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10 tips for surviving as a freelance artist. Being freelance offers a varied working routine, and the chance to be your own boss – but the switch from studio life to self-employment can be jarring.

10 tips for surviving as a freelance artist

To help anyone thinking of striking out on their own, we asked leading artists who work freelance, or have done so in the past, for their advice. You can read their tips for surviving your first year of freelance below: they cover everything from how to find clients to staying inspired. I also contributed a tip myself. I’m a freelance writer rather than an artist, but the tip is about getting into a working routine – and procrastination is universal. Main image: Number 41 – Akira fan art by Randy Vargas I would advise anyone wanting to be a freelance concept artist to start off working for a company. First, you need to know how fast you are. Second, you need to find out what you’re actually worth. This “Doodler” Was Supposed To Be Dirty, But An Artist Showed Us A Better Path.


The Best Widgets for Adube Muse. If you haven’t heard about Adobe Muse let me first of all introduce you all with it.

The Best Widgets for Adube Muse

Adobe Muse is a component of Adobe Creative Cloud that has become a great tool for designers over the years. It has become incredibly renowned way of building websites. With Adobe Muse what you can do is create your website that would be compatible with mobiles, tablets and much more that too without much know-how of coding and developing. A few days back we came up with an article related to Adobe Muse. Yes, you guessed it right! As clearly understood from the header of the article here we have compiled a list of useful and best Adobe Muse Widgets that you can easily download by clicking the link given below the image and right next to Demo link.

Obviously Demo link shows you how the widget appears on the desktop. Menus. The Best Widgets for Adube Muse. Trabajo - Portafolio de Lorenzo M. Durán. Drawing Simulator 2014 - Shh, I Draw Now... Mon maçon était illustrateur. Deux graphistes ont mis en images les remarques les plus stupides de leurs clients. Les liens soumis ne seront publiés qu'après sélection par un tribunal d'exception.

Deux graphistes ont mis en images les remarques les plus stupides de leurs clients

Joe La Pompe advertising, publicité. TUTO : bricoler avec la perspective. Tutoriel perspectiveQuelques notions de base Comme il est difficile de tenir compte de ce que savent déjà parfaitement les uns ou les autres, je préfère repartir à zéro.

TUTO : bricoler avec la perspective

On fait donc comme si vous ne saviez absolument rien à propos de la perspective. The Evolution Of Icon Design From 1981-2013. December 4, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design With the GUI having now been around for over 40 years, today we are taking a look back in time at the evolution of an integral feature – the icon.

The Evolution Of Icon Design From 1981-2013

Since the early 70’s, when bitmapped screens were first developed with GUI’s, the humble icon has come a long way. Lezilus, Agence d'illustrateurs et de graphistes internationaux à Paris - Michel Lagarde, Nicolas Pitzalis. Io9. It's working out great for Venezuela, isn't it?


Rounded up the dissidents, shut down the TV stations if they don't parrot the government's line, shortages of everything, murder rate shot through the, who could have seen that coming? The Venezuelan working class seems to like it for the most part, so non-Venezuelan ignorance to the contrary is irrelevant. Okay, actual Venezuelan weighing in. The shortages are not right-wing propaganda - we're sending care packages with non-perishable basics like powdered milk, wheat and corn flour to Caracas on a regular basis, things that Venezuela used to be self-sustaining on, along with meat, prior to Chavez setting ridiculous price caps that drove farmers and ranchers under, or to Colombia. To say nothing of the fact that my family considers itself *lucky* that so far we've only had two kidnappings, two carjackings and the uncle who was shot seven times in the one of the latter survived.

Gratuiste – Les graphistes gratuits se rebellent sur un tumblr. C’est bien connu, graphiste c’est pas un métier, on peut demander des « trucs » rapides à ces manipulateurs d’images, ces créateurs numériques.

Gratuiste – Les graphistes gratuits se rebellent sur un tumblr

Bha oui c’est facile pour eux et en plus ils s’amusent bien devant leur mac un casque sur les oreilles. Pour être moi-même un peu graphiste, je reconnais sur le blog ces petits messages de gens que j’ai déjà reçu et qui demandent ni plus ni moins des boulots sans rémunération. Improve your logo design. Web Design: Proximity Principle.© UPV. Graphisme & interactivité blog par Geoffrey Dorne. Les fondamentaux du dessin, indépendamment de tout style - Animated Shows of the Twentieth Century go Hipster with Fashion Label Re-Brand. Actual Pokemons. La Naegleria fowleri ou Amibe mangeuse de cerveau Cette bestiole de quelques micro-mètres est responsable de l’infection de 128 Américains depuis 1962 (un seul a survécu) .

Actual Pokemons

Ce qui ressemble à un sourire est un amoebastome, une sorte de suçoir grâce auquel elle engloutit les bactéries et parfois même ses propres congénères ! Elle peut se trouver dans les lacs et les eaux saumâtres ou même dans les piscines mal entretenues. Cette amibe pénètre dans le nez des nageurs et remonte jusqu’à leur cerveau où elle dévore les neurones, il lui faut alors entre 1 et 5 jours pour provoquer migraines, fièvres et vomissements. Viennent ensuite les vertiges, les hallucinations, le coma et la mort en une dizaine de jours. Tout sur les nouveaux logos.

You Can Now Draw Objects in 3D With the World's First 3D Printing Pen. The folks at WobbleWorks wanted to produce a way for people to draw exactly what they were thinking, including 3D objects.

You Can Now Draw Objects in 3D With the World's First 3D Printing Pen

With that in mind, they took the basic design of the pen, since everyone knows how to use a pen, and designed the world’s first 3D printing pen called the 3Doodler. As you draw, plastic comes out of the pen, is cooled by an integrated fan, and solidifies right in front of your eyes. The 3Doodler lets you draw on any surface and lift it up into the air to create your own 3D objects. The pen is compact, easy-to-use, requires no software and no computers. Google's Logo and Home Page Evolution.

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