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The HenCam. Welcome to the American Poultry Association. NOFANJ Home Page. NOFA. Organic Unlimited. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: or. Farm Animal Shelters. Home Page. Homepage Holderread Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Cen. - Raise Chickens, Build Chicken Coops, Hatc. Bantam Chicken For Sale Bantam Poultry Bantam Chick Bantam Chick. Be sure to check out the Bargain Specials, as you can combine different egg layers in smaller amounts and buy as an assortment.

Bantam Chicken For Sale Bantam Poultry Bantam Chick Bantam Chick

Cackle Hatchery also has poultry equipment for sale, game chickens for sale, bantams for sale, ducks for sale, geese for sale, turkeys for sale, guinea for sale, peafowl for sale, pheasant for sale, Chukar partridge for sale, bobwhite for sale, many different breeds of baby chicks for sale. You will find many different breeds of chicken to house in your chicken coops. Quail Belgian Bearded D'anver Next Page of Bantam Assortments Return to Home Page Bantams. Allison Reed. - Ameraucana and Vorwerk chicks. De Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel. Silky Ducks. A Black Silky DuckPhoto courtesy of Rob Ott These rare little ducks have soft, lacy feathering.

Silky Ducks

They were developed by Darrell Sheraw of Pennsylvania. Indian Runner Ducks. A different viewPhoto courtesy of Senia Phillips My Buff Runner, "Christine" My Buff Runner hen "Priscilla" A Penciled Runner drake.

Indian Runner Ducks

Raising Young Waterfowl. Ducklings and Goslings Photo courtesy of Marshall Clinton Without Their Mom You can get some ideas about raising young birds from my page on Raising Chicks, but young waterfowl need somewhat different care.

Raising Young Waterfowl

Some of this material is a repeat of what is on that page. Soay Sheep & Other Rare Livestock at Greener Pastures Farm. NAIS - National Animal Identification System. On January 9, 2013, the U.S.

NAIS - National Animal Identification System

Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a final rule establishing general regulations for improving the traceability of U.S. livestock moving interstate. The rule became effective on March 11, 2013. “The United States now has a flexible, effective animal disease traceability system for livestock moving interstate, without undue burdens for ranchers and U.S. livestock businesses,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The final rule meets the diverse needs of the countryside where states and tribes can develop systems for tracking animals that work best for them and their producers, while addressing gaps in our overall disease response efforts.

Over the past several years, USDA has listened carefully to America's farmers and ranchers, working collaboratively to establish a system of tools and safeguards that will help us target when and where animal diseases occur, and help us respond quickly.” Core Historical Literature of Agriculture. Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (CHLA) Heritage Breeds Conservancy, Inc.

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Poultry Sites

American Bantam Association. Cornell Cooperative Extension. Lame Duck Rescue. Duck Care Home Page. Merck Veterinary Manual. American Silkie Bantam Club Website! Acorn Hollow Bantams - Home Page. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary - A Non-Profit Organization and San. The Poultry Page. An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, including photos, video and information about various breeds of fowl, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys.

The Poultry Page

Various wildfowl are also included. And by my counter, you're visitor number since January 31, 1999! There were 108,350 visitors between 31 Jan. 1998 and 31 Jan. 1999 and 92,850 visitors in the two previous years (from 31 Jan. 1996 to 31 Jan. 1998). Index. American sheep industry. The House Rabbit Society: San Diego Chapter. Buy a Bunny a Little Time Home » What's Happening?

The House Rabbit Society: San Diego Chapter

» San Diego House Rabbit Society on Pet Lounge San Diego House Rabbit Society on Pet Lounge. Silkie Chickens at Fawkes' Feather Farm. Beginner's Guide to Indian Runner Ducks. Indian Runners are a breed of duck which originated in the East Indies.

Beginner's Guide to Indian Runner Ducks

They have been kept in England and North America since the late 1800s. Their original purpose was for egg production and they are the second most prolific egg layer of the duck breeds. They are named for their characteristic gait. Runners do not waddle....they run! Indian Runner Ducks: The Indian Runner Duck Association - Domest. Our fantastic chicken house and rabbit hutch the eglu. Pickering Valley Feed and Farm.