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The Rules of Capitalization: When to Capitalize Words and Terms The Rules of Capitalization: When to Capitalize Words and Terms To capitalize or not to capitalize, that is the question. Of course, when they begin school, most students are taught to capitalize proper nouns but not common nouns. The problem, however, is that many of the same students continue on in their education and eventually graduate without being able to recognize the difference between proper nouns and common nouns; plus, they fail to learn there are some additional rules that apply if one is going to avoid capitalizing words unnecessarily. Definition of Common and Proper Nouns
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The Modern Library | Home Eminent Shakespearean scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen provide a fresh new edition of this popular comedy of love, laughter, and merriment—along with more than a hundred pages of exclusive features. Read More More Learn More Excerpt Add to Bookshelf The Modern Library | Home