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Medidas de longitud, capacidad y masa. G_cpra03.pdf.


11 cronómetros visuales para proyectar con PDI. Los docentes utilizan a menudo el control del tiempo en las actividades realizadas en el aula.

11 cronómetros visuales para proyectar con PDI

A menudo, se planifica la sesión dedicando un determinado tiempo a cada actividad, ejercicio, etc. 11 cronómetros visuales para proyectar con PDI. Ficha escolar de los meses del año. Ficha escolar para enseñar a los niños los meses del año con ayuda de un calendario.

Ficha escolar de los meses del año

Esta ficha escolar permite al niño identificar un calendario y reconocer los diferentes meses del año y asociarlos con actividades. Juani maestra infantil: Canción “Los meses del año” La tortuga nos enseña que con perseverancia conseguimos todo lo que nos proponemos.

Juani maestra infantil: Canción “Los meses del año”

"Transporta un puñado de tierra todos los días y construirás una montaña" Confucio "Cuando por los años no puedas correr, trota; cuando no puedas trotar, camina; cuando no puedas caminar, usa el bastón. Pero nunca te detengas" APRENDER JUGANDO: MESES DEL AÑO. Maestra de Pedagogía Terapeutica: Días de la semana y meses del año: Temporalización. Change to: Juego / Game / Spiel. Juego con cartónHemos hecho una hendidura en un trozo de cartón con un ancho suficiente para introducir un rollo de papel higiénico plegado.

change to: Juego / Game / Spiel

En el rollo nos hemos dibujado hasta las piernas. Las piernas las hemos dibujado en el cartón junto a una regla. FREE DAYS OF THE WEEK WHEEL. JUEGO DE CARTAS. REFORZAMOS LAS MEDIDAS DE LONGITUD - AULA PT. Si eres nuevo aquí, puedes suscribirte RSS feed.


¡Gracias por la visita! A todos los niños les encantan los juegos de mesa. Yo suelo utilizarlos al finalizar la unidad como repaso y siempre tiene éxito. Crear las cartas es muy sencillo. Os dejo las últimas que he hecho yo, además son autocorrectivas (antes de mover la ficha, me tienen que pedir su solución al profesor para seguir avanzando). Haz clic en los tableros para descargarlos en buena calidad. El metro y el centímetro. Este blog.

El metro y el centímetro

CLOCK FOLDABLE {FREEBIE} I {Heart} Teaching: It's Time! The first three days of 2nd grade were a hit!

I {Heart} Teaching: It's Time!

We've gotten to know each other a bit, so today it was time to get to business! We reviewed (from 1st grade) how to tell time to the hour. Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Dinosaurs. I have to tell y'all the funniest story.

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Dinosaurs

I was reading the book Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton and it starts out like, "A long time ago" I asked my kids what they thought that meant and a few said forever ago, like a thousand years, and one little girls says, "yeah, back in the 80's". I had to laugh! So precious....anywho...we learned all about dinosaurs this week...well actually last week, then the storms came and we were out three days so we finished up this week and "squeezed in" reptiles for two days. Preschool Math Lesson : Lego Measurement. Using non-standard units ( like lego blocks, your own feet, etc…) to introduce children to measurement is a fun and functional way of doing it.

Preschool Math Lesson : Lego Measurement

They are comfortable with the items they are using to measure, and it’s a little less abstract than a standard unit like an inch or centimeter. They can see and manipulate these units and are familiar with them as well. My son loved this and has been asking to measure his sister in Legos too. Gather your materials. You will need some blocks ( we are using Lego Duplo), a sheet of paper, marker, and items to measure. Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Dinosaurs. Teaching Time.

Primary Press: The Mitten. Whew!!

Primary Press: The Mitten

Last week was a whirlwind!! My little one started daycare the week we came back to school and of course last week, ended up sick and out of "big girl school" the whole week! Luckily, she finally started feeling better this past weekend and was able to go back to school yesterday. I'm praying we make it through this month with no more sickness! In class last week, we talked about animals in winter and focused on the book The Mitten, by Jen Brett. Maths with lego. I’ve written before about taking a child’s passion and using it as a way to explore different areas of play and learning. Here’s an idea for mixing in some maths – which we’re doing through the medium of Lego, but you can adapt it to suit whatever your child is interested in, be it cars, dinosaurs or shells.

Measuring with Lego Gather your investigation equipment: clipboard, pencil and some LegoSelect your experiment: what would you like to measure? Math Activities Archives - Page 2 of 17. This math craft activity is the perfect example of mixing directed learning and creativity. When I create activities like these I try to make them appeal to the kids who love creative art as well as the ones that are excited by the math. You will find that there is a ton of overlap as well, kids who are into math love art, kids who are great readers love to move, and when we only focus on one way to teach we miss out on so much fun as well as learning. When I created this activity I messed up. My kids were my testers and the activity failed the game test.

Beansprouts Preschool Blog: Height Chart. We had a lot of fun doing a height measurement chart with the kids today. The kids chose yarn and flower colors and we saw just how much they've sprouted! Inspiration for this chart came from Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers. They also link some other very interesting looking measurement activities! I was also inspired by their basket of measuring tapes, so I included the only one that I could find and added some strings, some taller and some shorter than their bodies.

Let's just see what happens. Going Back to Kinder: Quick Post on Measuring. Hi all...very quick post on a measuring activity I did with my kiddos today! I saw this on pinterest the other day and thought it was cool....soooo my kids measured with yarn! They loved it and so did I! I made this student response sheet to go with it. Time Flies Kite Clock Game. Lory's Page: Debbie Diller's Chapter 8 Measurement. Measurement is a great opportunity for our students to participate in hands-on activities, explore their environment and learn a bunch of new math vocabulary! :) Debbie Diller tells us that it's overwhelming for children to remember all the measurement vocabulary we ask them to use, especially if we teach all the strands of measurement at once.

She said, "This is a very important (and foundational) area of mathematics, so be sure to provide enough time to teach measurement concepts well. " "If possible, start by teaching students how to measure length over several weeks... a few weeks or even months later, teach about measuring weight or capacity. Instruction on measuring time should take place later in the year. " Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Dinosaurs. 7 Creative Ways to Learn with Dinosaurs and Fossils.