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Columbus DUI Lawyer

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DWI Defense Attorney in Columbus Ohio. Now that you have been charged for driving under the influence, what happens next?

DWI Defense Attorney in Columbus Ohio

After you have been charged with a DUI, you should be given an opportunity to speak with an attorney regarding your case and your rights. It is highly recommended that you do so. Contact The Maher Law Firm at 614-205-2208 to begin working with a Columbus DUI lawyer who can make sure that your rights and freedoms are protected. We will help you understand the DUI process and what to expect at each of the following stages. Arrest or Summons to Appear in Court After you have been contacted by an officer regarding suspicion of DUI, the officer may make the decision to arrest you, write you a ticket and release you, or simply release you.

Arraignment. Tips on Choosing an OVI Defense Lawyer for Your Columbus Drunk or Drugged Driving Case. First Tip: Do not go through a drunk or drugged driving case in central Ohio without securing advice and representation from an experienced Franklin County defense attorney.

Tips on Choosing an OVI Defense Lawyer for Your Columbus Drunk or Drugged Driving Case

Police, prosecutors, and judges take the charge of what state laws call operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI) very seriously. If you do not have a dedicated OVI attorney in your corner, you can face stiff penalties even if the evidence against you is not very strong. Which defense lawyer you choose is up to you, of course. But following these next three tips should guide you to a Franklin County OVI attorney who will do the best job possible. Tip: Prioritize Experience Police must follow strict rules when doing traffic stops or operating DUI checkpoints, while conducting field sobriety tests, and when requesting and handling breath, blood, and urine samples.

Tip: Demand Responsiveness. Penalty for Carrying Gun on School Property in Ohio. Before digging into the details of how Ohio courts penalize having a gun on school property, it is essential to note that state residents must be at least 21 years old to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Penalty for Carrying Gun on School Property in Ohio

A student or minor who is charged with possessing a concealed weapon in a school building or on school grounds will potentially face a number of gun crime charges. Another thing to think about is that Ohio courts discourage police and prosecutors from charging and prosecuting people who are younger than 18 as adults. A DUI Defense Attorney Answers Your Questions About Drunk Driving Consequences. Underage DUI Lawyer Columbus Ohio - Underage OVI Attorney. Drug Possession Lawyer Columbus, Ohio. Even though Ohio allows the use of medical cannabis and Columbus police treat having very small amounts of marijuana as a minor misdemeanor offense, being arrested while possessing nearly any amount of a controlled substance can bring serious criminal consequences.

Drug Possession Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Our Columbus drug possession lawyers handle all drug possession charges, including: Illegal possession of marijuana. Nearly every charge is prosecuted as a felony, and the penalties extend well beyond a jail sentence. Franklin County OVI Attorney - Franklin County OVI Defense Lawyer. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Ohio, you need a local Franklin County OVI defense attorney.

Franklin County OVI Attorney - Franklin County OVI Defense Lawyer

“OVI,” which stands for “operating a vehicle while intoxicated,” is just what state laws and county courts call drunk or drugged driving. It doesn’t matter if you use the term DUI, DWI, or even OMVI. You will want to exercise all your legal options to try to avoid the worst penalties and complications. A conviction can bring thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, and fees for things like a house arrest monitoring anklet, an in-car breath-testing device, and addiction assessment and treatment. The Driving Intervention Program available to first-time offenders as an alternative to jail itself costs nearly $500 for enrollment, and attending often requires taking time off from work. Even more severe penalties can include lengthy license suspensions that affect both your personal driver’s license and each commercial driver’s license you hold.

Felony Theft Attorney Columbus, Ohio. The laws of Ohio make it relatively easy for a person to draw a charge for committing felony theft.

Felony Theft Attorney Columbus, Ohio

And even though the most relevant state statute explicitly defines felony theft as a nonviolent crime, the law also calls for long jail sentences and high fines when a person is convicted. Whether an alleged theft is prosecuted as a felony offense depends how much an item or service costs. It can also matter how the item or service was obtained, what the item or service was, and who the alleged victim is.

DUI Attorney Franklin County - Maher Law Firm. Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in Ohio - Felony or Misdemeanor. As a criminal charge in Ohio, unauthorized use of a vehicle is a type of theft perpetrated by simply taking a car or other motorized vehicle without permission.

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in Ohio - Felony or Misdemeanor

Alleged auto thefts committed while using force, threats of force, or intentional deception are covered by different sections of Ohio’s criminal code. Do not, however, interpret that baseline explanation to mean that being charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle in Columbus or Franklin County is no big deal. You will likely spend time in jail if you get convicted of the alleged offense as well as being assessed a hefty fine. A court order to make restitution to the victim is also a common component of the sentence. The relevant section of the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) does spell out two strong defenses against the charge, however. What Makes Vehicle Use Unauthorized Generally, violations of the statute are prosecuted as misdemeanors of the first degree.

Possible Defenses. Can I Lose My Ohio Nursing License For A DUI - Maher Law Firm. Difference Between DWI And DUI in Columbus Ohio - Maher Law Firm. Driving Under Influence DUI/OVI Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio. Reckless Driving Lawyer Franklin County - Maher Law Firm. Receiving a reckless operation citation in Ohio is not like getting handed a regular traffic ticket.

