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Vegan Mushroom Potstickers Whether you love potstickers as a vegan main course or as savory vegan snacks, these mushroom-plumped gyoza are delish and super easy to make. You can even serve these tasty potstickers as vegan appetizers for your next vegan get-together. Vegan Mushroom Potstickers Makes 30 potstickers Ingredients: Vegan Mushroom Potstickers
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Vegan and Gluten-Free Polenta and Beans Salads and brown-rice pasta aren't the only ways to enjoy a quick dinner when you're eating a vegan and gluten-free diet. If you need a tasty new idea, give this spin on the basic burrito a whirl. Instead of wrapping beans and veggies in a flour tortilla, use polenta (look for it in firm tubes at health-food stores and most supermarkets). Since it's made with cornmeal and water, it's completely gluten-free. Vegan and Gluten-Free Polenta and Beans
Asian Greens and Mangoes Asian Greens and Mangoes I very rarely buy those packages of mixed salad greens--all too often I've opened them to find that roughly half the contents are what I call "pre-compost." But a new one caught my eye the other day, and it looked super-fresh, so I gave it a shot. It was called " Five Happiness," by Organic Girl , and to say it did not disappoint would be a spectacular understatement. It must have just come off the truck, because every single leaf was resplendent and bursting with lifejuice (a neologism coined just now). I couldn't wait to make something that would do them justice. At the same market, I found some irresistibly ripe champagne mangoes, and this salad formed instantly in my head, which I would later dub "Asian Greens with Bean Sprouts, Red Pepper and Mango."
First off, I must dispel a myth. I have not died. I have not fallen ill to the point of incapacitation. And I have not seriously injured myself. Truthfully, I haven't even been a lazy blogger. I spent my one and only day off last week preparing so many delights for you to enjoy here at Vegan Food-Like that I ran out of time to type about them. French Food for Vegans French Food for Vegans
I like to party. And I love bringing food to parties. It started out when I did a lot of hanging with a particularly non-soy-friendly crowd in NYC - I knew there'd be bacon in everything people brought to whatever potluck/shindig was getting crammed into someone's incredibly tiny apt, so I'd play it like I was going to anyway - you know, I just had this vegan lasagna in the fridge and it needed to get eaten. Over time, I've developed preferences for party-friendly food. I like to party.
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Vegan Yack Attack | A vegan food blog that covers everything from indulgent desserts, to healthy dinners, and even raw recipes! There's something for everyone here! Vegan Yack Attack | A vegan food blog that covers everything from indulgent desserts, to healthy dinners, and even raw recipes! There's something for everyone here! Apple Fennel Seitan Dogs HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Long time, no see! Let me say that I’m sorry for the absence, there has been a hell-of-a-lot of things going on over here and clearly posting on my blog was not one of them. But, I’m back for a bit, with some delicious recipes that I can’t wait to show you. Because of all of the cooking that I’ve been doing (cookbook photography for Cupcakes & Kale!)
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Vegans Respond to Controversy Over Veg Parenting Vegans Respond to Controversy Over Veg Parenting Media coverage of vegan parenting has ignited a debate about raising children on a plant-based diet. Vegan parenting has been at the center of media controversy this past week, with author Ruby Roth taking heat for her new pro-vegan children’s book Vegan is Love, set for release today. Roth’s book has been the subject of criticism, with some questioning the safety and suitability of her message. Further igniting the media firestorm is food writer Nina Planck, who warned against what she feels are the dangers of raising children vegan in last week’s New York Times Room for Debate feature. In the wake of the controversy, vegans are using the media to speak out against misinformation.
PETA’s Ultimate Vegan Baking “Cheat Sheet” PETA’s Ultimate Vegan Baking “Cheat Sheet” We have mixed feelings about PETA’s advertising, but we are definitely into their new “ultimate vegan baking cheat sheet.” It makes it easy to adapt any non-vegan baked-good recipe into a vegan version, by offering specific instructions and measurements for vegan egg, milk, buttermilk, condensed milk (hello, pumpkin pie!) and butter replacers. Print this and stick it on your fridge if you’re vegan or serving vegan guests this holiday season, and you won’t have to hunt for all new recipes for your favorite pies and cakes. Enjoy!
Faux Foie Gras Challenge Winning Recipe Foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver,” is made from the enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. Many high-end restaurants have pulled this “delicacy of despair” off their menus for good. But just because gourmets choose to skip out on the cruelty doesn’t mean that they want to miss out on traditional French food. In came PETA with the Fine Faux Foie Gras Challenge, which offered a $10,000 grand prize to the genius behind a vegan version of the decadent dish. A judging panel chosen by PETA assessed the prepared recipes based on palatability as well as similarity in taste and texture to real foie gras, and they selected New York–based chef Amanda Cohen as the winner! So did we get it right? Faux Foie Gras Challenge Winning Recipe

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The holidays are over. The rush of New Years has passed. And now we plummet, head first, into the depths of winter. My New Roots
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Clean Green Simple Quick Tip: Steam Vegetables without a Steamer Steaming vegetables is one of the best ways to prepare them – it leaves almost all of the flavors and nutrients intact and doesn’t add any oil. But if you don’t happen to own a steamer of some kind, it’s still super easy to make wonderful steamy veggies!
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Not on lettuce alone »Partnership kitchen: recipes Mushrooms היום בשותפות למטבח נבחר חומר הגלם: פטריות! אז היו לנו מתכוני כרובית, אחר כך המשכנו עם חגיגת התותים ובדרך עצרנו לחגיגת ט"ו בשבט טבעונית. היום אנחנו עם הפטריות, על מיליון המינים והטעמים שלהן.
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Quiche aux épinards et à la farine d’orge Cette quiche toute verte et toute végétale doit sa consistance fondante à un mélange de petits pois et de farine d'orge. L'amertume des épinards est contrastée par des tomates séchées, tandis que la pâte offre un léger sablé grâce à la présence de farine de riz. Ingrédients Pâte : 100 g de farine d'orge 60 g de farine de riz 20 g de farine de pois chiche 1 pincée de sel 3 cuillères à soupe d'huile d'olive 10 cl d'eau environ 1 poignée de graines de courge grossièrement hachées
When I lived in the South several years ago, my house was located only a few miles away from a Krispy Kreme doughnut factory. If I drove down a specific stretch of 291 at the right time of the morning, the unmistakable and glorious aroma of silky dough being fried to perfection would slither through the air vents of my car, creating the most ingenious, olfactory-based advertising campaign ever. In the effort to partially recreate this experience, I veganized Alton Brown's doughnut recipe this weekend, with delicious and addictive results: fresh out of the oil, these are crisp and golden on the outside and light and spongy on the inside. To add a twist on the traditional plain glaze application, I added a touch of almond extract, cardamom spice and crushed pistachios at the end to complete these lovely loops of fried perfection. for the doughnuts 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk Olives for Dinner: breakfast
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds: Three Ways Recipe Toasting pumpkin seeds is fun and easy - and a great way to get creative with your spice drawer. I've wrangled up a beautiful collection of quirky pumpkins and winter squash over the past week - white "ghost" pumpkins, blue Hokkaido, carnival and ambercup squash. Yesterday a few of them went under the knife and we enjoyed the delicious byproduct - a bounty of seeds ripe for toasting. I wanted to try some different flavor combinations this year and ended up with a triptych of flavors: Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Black Tea & Butter Pumpkin Seeds, and Curried Pumpkin Seeds. There are a couple of ways to go about toasting pumpkin seeds. I should mention, that in addition to the way I make them, there is also an extended cooking technique as well.
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meatless monday: an ode to the apple | here | there | everywhere.
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