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Transform Your Winter Wardrobe Into Summer Style. Transform Your Winter Wardrobe Into Summer Style By Kathryn Hensch in Style Think twice before you pack those sweaters away for the season.

Transform Your Winter Wardrobe Into Summer Style

These DIYs recycle the clothing you already have and transform them into warmer weather garb. Spending less of your funds on clothing means there’s more money for summer fun. 5 Techniques For Raising A Fully Awakened Child. One simple fact explains why alcohol is more addictive than cannabis. Listen to Alan Watts embarrass our culture's understanding of drugs and addiction. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Technology. Old Navy Tells Kids Not to be Artists. Share Why does Old Navy hate artists so much?

Old Navy Tells Kids Not to be Artists

Photo: via Twitter. Clothing chain Old Navy apparently thinks artists are unnecessary. Models Bring Gustav Klimt Paintings to Life. Share.

Models Bring Gustav Klimt Paintings to Life

Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate. James Owen in Londonfor National Geographic News July 23, 2004 Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it.

Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate

Ricky Sands, 81, owned Ricky's Place in Village Gate. Ricky Sands, who owned a well-known vintage clothing and antique jewelry shop in Village Gate for decades, died Dec. 23.

Ricky Sands, 81, owned Ricky's Place in Village Gate

Mrs. Sands was 81 when she died, a year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Celebrities like Cher, Anthony Quinn and Cyndi Lauper frequented Mrs. When Pennywise Was Real: The Phantom Clown Scare of 1981. When we look back, 1981 was certainly a banner year for horror.

When Pennywise Was Real: The Phantom Clown Scare of 1981

Aside from some of the best horror movies of all time coming out, including AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and EVIL DEAD, we had the nightmare inducing melting heads in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and the true arrival of Jason Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II. Outside of our local cinemas and drive-ins there was plenty of horror as well. Twenty three IRA members, including Bobby Sands, went on a hunger strike as a protest against their treatment while imprisoned by the British. It would end with ten of the men dying and riots across Northern Ireland. Men Are Threatened By Smart Women, Says New Study, But Smart Women In History Couldn't Care Less.

If you've ever thought there might actually be something to the theory that men are intimidated by smart women, you're about to get some validation.

Men Are Threatened By Smart Women, Says New Study, But Smart Women In History Couldn't Care Less

In a new study to be published in November's Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers discovered that — while men like the idea of dating a smarter woman in theory — coupling up with a brainy lady might be threatening to men's masculinity. To come to this determination, researchers from the University of Buffalo, the University of Texas at Austin, and California Lutheran University polled male participants using a hypothetical scenario involving a woman who had either outperformed or underperformed the man in a math or English class. Happily, the preliminary results proved men do fancy ladies with smarts. "Men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves," the researchers reveal.

For Young Women, Not Having Children Has Become the Rational Decision. "You don't want children?

For Young Women, Not Having Children Has Become the Rational Decision

Really? Why? " Horrifying Nightmares from Around the World. It is always night somewhere, and a third of the world is always asleep—submerged in dreams.

Horrifying Nightmares from Around the World

For the past 15 months I've explored that subconscious realm in 18 countries for my ongoing World Dream Atlas project. I walk up to strangers and ask for dreams, but just as often, I get nightmares. Student Says He “Doesn’t Look Like A Rapist" And Doesn't Need Sexual Consent Class. The Gender Politics of Pockets. I am one of the 10 million people who acquired an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus ten days ago.

The Gender Politics of Pockets

Coming from Planet Android, I wasn’t as put off by the larger dimensions as everyone else in the technosphere seemed to be. But I was, as usual, put off by one thing that both the Apple product and its archnemesis from Google shared: the unpocketability of the phone, particularly by females. This isn’t a new problem for women. Being A Waiter Or Waitress Is One Of The Most Stressful Jobs You Can Do, Study Suggests. Next time you're dining out, spare a little thought for the person serving your food. A new study has suggested that being a waiter or waitress is one of the most stressful jobs and can therefore have a detrimental effect on an individual's health. The research, conducted by scientists at Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, analysed data from six previous studies on job-related health involving a total of 138,782 participants. Looking at reported job stress, the study found that jobs with high demand and little situational control, such as waitressing, may be more stressful than jobs with high demand and high situational control, such as teaching.

