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★ PHAT BEAT MACHINE, Tags. MS Paint Adventures. MSPA Forums. Topatoco. Music. Homestuck Sheet Music. Well, I think you're kind of right DragonXVI, the chords SOUND like the ones you wrote...

Homestuck Sheet Music

(oh wait, the G Major should be G dom7) but from a music theory standpoint, I definitely wouldn't call the third chord D# Major. If your working scale is C minor (aeolian), then the scale is: C D Eb F G Ab Bb C.So the chords are:C minor, Bb Major, Eb Major, - F Minor, Eb Major, Bb Major, G7 C minor, Bb Major, Eb Major, - F minor, G Major, C minor, -I mean, it COULD be called D#, but then the key is B# minor (ick!) And the OTHER chord names would also change to go along with it, like: B# Cx D# E# Fx G# A# B#.C minor and B# minor do sound the same (TECHNICALLY), but how gross does that look.

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