed as Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month.

Every year, the month of March is observed as “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month” in the United States.

March is Observed as Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

Spearheaded by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), the campaign aims to generate widespread public awareness about multiple myeloma – a specific type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells. The campaign is a perfect platform to spread awareness about multiple myeloma at an early stage – as early detection can help prevent some of the most debilitating effects of cancer. In most cases, majority of patients are unfamiliar with this type of cancer until they are diagnosed with the disease.

There is no specific cure for multiple myeloma. However, there are certain treatments that help ease the pain, reduce complications and slow the progression of the disease in the long run. ICD-10 Codes to Report Low Vision and Blindness. Low vision refers to chronic visual impairments that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or medical or surgical treatment.

ICD-10 Codes to Report Low Vision and Blindness

Low vision includes different degrees of sight loss, from blind spots, poor night vision and problems with glare to an almost complete loss of sight. Blindness and low vision are not the same, as limited sight remains in the latter condition. Ophthalmologists and optometrists treating this eye condition can take the help of professional medical billing services for accurate claim submission. Observing National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22. February 22 is observed as “National Heart Valve Awareness Day” in the United States.

Observing National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22

Sponsored by the Alliance for Aging Research (AAR), the annual day is dedicated to increasing awareness about the specific risks and symptoms of heart valve disease (HVD), improve detection and treatment, and ultimately save lives. HVD involves damage to one or more of the heart’s valves. Treatment for this condition depends on the specific heart valve affected and the type and severity of the disease. In some cases, heart valve disease requires surgery to repair or replace the heart valve. Documenting and Coding Oral Mucositis – A Painful Mouth Ulcer Condition. Mucositis is a common condition that occurs when your mouth or gut becomes sore and inflamed.

Documenting and Coding Oral Mucositis – A Painful Mouth Ulcer Condition

A common side effect of cancer treatments, the condition occurs when chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments break down the epithelial cells lining the gastro-intestinal tract, leaving the mucosal tissue open to ulceration and infection. When the thin mucous membrane that lines the digestive tract becomes inflamed, it can be painful. Even though this condition can develop anywhere along the digestive tract, it is more common in the mouth or oral cavity.

Oral mucositis is probably one of the most common and severe complications of cancer treatments. It can lead to several problems like pain, nutritional problems due to inability to eat, and increased risk of infection due to open sores in the mucosa. Two Common Knee Ligament Injuries and Their ICD-10 Codes. Knee ligaments connect the bones and cartilage, and hold and support the knee joint.

Two Common Knee Ligament Injuries and Their ICD-10 Codes

Any mild tear in ligaments may severely limit the movement of the knees. Most commonly occurring from a sports injury, ligament damage may severely limit the movement of the knees and make it more unstable. This in turn may result in the ability to pivot, turn or twist the leg. Ligament injuries, in most cases, occur due to a blow to the outer side of the knee (most commonly during sports activities like when playing hockey or football). A loud knee pop and buckle, causing severe pain and swelling is one of the key symptoms associated with the condition.

Notable Dental Billing and Coding Updates for 2021. Every year, the American Dental Association (ADA) makes changes to CDT codes and many practices outsource dental billing to stay on top of these updates, document patient care provided and submit insurance claims to meet payer guidelines.

Notable Dental Billing and Coding Updates for 2021

Several CDT code changes came into effect on January 1, 2021. These include 28 new CDT codes, 4 code deletions and many description revisions. The new CDT codes include 9 new codes for image capture only. Many of these updates made by the American Dental Association (ADA) reflect the impact of technological advancements in dentistry and also the effect of COVID-19. Two New COVID-19 related codes D0604 – Antigen testing for a public health related pathogen, including coronavirus D0605 – Antibody testing for a public health related pathogen, including coronavirus. Medical Coding Guidelines to Report Diabetes Mellitus.

Correct coding of any medical condition including diabetes mellitus is critical in determining the correct reimbursement for encounters related to this disease and for tracking the health care services provided.

Medical Coding Guidelines to Report Diabetes Mellitus

Providers of medical coding services have a clear understanding of the correct ICD-10-CM codes for diabetes mellitus that are combination codes that include the type of diabetes mellitus, the body system affected, and the complications affecting that body system. According to the CDC’s National Diabetes Statistics Report for 2020, in 2018, 34.2 million people, or 10.5% of the U.S. population had diabetes34.1 million adults aged 18 years or older of all US adults had diabetes10.2% of the population – had diagnosed diabetes, and Approximately 7.3 million people have diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed Coding diabetes mellitus first requires a clear understanding of this condition.

