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The Best Educational Apps for the iPad. The iPad is increasingly being used for education, whether by parents hoping to jumpstart their kid's education with apps aimed at pre-Ks or schools rolling out iPads in the classroom. This list of apps contain some great choices for early learning, with apps focused on learning letters, reading and math. Most of these educational apps are free, though some includein-app purchasesto unlock additional lessons. The Best Free Apps for Toddlers Khan Academy The most comprehensive educational app available for the iPad, Khan Academy covers K-12 subjects that range from math, biology, chemistry, finance, and history among many others.

Price: Free Advertisment BrainPOP Jr. Focused on a variety of subjects for children K-3, BrainPOP Jr's Movie of the Week provides an entertaining look at reading, writing, math, social studies and other subjects. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games is the first in a series of educational apps offered by Kevin Bradford. 100 ipad tip. Assessment and Rubrics.

Selecting the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning – Use a Rubric! Last week I had the privilege of providing a keynote address at a regional education technology conference in North Carolina focused on Teaching and Learning with the iPad. This two day gathering was coordinated by Franklin Academy Principal David Mahaley and Assistant Administrator and teacher Tim Hall. Over 120 educators came to learn, share, and discuss ways in which the iPad can be used effectively in the teaching and learning process. A student showcase was also offered, and it was very informative and enjoyable (those Franklin Academy students are an impressive bunch). Hopefully this event, now in its second year, will continue for years to come. One of the most valuable sessions I attended covered methodologies for determining which elements of an app make it most useful in the classroom. This session, offered by David Mahaley, addressed the question, “How can instructors maximize the effectiveness of apps used in the learning environment?”

Use a Rubric! About Kelly Walsh. iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom. iPads for Learning : online professional learning program - FUSE - Department of Education & Training. iPads Improve Classroom Learning, Study Finds. Just how big is the universe, how small is an atom, and how long have we humans lived on Earth, compared with dinosaurs? Such answers are better learned with an iPad, according to a new study that shows just how tablets tap neurocognitive abilities that help students understand enormous scale and other difficult concepts.

Students saw learning gains after as little as 20 minutes of study on the iPad, the research found, and if supported with guidance from an instructor their improvement may have been even more pronounced, the scientists suggest. "The bottom line is that these iPads and similar tools actually do make a difference," said physicist Matthew Schneps, a founding member of the Science Education Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts. Schneps explained that his virtual solar system study examined iPad use that is a bit different from most classroom applications. "These uses are good. Let Your Fingers Do the (Star) Walking. How iPads in the Classroom Enhance Learning. While some educational professionals still show ambivalent emotions about the use of technology in the classroom, the truth is that technology is becoming more important by the day in American Society.

It is important to adapt to the dynamic ways in which education is being transmitted. According to Open Colleges, both teachers and students feel that tablet usage can augment school learning. 81% of U.S teachers think tablets can help enhance classroom learning.86% of students believe tablets can help them to study more efficiently.59% of students would like the implementation of BYOD to enhance their learning.

With the scales leaning towards tablet usage, it is not a matter of if you should implement mobile device learning tools in schools, but when. Presentations One important skill for students to learn is public speaking. iPads and other tablets make excellent tools for both creating and delivering effective presentations. E-Books Efficiency Computer Skills.