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Cyberpunk: 1990 Documentary Featuring William Gibson & Timothy Leary Introduces the Cyberpunk Culture. “High tech and low life”: never have I heard a literary genre so elegantly encapsulated.

Cyberpunk: 1990 Documentary Featuring William Gibson & Timothy Leary Introduces the Cyberpunk Culture

I repeat it whenever a friend who finds out I enjoy reading cyberpunk novels — or watching cyberpunk movies, or playing cyberpunk video games — asks what “cyberpunk” actually means. We’ve all heard the word thrown around since the mid-1980s, and I seem to recall hearing it several times a day in the 1990s, when the development of the internet and its associated pieces of personal technology hit the accelerator hard.

At the dawn of that decade, out came Cyberpunk, a primer on the eponymous movement in not just literature, film, and computers, but music, fashion, crime, punishment, and medicine as well. Timothy Leary Plans a Neuromancer Video Game, with Art by Keith Haring, Music by Devo & Cameos by David Byrne. Few science fiction novels have resonated as strongly with popular culture as William Gibson’s Neuromancer (1984).

Timothy Leary Plans a Neuromancer Video Game, with Art by Keith Haring, Music by Devo & Cameos by David Byrne

The book, wherein the first trickles of Internet culture coalesced into the gritty film noir world so dear to readers of Philip K. Dick, became one of the seminal reads of the 1980s. The cyberpunk genre was born. Since its appearance, Gibson’s work has continuously echoed in popular culture. While movies have tried to distill his impending, tech-filled dystopianism, the most appropriate, if not the most striking tributes, have come in the form of video games. Leary is best known as the psychologist who championed LSD and psilocybin use, engaging in meticulous research—both personal and professional—of their effects. Stunning concept art reveals NASA's 1970s vision for humanity in space. Blade Runner Screen Used Prop Collection. Magazines from the future. Future Noir: Turning down the block and ducking into a futuristic newsstand revealed the most humorous touches of layering, for it was here that this author immediately noticed that a number of faux twenty-first-century magazines had been stuffed into racks mounted on the newsstand's walls, and that many of them sported decidedly tongue-in-cheek covers.These publications had been designed by BR art department member Tom Southwell.

Magazines from the future

Periodicals of note include Krotch (going for $29 a copy!) Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards, 1988. Neil Postman on Cyberspace, 1995. Science Fiction: Archive. Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke - God, The Universe and Everything Else (1988) UFO Flying Saucers And Outer Space (1968 - 77) Hot tip from 1979: the living room of the future will be filled with computers. The Singularity is Sexy: The Loveliest Robot and Cyborg Art [NSFW] Would be nice to have a few sexy dudes in this gallery.

The Singularity is Sexy: The Loveliest Robot and Cyborg Art [NSFW]

If anybody can find me some, please post some here! Seconded. I couldn't find guy pictures that were cute and fun rather than broody, but I would love to see people's suggestions. Ahh, I was starting to think that erotic images of cyborg males were rare in general. I suppose it makes sense, gender-stereotype-wise, that it'd be rare to find sexy robotic males portrayed as cute and fun, since male sexuality in general is rarely portrayed as being cute and fun.

The MIT Science Fiction Society. Fragile Machine. Science Fiction Illustrator. Isaac Asimov on Bill Moyers World of Ideas pt 1. Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982) Doc - CYBERPUNK (1990) A must-see.

Doc - CYBERPUNK (1990)

Marianne Trench's campy, kinetic documentary about the cyberpunk phenomenon blends practical technological and medical hacks with philosophical forward-thinking about the often-cybernetically expanded boundaries of our humanness. Learned commentary by luminaries like William Gibson and Timothy Leary is augmented by interviews with actual hackers and anonymous computer criminals, creating a composite essay about our increasingly internet-dependent experience that is as important today as it was in 1990 when the film was created. Kim Jong-il is dead. Here's his monster movie. As bad as it was under Japanese rule I imagine it was much worse under Kim.

Kim Jong-il is dead. Here's his monster movie.

Maybe under his father Il Sung during the war... but the majority of Kim Il Jong's problems were cumulative. Cyberpunk Documentary - 1/5. Old neuromancer film promo. The Agrippa Files » Still Shots from Re:Agrippa Video Based on Dec. 9, 1992 ‘Transmission’ of Agrippa (1993) Official Website Of Syd Mead. Appearances Syd Mead “Future (Perfect)” Exhibit at New York’s Bravin-Lee Gallery through June 30th Syd Mead’s Future (Perfect)” is currently being exhibited at the Bravenlee gallery in New York City through June 30th. Learn more » Appearances “Imagining The Future” – Breakthrough Radio Interview Syd was interviewed for the Art Imagined segment on Breakthrough Radio.

In this interview Syd talks about how he got his start as a designer, his experience working on Blade Runner, his approach to incorporating the past and the future into beleivable Learn more » Appearances , Amusedom , Books , Sentry II SENTINEL II – Available Digitally at AMUSEDOM WORLD-WIDE DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE. As one of the very first publications to showcase the work of world famous Visual Futurist, Syd Mead, SENTINEL II remains a milestone in the history of futuristic illustrations.