Jobs were classified into four groups for the study based on how much control workers had over their jobs and the psychological demands of the job. The job demands included time pressure, mental load and coordination burdens. Looking at the data, the researchers split jobs into the following categories: Close. The Curious Case of the Children Whose Penises Don’t Appear Until Puberty. Catherine (left) with his cousin Carla, both guevedoces. Puberty is a difficult time for everyone. Some, however, have bigger issues than zits and embarrassing cracks in their voices. Spanish moss. Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) is a flowering plant that grows upon larger trees, commonly the Southern Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) or Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) in the southeastern United States from Texas and Florida north to southern Arkansas and Virginia.[3][4] It is also native to much of Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Central America, South America and the West Indies as well as being naturalized in Queensland (Australia) and in French Polynesia.[2]

The Jobs Are Never Coming Back. I just watched former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s TED Talk. She provides some nice insight as to what it is really like as a politician trying to grapple with the new realities of the modern world; trying to save jobs in America that just don’t make sense economically any more. Granholm also raises the need to address global climate change as an enigma on equal footing with economic issues. What makes her talk interesting is she sees that a solution to the climate change problem could also be a solution to economic woes, a surprising position given the normal myopia of politicians when it comes to linking environment with economy. While I like the general slant of Granholm’s view, in particular with respect to proposing a feasible means of stimulating the move to green energy through competitive incentivization programs, I have to disagree that even a major shift to green energy in America is somehow going to bring back “good jobs”.

The jobs are never coming back. See the future. Rochester, N.Y. Mayor Thomas Richards admits he Does Not Care about Rochester Police violating Citizen's Civil Rights, if they Don't have a Bell, or a Light, on their Bicycle. Criminal RecordsDUI OffensesMuch More ========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to this not being an available standard ad slot. You selected ad slot 1. Page not found. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. 22 Reasons Cows Should Be Your Favorite Animal. This Woman's Amazing Haunted House Is Like Something Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Movie. 'Voldemort' and 24 Other Words You've Been Pronouncing Wrong. #19 is Ridiculous. For Creative Problem-Solving, Why Young Kids Can Outwit College Students.

6 Things I Wish Like Hell Someone Had Told Me About Having A Baby. Dang, Your 2-Year-Old Is Mean. Nothing sweetens victory quite like revenge. Why Consensual Sex Can Still Be Bad. Sex on Campus. Gene research finds opposites do attract. Scatterbrained People Are Basically Geniuses. Another idea? Your big brain just got even bigger. The smell of old books analysed by scientists. Matija Strlic, a chemist at University College London, and lead author of the study, and her team note that the well-known musty smell of an old book, as readers leaf through the pages, is the result of hundreds of so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air from the paper.

Don’t Look At Her Face And Raping Your Wife Is Just Awesome, Says Christian Website. Here Are The Most Lana Del Rey Things Lana Del Rey Has Ever Said. Facebook knows even more about you than you realize. The Heartwarming Story of the Canadian Punks Who Raised Baby Crows. More Than Meets the Smize: A Look Inside Tyra Banks's Exploitative Empire. Sylvia Plath's Drawings Are Even More Devastatingly Beautiful Than You'd Expect.

Yes, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong. New Study Claims Cheese Is As Addictive As Cocaine. When Your Dog Barks At Nothing, Are They Really Barking At Ghosts? 25 of America's Worst Charities—Plus Tips on How to Avoid Getting Scammed. Marvel Show "Jessica Jones" Names a Most Evil Villain: Abuse. ‘The Junky’s Christmas’: The William S. Burroughs short film presented by Francis Ford Coppola. A billion ghosts immanentized. Trying to explain timeboxing with diagrams. Does it seem comprehendible? A Story About Loneliness. Have mercy... Joe Manganiello - GIF on Imgur. Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. What should every girl know by the age of 21? : AskReddit.

What free stuff on the internet should everyone be taking advantage of? : AskReddit. Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities Beyond Normal Limits. Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture. Immortal Technique Speaks on Trayvon, Religion, Race in America & Syria. What are some interesting tests you can take to find out about yourself? : AskReddit. Psychonaut. Four stages of competence. What is something someone said that forever changed your way of thinking? : AskReddit. What piece of stand up comedy (10 minutes or less) has successfully made you cry with laughter? : AskReddit. What If We Adopted A System Where The Banks Did Not Create Our Money?

H. L. Mencken. Educate yourself: Imprints. #SingleGirlProblems: The 17 Reasons I'm An Undateable Girl. Jayarava's Raves: Pornography, Desire, and Buddhism. Osho World: Vision of an Enlightened Master [Meditation Discourses and books] Born on a Rotten Day: Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac - Hazel Dixon-Cooper. Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain : Goats and Soda. Marvel Show "Jessica Jones" Names a Most Evil Villain: Abuse. Why I Don't Want Kids.