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Things to teach. Unwritten On The Body. Feature image via pinterest trans*scribe illustration © rosa middleton, 2013 As someone who is transfeminine as well as someone who spends most of her free time reading, writing, critiquing, and analyzing poetry, I think almost constantly about the language of the human body.

Unwritten On The Body

In a way, we are all poems, probably more Gertrude Stein than Robert Frost; we are chock full of tropes and contradictions, prone to being read in unexpected ways, and alarmingly beautiful in our uniqueness. As with the meaning of written text, our bodies float somewhere between the author (ourselves) and the reader (those we encounter). To paraphrase Roland Barthes, the author is oh so very dead.


Writing prompts. I’ve been asked this question or some variation of it more than a few times in the last few weeks.

writing prompts

I’ll make you a deal and tell you a quick story. Here’s the quick story … I’d love to keep updating this site, but I’m really, really busy. Ento - the art of eating insects. Mister Lemur. ACCESSORIES : Bridal Underwear. Sad but beautiful. Bennies. Event planning. Funny. Do stuff SF. Crowdsourcing. COURSES. APPLY. Make Stuff!


Tinyco. Recipes. Poems. Egypt. Character shapes events. Read this Later. Housing for All. How we talk about science. Why are professors at Harvard, Duke, and Middlebury teaching courses on David Simon's The Wire? - By Drake Bennett. Among the police officers and drug dealers and stickup men and politicians and dockworkers and human smugglers and teachers and students and junkies and lawyers and journalists who populate the late, great HBO series The Wire, there is one academic.

Why are professors at Harvard, Duke, and Middlebury teaching courses on David Simon's The Wire? - By Drake Bennett

His name is David Parenti and he teaches social work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. He is not a major character, but he appears throughout the show's fourth season—an earnest, well-meaning man defined in part by his naïveté about the inner-city kids whose lives he wants to improve. As for Johns Hopkins, Baltimore's best-known university, it only comes up as a place where the show's police officers can get cushy campus security jobs after they retire.

Individualism - Remember and Understand. Urban Planning. Ladies, gaga. Maybe you’re shy, or a shut-in.

Ladies, gaga

Maybe you’re single and don’t want to be. Maybe all that truck driving, dog walking, kid raising, and company running has sapped your femininity. Awesome Art and Things to Look At.

Apple Frustrations

What's good for society? Interesting Science Articles. The Noisy Idiot Dilemma – first 2 chapters « White Noise. Why Technology is awesome. Minds. Urban Planning Apps.