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Duplo Animal - Elephant. Bible Road Trip Year Two Part Two Books of History Old Testament Index. Bible Road Trip is an exciting journey which places you and your children in the driver’s seat! Aimed at youth in preschool to high school, Bible Road Trip will allow your family to survey the Bible cover-to-cover in 3 years ~ with breaks for summer. There are notebook pages available for the Lower Grammar (Grades 1-3), Upper Grammar (Grades 4-6) and Dialectic (Grades 7-9) levels.

Students at the Rhetoric level (Grades 10-12) will keep their own notebooks and be busy sharing their information with others! Subscribers can download the weekly Bible Road Trip PDFs free. Use this index of links to find your way around Bible Road Trip. Thanks for using Bible Road Trip, and God bless your trip through Scripture with your family. Important Links The Bible Road Trip Everything Page (Links to Everything!) Bible Road Trip Parent / Teacher Guide Bible Road Trip ~ Frequently Asked Questions What Do People Really Think of Bible Road Trip? Index for the Books of the Law (Year One Weeks One – Eleven) Home. 18 Activities for Kids When Mom is Sick on the Couch. ActivitiesAll AgesResourcesLeave a Comment A lingering virus. The early or late stages of a pregnancy. A chronic illness. Or a cold that just won’t go away… Things can easily get overwhelming when you’re sick and stuck on the couch. You start to think in terms of the bare minimum… Food offered, check. And for a day or two this kind of survival mode works.

But, if the days are stacking up, you may get desperate for ways to engage with your kids. Hands on activities to the rescue. No really! Show your toddler some new finger plays.Play with tape or stickers. More busy activities to have the kids do. If all you can muster is laying on the couch and watching a show with your child, let go of your guilt. Bonus Tip: Watch short videos on YouTube. Hopefully you’ll get better soon and back on your feet. But until that cold finally goes away, give yourself a break and stay on the couch, you’re a great mom! Ready to get off the couch? Leren. Borax Slime for Easy Slime and Science Activity.

Creation Crafts and Activities. These creation crafts and activities should help you teach kids about the seven days of creation. Whether you are a mom, dad, babysitter, Sunday school teacher, private school teacher or childcare worker, I wanted to be able to equip you with ideas for teaching kids about Genesis 1 and the seven days of creation. If you are looking for more Bible crafts and activities, I encourage you to check out the 100 Best Bible Craft ideas for teaching stories and concepts throughout the scriptures. Day One – Let There Be Light “Let There Be Light” Flashlight Activity – Bringing real light into the darkness is something hard for kids to imagine. This activity really allows the light to pierce the dark. Turning Darkness to Light– Here’s another example of watching light overtake the darkness. Let There Be Light Coloring Sheet – Sometimes you need a simple activity for a large group of kids. Day Two – Separation of the Waters and Sky Creation Day Three – Land and Plants Day Four – Sun, Moon and Stars.

Literature — Simply Charlotte Mason. Select a group of books below that corresponds to the main age range of your students (younger, middle, older) and read them aloud. If you have both younger and older students, you can read aloud to the younger and then assign a set of books for older students to read independently. The main goal is to select books that your family will enjoy and read them aloud together. If you read one chapter per day, you should be able to finish all the books in a group in one year. We think the main objective of Literature is to enjoy well-written books.

Ask for narrations if you want to, but don’t feel that you must do a study guide or literary analysis on each. You can use the links below to view all the books in a group in the CM Bookfinder for easy scheduling in our CM Organizer. Younger Students (Grades 1–4) Book Group 1 (View on the CM Bookfinder) Trumpet of the Swan by E. Book Group 2 (View on the CM Bookfinder) Stuart Little by E. Book Group 3 (View on the CM Bookfinder) The Hobbit by J. Bijbelteksten leren - Bijbelidee. Earth Science Experiments for Kids #1 – What is the Earth Made of?

Kids are going to love learning about the earth with these fun hands on earth science activities for homeschool elementary kids. Learn about the layers with playdough, take a core sample using a cupcake, and lots more fun ideas. This is the first of our 4 week series on Earth Science Experiments for Kids. Today’s hands-on Homeschool Science lesson will help preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students discover what the earth is made of and how know that by taking a core sample. Earth Science Unit for Homeschool Elementary Kids We started our Homeschool Earth Science unit by reading Planet Earth / Inside Out by Gail Gibbons. I found this to be a good resource with nice clear illustrations. Earth Science Experiments for Kids: Layers of the Earth for Kids To help the kids really understand the layers we did an Earth Science Experiment for kids. You will need 6 balls of play dough (store bought or homemade playdough). Pinch the ball closed so it looks like you just have a yellow ball.

