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Gene drives need global policing. Medical and biological research is being transformed by a powerful new form of genetic editing, known by the acronym Crispr.

Gene drives need global policing

Based on a naturally-occurring system in bacteria, Crispr enables scientists to precisely alter the genetic code of any organism they can lay their hands on – humans included. Researchers have plenty of applications in mind for Crispr. One of the more compelling uses would put modified genes into wild populations of organisms. Done properly, this could dramatically curb the spread of infectious diseases. By every meaningful measure, today's elites are gods. This should make us angry. America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs.

Karen Jennings patted her heavily made up face, put on a sardonic smile and said she thought she looked good after all she’d been through.

America's poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs

“I was an alcoholic first. I got drunk and fell in the creek and broke my back. Belgium is a failed state. Kristof Bernaert and here some Belgian political reality, soon denied by every single divided part … cause it’s our DNA.

Belgium is a failed state

#not Posted on 11/19/15 | 8:48 AM CET Flemming It would be too much to blame all the malaises on Belgian subsidiary. I don’t know what it is with Belgium that makes the country so anarchic. Such cities as Charleroi, Liege, Namur are fallen cities. Belgium has to address these problems with the South. Posted on 11/19/15 | 9:02 AM CET. To reclaim Europe, first define it. On 2 June Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank (ECB), received the Charlemagne prize.

To reclaim Europe, first define it

The prestigious award is given for “distinguished service on behalf of European integration”, a sign that the ECB’s intervention in the ongoing Eurozone crisis has not gone unnoticed. Whilst it contained the usual platitudes and equivocations, Trichet’s speech was bold. According to the BBC’s Gavin Hewitt, Trichet’s mask was lifted, revealing his ambition of taking a great federal leap forward towards a more politically integrated European Union. If the speech was candid, it was hardly a blueprint for a federal Europe. Consistent with ongoing developments in the Eurozone, Trichet’s recommendations go in two directions. The first recommendation sees Trichet building on a familiar story about the Eurozone crisis: some governments within the currency area have proven unable to contain their spending. Zo zullen Dijsselbloem & Co. de geschiedenis ingaan. The Future of Greece: Ideology with Equations. June 29, 2015 Turmoil hits the international financial world as Greek banks shut for a week, triggering a new phase of the eurozone crisis.

The Future of Greece: Ideology with Equations

The Man Without a Plan. "Be thine own palace," wrote John Donne, "or the world's thy jail.

The Man Without a Plan

" William Easterly does not invoke this particular metaphor in The White Man's Burden, but this exciting -- and excited -- book is about the imprisonment of the world's poor in the trap of international aid, where "planners" have incarcerated the wretched of the earth. The poor may not have a "palace" to fall back on, battered as they are by grinding privation, massive illiteracy, and the scourge of epidemics.

But Easterly -- a former World Bank economist who now teaches at New York University -- nevertheless argues that in the fight against global poverty, "the right plan is to have no plan. " About the book. Summary Urban Express Dr Kjell A Nordström, advisor to global enterprises and well known economist and Per Schlingmann, communications consultant and former politician, decided to let their worldviews meet.

About the book

Banking culture needs fundamental overhaul not fines, Mark Carney says. Mark Carney has warned bankers they should lose more of their pay in cases of wrongdoing – in addition to forfeiting bonuses – after a series of fines for bad conduct have failed to improve standards across the scandal-hit industry.

Banking culture needs fundamental overhaul not fines, Mark Carney says

The Bank of England governor signalled a radical overhaul of the way bankers are paid as he told an audience in Singapore that repeated fines for scandals, such as manipulating Libor and last week’s £2.6bn penalties for rigging foreign exchange rates, were not enough to change behaviour. New measures were needed to restore the public’s trust in the financial markets, Carney said, signalling that moves could include making bankers fund a bank’s fines out of their pay or potentially docking salaries. “The repeated nature of these fines demonstrates that financial penalties [on banks] alone are not sufficient to address the issues raised,” he said. “Fundamental change is needed to institutional culture, to compensation arrangements and to markets.” Why is Tony Benn’s son Stephen reclaiming the peerage his father rejected? Talking to Berlin's Hipster Defence Squad. Photo by Alex Young In London, decades of gentrification – particularly in the east of the city – have led to fierce anti-hipster rhetoric.

Talking to Berlin's Hipster Defence Squad

In Berlin, this is intensifying into a concerted attack on members of the German capital's young “creative class”, who – along with non-Germans – are being blamed by natives for the rising property prices. Bar owners have started anti-hipster viral campaigns and some locals have begun openly calling for physical violence to be visited upon the invading hordes.


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