Reckless Driving Lawyer Franklin County - Maher Law Firm

State statutes define driving recklessly as a criminal offense, and even pleading guilty without contesting the charge requires going to court to have the sentence imposed. Working with an experienced Franklin County reckless driving lawyer can protect a driver from serious penalties. Local police officers and state troopers in Ohio have a great deal of authority to charge a driver with reckless operation. The sole legal standard, as stated in section 4511.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, is demonstrating “willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property.” Actions that law enforcement officers often cite as reckless include Causing an accident raises the risk of getting charged with reckless operation, especially if the wreck happens at an intersection or in the course of a lane change.

Not Just Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles. Difference Between DWI And DUI in Columbus Ohio - Maher Law Firm. A DUI Defense Attorney Answers Your Questions About Drunk Driving Consequences - Maher Law Firm. Ohio Domestic Violence Laws - Maher Law Firm. Drawing a domestic violence charge in Ohio can put you into a legal process that differs slightly from the one used to investigate, prosecute, and penalize other types of alleged assaults.

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws - Maher Law Firm

Make no mistake, though. Jail is still a possibility, and securing quality legal advice and representation can protect you from an unjust conviction and harsh penalties. Understanding Ohio’s Domestic Violence Law Section 2919.25 of the Ohio Revised Code makes it a criminal offense to do any of the following: Knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member,Recklessly cause serious physical harm to a family or household member, orBy threat of force, knowingly cause a family or household member to believe they will suffer imminent physical harm. Driving Under Influence DUI/OVI Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio. Criminal Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio, Criminal Defense Lawyer. Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus Ohio When you are accused of committing a criminal or traffic offense in Columbus Ohio, it is normal to feel nervous and frightened about what might happen.

Criminal Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio, Criminal Defense Lawyer

The obvious penalties are fines and jail time, but there are other consequences you should be aware of. Without the help of an experienced Columbus Ohio criminal defense attorney, it would be quite difficult to discover all of the possible penalties. Criminal Defense Attorney Columbus Ohio, Criminal Defense Lawyer. Should I Tell My Criminal Defense Lawyer That I'm Guilty? - Maher Law Firm. Should You Tell Your Criminal Defense Lawyer If You Are Guilty? Don’t stress yourself out over the question of whether you should tell your lawyer if you’re guilty. Instead, understand that you will benefit from sharing the full story of how you wound up facing a criminal charge.

The more your defense attorney knows about you and your case, the better he/she will be able to argue to have the charge against you dismissed or reduced. Be Honest and Do Not Hold Back on Details Definitely tell your lawyer when you are innocent. If you cannot honestly claim complete innocence, take all the time necessary to explain exactly what happened leading up to the incident that resulted in your arrest and/or charges. Was the alleged assault actually an act of self-defense?

Also make sure to go into detail while describing what you did during the incident. Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case in Ohio - Maher Law Firm. You have hundreds of choices when you need to consult with or hire a criminal defense attorney in Columbus. Chances are good that if you Googled “Columbus Ohio criminal defense attorney,” you will appreciate getting some guidance on how to choose among all those options. 1. Limit Your Search to Attorneys Who Have Experience Helping People in Your Situation.

Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Ohio - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Colin Maher 2019-05-06 Drugs It is very easy to draw a drug paraphernalia charge in Ohio, The relevant state law, section 2925.14 of the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.), defines drug paraphernalia so broadly that even possessing a spoon or a box of small plastic bags can result in an arrest and conviction that brings jail time, high fines, and a lengthy driver’s license suspension. What Constitutes the Alleged Crime of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Ohio? State law makes it illegal for individuals to “knowingly use, or possess with purpose to use” equipment and objects to store, transport, grow, harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, produce, prepare, test, analyze, package, repack, conceal, inject, ingest, or inhale a controlled substance.

Other provisions of O.R.C. 2925.14 also makes it illegal to sell or advertise drug paraphernalia while knowing or strongly suspecting that the items will be used to illegally process, sell or use controlled substances. Almost anything. Can You Be Charged With A Crime Without Knowing In Ohio? Colin Maher 2020-02-13 Traffic You would think you can’t be charged with a crime without knowing, but it happens all the time. Officers and prosecutors have a choice, in most cases, to file charges based on a warrant or on summons. What Can a DUI Lawyer Do for Me? - Maher Law Firm. Colin Maher 2018-10-20 DUI Ohio police and prosecutors prioritize the arrest and conviction of people for driving under influence of alcohol and drugs. Sentences for the offense that state laws call operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or OVI, are severe. Having an OVI/DUI on your record can make finding and keeping jobs difficult, make affording car insurance nearly impossible, and keep your life off track long after any jail time is served, fines are paid, and license suspensions get lifted.

Columbus DUI Defense Attorneys & OVI Lawyers - Ohio. Get Solutions DUI/OVI Penalties & Fines Columbus Ohio. Being charged with an OVI in Ohio can carry stiff penalties even prior to your first court appearance. If your case results in a conviction, the penalties get worse and will continue to have an impact on you for years to come. Contact us today at (614) 907-4875 to speak with an experienced Columbus DUI lawyer.