— The Cheapest Homeschool Planner You Will Ever Love. Gekleurd A4-karton. Wij verzenden naar Nederland en België. *De kosten voor Express Afleverservice bedragen € 13,99 voor pakketten tot 500 gr. Voor elke extra 500 gr. wordt € 2,00 in rekening gebracht. Standaard levering Levering in 4 tot 5 werkdagen.Kosten voor Standaard Afleverservice naar adressen in Duitsland zijn € 3,99 voor bestellingen tot € 59.Gratis levering bij bestellingen vanaf € 59.Vul altijd uw volledige postcode in bij bestellen.Graag een afleveradres opgeven voor overdag, aangezien er altijd getekend moet worden voor een pakket.Wij versturen met: Express levering Voor meer urgente bestellingen bieden we een 2 werkdagen .

Express Afleverservice kost € 13,99 voor alle bestellingen.Vul altijd uw volledige postcode in bij bestellen.Graag een afleveradres opgeven voor overdag, aangezien er altijd getekend moet worden voor een pakket.Opmerking: bestellingen geplaatst na 02.00 uur worden bij ons de volgende werkdag verwerkt (maandag-vrijdag) Kids. Kidz Krav Maga (KKM) is een onderdeel van het zelfverdedigingssysteem speciaal voor kinderen en tieners tussen de 5 en 17 jaar.

Waarbij kinderen en tieners op speelse maar vooral praktijkgerichte manier les krijgen in zelfverdedigingstechnieken. Dat varieert van: Wat te doen als je als kind wordt aangesproken door een onbekende volwassene! Of als tiener in het uitgaansleven en er gebeurd wat! Door middel van spelvormen en het nabootsen van situaties. Naast het trainen van motoriek, conditie en reflexen wordt er ook gewerkt aan zelfvertrouwen, beheersing, mentaliteit en sociale vaardigheden. De Kidz Krav Maga-cursussen zijn op leeftijd ingedeeld. De Kidz Krav Maga-lessen zijn pedagogisch en methodisch-didactisch zeer verantwoord. De lesopbouw is logisch en de technieken worden makkelijk aangereikt. Net als de lessen voor volwassenen berusten ook de oefeningen en technieken van de KKM-cursus op jarenlange praktijkervaring. Preventie Leermethodes en oefeningen m.b.t. gevaarbeheersing.

Preschool Christmas Fun - Our Journey Westward. A Preschool Christmas There’s a delicate balance to be made between getting a preschooler geared up for Christmas and keeping him geared down at the same time! We chose to do a craft or activity everyday so we could talk about different aspects of Christmas and prepare his little heart for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. However, the activities were mixed in with “regular” school to keep the excitement factor under wraps. Why? I’ve been there and done that with two preschoolers in the past and too much excitement leads to crazy little people who can’t control themselves! Count Down Chain A construction paper count down chain teaches numbers, counting, colors, patterning, cutting and fine motor skills.

Play Dough and Jewels Christmas-scented playdough, cookie cutters and some craft jewels are fun for decorating PK Christmas trees. Stringing Jingle Bells Jingle bells can easily be strung onto pipe cleaners by little hands for a fun instrument. Foam Sticker Graphing Glittery Pine Cones. The Names of Jesus Unit Study. By Karen Caroe(Click HERE to read about the 149-page expanded version of this unit.)OVERVIEWThis Funschooling Unit is one that my family often uses as we enter into the Christmas Season.

We alternate our studies each year between the Symbols of Christmas and Names of Jesus. The unit is meant to begin on December 1 and continue each day throuh December 25. It is a combination advent devotional and unit study. It is recommended that your family make a NAMES OF JESUS Christmas journal while doing this unit. It will be fun for the whole family and a testimony to Jesus when people visit during the holiday season. Site Content. What you’ll find and where to find it. For more information on any class, simply click the class title. Where a wide range of grades are listed, activities or suggestions for multiple grades are included in the course.

You may also enjoy these holiday-themed collections of lessons from Download Cranberry Christmas (also includes recipes, poems, and more) and A Valentine’s Day Bouquet of Fun. Art Appreciation: South African Art (Elementary – Middle school) This art appreciation course focuses on eighteen South African artists from the 19th-21st centuries. Art Techniques (Elementary—High school) Brenda Ellis of ARTistic Pursuits teaches weekly lessons designed to help your children become visually aware of the wonderful world they live in. Drawing with Realism (Middle school—High school) Elementary Art (Elementary) Elementary Art is a series of units designed for various elementary ages.