There are two types of diabetes mellitus: Type I and Type II. February Is American Heart Month - Focuses on Cardiovascular Health. February is observed as “American Heart Month” – a time when the nation spotlights heart disease – the number one killer of Americans.

February Is American Heart Month - Focuses on Cardiovascular Health

Sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA), the annual campaign is a perfect time to focus on cardiovascular health. Focusing on cardiovascular health has always been an important concern. Observing Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week from February 7-14. To generate widespread awareness and education about the significant effects of congenital heart disease (CHD) – the second week of February is observed as “Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week” in the United States. Sponsored by the American Heart Association, the campaign aims to honor those born with a heart defect and all of the families and friends touched by children with heart defects. Know the Rules to Report Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in 2021. A lot has been happening with regards to reporting remote patient monitoring (RPM) aka remote physiologic monitoring and our medical billing and coding company is keeping track of the developments.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS has expanded reimbursement codes available for RPM over the years in order to help providers meet the growing demand for virtual care services. RPM involves the use of digitally connected non-invasive devices (e.g., pulse-oximeters, home blood pressure monitors) by clinicians to remotely monitor their patients’ temperature and pulmonary function, blood pressure, and other relevant physiology to track symptoms and disease progression.

The five primary Medicare RPM codes are CPT codes 99091, 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458. On December 1, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had issued new rules related to RPM reimbursement under the Medicare program. National Children’s Dental Health Month Observed in February. Good dental hygiene is an important part of a child’s overall health and well-being.

Poor oral hygiene or habits can lead to serious infections, gum disorders, cavities or other teeth problems. Developing good oral habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental visits help children to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. ICD-10 Code to Report Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in 2021. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) is a complex, serious condition that is associated with COVID-19 in both children and adults. In 2021, there is new ICD-10 code for this condition – M35.81. As new information emerges regarding COVID-19, providers need to be meticulously following coding and billing guidance and regulations from the CDC, AMA, and other official organizations. Reporting COVID-19-related conditions on health care claims is much easier with the help of an experienced medical coding and billing company. Accurate COVID-19 coding and billing can help providers get paid for services provided to patients presenting with symptoms of COVID-19. Nationally, more than 1,200 cases of MIS and 23 deaths have been confirmed across 44 states, according to an ABC12 report published first week of January.

Symptoms The CDC describes MIS-C as a condition where “different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs”. World Leprosy Day (WLD) Observed on January 31. Each year, “World Leprosy Day” is observed globally on the last Sunday in January. The 2021 campaign which falls on 31st January, aims to raise global awareness about leprosy – a chronic infectious skin disease and debunk the common myths associated with the condition. Also known as Hansen’s disease, leprosy is a chronic, progressive bacterial infection caused by the bacterium – Mycobacterium leprae. If left untreated, it can cause disfigurement and significant disability resulting in crippling of the hands and feet, paralysis, and even blindness.

Physicians treating leprosy patients can outsource medical billing and coding tasks to a reliable provider to meet their revenue reimbursement requirements. Shoulder Dislocation - ICD-10 Codes and Documentation Tips. A Look at Notable CPT Code Changes for 2021. Each year, the American Medical Association (AMA) CPT code updates. New ICD-10 Codes for COVID-19 Effective Jan 1, 2021. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic, healthcare organizations and industry associations have worked together to release medical codes to report the novel coronavirus. Documenting Pyelonephritis - A Common Urinary Tract Infection. Regarded as a common type of urinary tract infection (UTI), pyelonephritis generally begins in the urethra or bladder and moves upstream to one or both the kidneys.

Observing Cervical Health Awareness Month in January. January is observed as “National Cervical Health Awareness Month” in the United States. Documenting and Coding Meniere’s Disease - A Chronic Inner Ear Disorder. A common inner ear disorder, Meniere’s disease can cause dizzy spells (vertigo), sound in the ear and hearing loss. January Is Thyroid Awareness Month – Be Informed about Thyroid Disease. January – the month for new beginnings – is observed as “Thyroid Awareness Month” in the United States. Sponsored by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the campaign calls attention to the various health problems connected to the thyroid.

Observing National Glaucoma Awareness Month in January 2021. With an objective to spread the word about a sight-stealing disease, the month of January is observed as “National Glaucoma Awareness Month” in the United States. Documenting Bronchiolitis - A Common Pediatric Respiratory Infection. Medical Billing and Coding Trends Practices Can’t Ignore in 2021. The healthcare sector has been reluctant to embrace technology, one of the main concerns being patient safety.

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