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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Fast. While wine works very well, it’s a pity to waste the drink on fruit flies when you could just as well enjoy it yourself.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Fast

This is why it’s better to use vinegar for trapping these insects. But not just any vinegar. It has been proven that apple cider vinegar is the perfect medium for trapping fruit flies before they create even more damage.

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(4) Amazing Things in the World. 10 downloadable lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems. Teach them English Adam Simpson's blog Skip to content ← A great selection of upcoming BC webinars 5 great writing warm up activities… and what they lead to → 10 downloadable lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems Posted on September 25, 2013 by Adam Most coursebooks have units on the environment and with very good reason; this is a hot topic, especially with Generation Y learners, and so therefore such units are quite stimulating classroom topics and often work well, with a teenage audience in particular.

10 downloadable lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems

Molecular nanotechnology - The second industrial revolution! Share 0 inShare1 Embed Attribution: Tor Barstad It´s been claimed that nanotechnology will lead to a second industrial revolution.

Molecular nanotechnology - The second industrial revolution!

15 Serious Games Aiming to Change the World. Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013. The cracks of dawn - Arctic Sea Ice. I was hesitating whether I should write about this (besides my personal combination of busy/lazy) for a couple of days, because the Arctic is such an amazing place that it's easy to get carried away.

The cracks of dawn - Arctic Sea Ice

Our Need For A Sense Of Unity. SAY NO TO PALM OIL. Greenrock Bermuda - Changing the Mindset. Kids Home Page. Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff. Internet Resources - Green Shopping and Services. What's Your Question? Q: for .

What's Your Question?

A: Sparking interest proves key to getting , or anyone, committed to a cause. The Science News for website serves up Earth-friendly content on a range of ... Read More » Source: We love Earth. Eco Kids Eco Family, Earthday Everyday. Earth Science and Environmental Educational Resources, Interactive Actvities, Printables, Lesson Plans, Green Crafts, Ideas, Games, Fun Facts, Non Toxic and Natural Healthy Solutions.

Virginia DEQ - The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Homework help, writing help, study skills, conversion calculator, periodic calculator, math help — Homepage. Ivy's Environmental Sites for Kids. International Home. Metroactive News & Issues. Clouded Future: Margo Leathers-Sidener knows first-hand the effects of smog--she watched her young son become sick from it.

Metroactive News & Issues

Air Sickness New studies show that the Santa Clara Valley's air quality is literally taking some people's breath away. Cleaning Big Cities' Air "Not Rocket Science," Expert Says. October 27, 2005 Hemmed in by mountains on three sides, the basin that houses Mexico City, Mexico, has some the dirtiest air in the world.

Cleaning Big Cities' Air "Not Rocket Science," Expert Says

Pollutants spewed by power plants and tailpipes have nowhere to go. They stay within the city and compromise the health of thousands of people. Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Environmental issues. Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station. Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station (TMI) is a nuclear power plant (NPP) located on Three Mile Island in the Susquehanna River, south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Londonderry Township.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station

It has two separate units, known as TMI-1 and TMI-2. The plant is widely known for having been the site of the most significant accident in United States commercial nuclear energy, on March 28, 1979, when TMI-2 suffered a partial meltdown. Ask Kids. The Poisoning of Minamata. The Poisoning of Minamata by Douglas Allchin It started out quite simply, with the strangeness of cats "dancing" in the street--and sometimes collapsing and dying.

The Poisoning of Minamata

Who would have known, in a modest Japanese fishing village in the 1950s, that when friends or family members occasionally shouted uncontrollably, slurred their speech, or dropped their chopsticks at dinner, that one was witnessing the subtle early symptoms of a debilitating nervous condition caused by ingesting mercury? Yet when such scattered, apparently unconnected, and mildly mysterious events began to haunt the town of Minamata, Japan, they were the first signs of one of the most dramatic and emotionally moving cases of industrial pollution in history. The outcome was tragic: a whole town was both literally and figuratively poisoned. Mercury-poisoning disaster haunts Japan.

TOKYO -- Mercury poisoning from industrial dumping in Japan's Minamata Bay decades ago may affect tens of thousands more people than previously acknowledged, a leading researcher said yesterday.

Mercury-poisoning disaster haunts Japan

The fresh findings, to be released Monday, could increase pressure on the Japanese government to boost victim compensation in an environmental catastrophe shadowing the country for nearly 50 years. The government officially recognizes 2,265 victims -- 1,435 already dead -- of the dumpings in the bay in southern Japan, where chemical maker Chisso Corp. had been pouring tons of mercury compounds since the 1930s. Some victims died after eating mercury-tainted fish, while others suffered spasms and blurred vision. Babies of poisoned mothers were born with gnarled limbs. Reports of victims began appearing in the 1950s. The government's original benchmark had been mercury levels of 50 parts per million detected in people's hair. Love Canal. Love Canal was a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York, located in the LaSalle section of the city. It officially covers 36 square blocks in the far southeastern corner of the city, along 99th Street and Read Avenue.

Paper, Plastic & More: A Kid's Guide to Recycling and Environmental Conservation. Helping kids understand conservation, climate change, emergency preparedness, and the importance of recycling is essential for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Environmental conservation deals with being practical and not wasting our natural resources. It’s the protection and preservation of air, water, soil, and other natural elements that will be needed for the health of future generations. Nature is all around us – including the flowers, plants, animals, lands, and seas - and should be enjoyed and appreciated. Although it’s nice to watch and enjoy nature, we must all do our part to preserve it. Environmental websites for kids. There are a wealth of fun, creative and informative websites for children.

Here are Eartheasy’s recommendations: EekoWorld – A new PBS website teaches kids ages 6 to 9 how they can help take care of the earth. Students for the Environment. Jump to main content. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Languages Mobile. ‪The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers‬‏ The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic. U.S. Edition Op-Ed Contributor.