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Chain Maille Scarf – Free Crocheting Pattern « Glove Love. Posted on October 17, 2009 by Simone Chain Maille Scarf.

Chain Maille Scarf – Free Crocheting Pattern « Glove Love

Sunshine's Creations @Vintage Threads Inc.: crocodile stitch. This is a similar in concept, meaning three-dimensional of look, to the snow queen.

Sunshine's Creations @Vintage Threads Inc.: crocodile stitch

It's not the same, but it's pretty cool anyway. It is in Portuguese, but I thought it was neat enough for you to see. If you know how to crochet the visuals should be enough for you to understand how to do this. On Demand. Knit & Crochet Today. Video Archive. Crochetville. Wool yarn, mohair yarn, silk yarn, cotton yarn, easy-care synthetic yarn and more! Lion Brand Yarn.

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag. Los Angeles Food Photographers ? White on Rice Couple. Photography and Handcrafts by Shireen Nadir. Meet the new baby.

Photography and Handcrafts by Shireen Nadir

This is the Canon 7D. Swaddled in TFA Grape. Yes, I said swaddled. Because nothing says love like TFA yarn. No Patons cop-out for my camera! I crocheted a camera cosy. There is a reason, besides just reaching for hitherto unheard of levels of crafting madness; it protects her from the elements, and allows me to tuck in a few hand-warmers around the battery casing which extends the life of lithium batteries in the cold. While I’m at it I’ll give you another little nugget of wisdom – if you’re taking your camera out in elements of dubious merit (rain, rainforest, fog etc.) then do this first: Go to a shoe store, ask them for a bag of the silica gel packs (most stores throw away a ton of these things every day) and pack a bunch of them into your camera case.

I left openings in the cosy for all important things, like the tripod foot and the dial for changing shooting modes, settings and of course, the shutter button. Brown Slippers. (Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)

Brown Slippers

I’ve just finished making these slippers. Making crocheted slippers is my addiction. Huge addiction. One of the best things in life. They are super cozy. Spring Placemat. Granny Square Purse. Done.

Granny Square Purse

Finished. Here it is. Last time I showed you these squares. They were so much fun to make. You can find the tutorial here. After I finished the squares (and stared at them lovingly for about three hours) I went on and crocheted them together to make two panels. One panel has more yellow in it, the other one has more green tones. Fingerless Mittens. (Update: To see my original patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)

Fingerless Mittens

This is a story of a girl who was trying to knit with four double-pointed needles for the first time in her whole life. The story is going to be exciting yet scary. She struggled… She felt sad and lonely… The needles kept attacking her repeatedly … How to crochet a heart. Galerie de Attic24. Birdie Decoration. This is my pattern/tutorial for a hanging Birdie Decoration.

Birdie Decoration

A completely useless object of course, but very cute all the same. It's an easy project to make, great for using up odds and ends of yarn and can be used in all sorts of ways to bring a little good cheer. This little birdie is made in four pieces :: a round flat circle for the body, a small triangle for the beak and 2 leafy shapes for the wings. There is also a hanging chain to make which you can decorate with flowers if you like, and the option of adding some dangly legs too. First a little summary of the basic crochet stitches :: sl st :: insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook. dc :: insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (two loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops on hook (note :: this is equivalent to the US sc stitch) dc2tog (a 2-stitch decrease) :: insert hook, yarn over, pull loop back through the stitch (two loops on hook).

Granny Square Tutorials. As if I didn’t have enough projects started around the house, I’ve embarked on a HUGE new endeavor– Learning how to make granny squares and creating a granny square blanket.

Granny Square Tutorials

I know– seems a little lofty for a such a novice like myself, but I’m really excited about it. Right now I’m practicing and I have to admit– I LOVE it. I’m playing around with two different styles of squares that seem pretty easy (I’m still learning how to read patterns) and different color combos. In the meantime, here are some fabulous granny square tutorials for you to check out and try! Purl bee- granny squares Summer Garden Granny Square from Attic 24 Heart Granny Square from Lilley Stitches. Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies.

Green and Tan Cloche Hat by minimeg. Chaîne de tjw1963. Free crochet flower patterns with Crochet Geek.

Chaîne de tjw1963

The crochet lessons are detailed, some with slow motion for additional time needed to learn new crochet techniques and stitches. Examples are a crochet rose, blue ivy, marigold, daffodil, poinsettia, pansy and lilly to name a few. The Art of Crochet by Teresa - Crochet Shell Variation 4 - Blanket or Scarf. Art of Crochet by Teresa - Crochet Puff Stitch Hat. Chaîne de mikeyssmail.