Everyday Easels (Elementary—High school) Spanish (Elementary) Homeschool - You get unlimited access to all lessons, across all grade levels Kindergarten 6th Grade Pre-Calculus 1st Grade Basic Math & Pre-Algebra Calculus 2nd Grade Elementary Measurement Algebra II 3rd Grade Elementary Geometry Geometry 4th Grade Algebra 1 Trigonometry 5th Grade Required fields are marked with * Kids Answers. Audio Goodies for Little Ears! Hiya! Here are your “Audio Goodies for Little Ears” downloads. Your kids are gonna love these! You can listen to these audios online simply by clicking the links below. They should start playing automatically. DOWNLOADING: If you want to download these mp3 audio files, just RIGHT CLICK each link and then “save” to your computer.

(Mac users: Hold down the “control” key, then click on the link and “save” to your mac.) FIRST, here are some SONGS your kids will love (that may just drive you crazy when they play them over and over again): Join in on a jolly version of the classic children’s song, “Oats, Peas, Beans” by Roger White, as we quickly follow Mr. Next, here are two VERY catchy favorites by Big Jon & Sparky: Here’s our all-time favorite cheery October song, even though to tell the truth we’d prefer him to be a pie. AND FINALLY, here’s another of our household favorites… Uncle Lumpy tells us the musical story of Little Orley and the house haunted by… well, you’ll hear.

That’s it for now! Educratief. Itsy Bitsy Fun - Itsy Bitsy Fun. I have Who Has Shapes and Colors - Learning Games for Kids. Welcome, Homeschool Freebie of the Day! - Enrichment Studies. Click to download The Joy of Motherhood Fine Art Pages Welcome to Enrichment Studies, where we love to make it easy for homeschool families to bring more music, art, and wonder into their lives!

You are welcome to download our brand new Joy of Motherhood Fine Art Pages totally free by clicking the image to the left, and you can also get our free guide: How to use Fine Art Pages in Your Home right here. Together these two items will get your started on your way to simple and effective art appreciation in your home that doesn’t run on Mom Power! Want more? You can get our Women Artists of the Renaissance Fine Art Pages collection totally FREE when you sign up for our newsletter below! You’ll get several more freebies as well, including helpful seasonal resources throughout the year. A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Information, Pictures, Videos, Resources and Links. Homeschool freebie of the day. Dave Conservatoire. Human Anatomy: Learn All About the Human Body at

Homeschool Archives - The Road to 31. Homeschool Giveaways – Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies! Free Teaching Resources. Home - Kjoek. What's in the Bible? — What's In The Bible - DVDs. Thuisonderwijs: onze manieren | Van alle markten thuis. Er zijn veel verschillende manieren om thuisonderwijs te geven. Aan het ene eind van het spectrum staat het kopiëren van school, waarbij een compleet vakkenpakket (curriculum) wordt gekocht van schoolleveranciers. Bij gebrek aan een Nederlandse markt zijn die leveranciers vaak Amerikaanse homeschooling companies, maar er zijn ook gezinnen die het vakkenpakket van de Wereldschool kiezen of boeken van een lokale basisschool overnemen.

Bij deze manier van onderwijs worden in de uiterste vorm vaak schooltijden aangehouden en is er soms in huis een kamer ingericht als klaslokaal. Aan het andere uiterste staat het zogeheten unschooling. Natuurlijk zijn er veel tussenvormen; zoveel mensen, zoveel manieren. Volgens de Van Dale betekent eclectisch: ‘het beste uitkiezend’.

In de praktijk betekent dit, dat we voor de vakken schrijven en wiskunde een lesmethode gebruiken zoals op school, en voor de overige vakken (nog) niet. We gaan veel op pad, om de onderwerpen tastbaar te maken. Five Flavors of Homeschooling. Preschool Guide — Simply Charlotte Mason. Many moms have asked us, “What should I be doing with my 3- to 5-year-old children, before they start formal schooling?” Instead of academic or social pressures, Charlotte Mason encouraged mothers to give their little ones a full six years of developing good habits, getting acquainted with nature, exploring with the five senses, growing in their spiritual lives, and playing outdoors.

With that in mind, here are our suggestions for the Early Years. You will find Charlotte Mason’s own words and practical encouragement for all of these areas in The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook. This blog series on the Early Years might also be helpful. 1. Focus on the foundations. Habits, outside play, read-alouds, and Bible are most important. 2. Handicrafts, art, music, and poetry will enrich your child’s atmosphere and help him feel at home with those aspects of Charlotte Mason education when he starts “school work.” 3.

Free courses. Getting Ready 1. Webbing Into Literacy. Progressive Phonics - Home. Audio Memory-Kathy Troxel (800)365-SING Educational Music/Books | Audio Memory/Educational Music/Videos/ Books.