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Flock Certification Program The American Poultry Association (APA) has received several inquiries in recent months concerning a flock certification program. It seems that there are individuals offering flock certification services, via the internet, and are mentioning the APA in their advertising. It should be known that the APA does not endorse any individuals advertising flock certification programs nor do we oversee or offer a flock certification program at this time. The APA is looking into the feasibility of such a program and , if we go forward with it, we will certainly inform the public through our website and the various poultry publications. However, until that happens, please enter into any flock certification agreements at your own risk.Dave AndersonAPA Director Welcome to the American Poultry Association Welcome to the American Poultry Association
NOFANJ Home Page NOFANJ Home Page The Road to Certification - registration closing soon! NOFA-NJ's new course, Road to Certification, is officially scheduled! Join us for three Thursday evenings, 4/24 - 5/8, to learn about the organic certification process.
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ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: or

Conference: Urban Farms: Commercial Farms or Socially Minded Operations? Topic: Presenter: Andy Pressman Location: Online Date: 2014-04-29 Registration Info: This webinar provides an analysis of the differences between nonprofit and commercial urban farms, and is based on research conducted by researchers at NYU, Penn State, and NCAT-ATTRA. Registration Link: Posted: 2014-04-10 16:02:00 More Workshops >> Conference: Soil Building for Climate Resilience Topic: Presenter: Rex Dufour Location: Online Date: 2014-04-28 Registration Info: This is the third in a three-part webinar series geared to agricultural conservation professionals such as RCD, Extension and NRCS staff. This webinar is rescheduled from the originally advertised date of April 4. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service: or -- Farm Animal Shelters
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index--homepage Holderread Waterfowl Farm &amp; Preservation Cen WELCOME TO HOLDERREAD WATERFOWL FARM AND PRESERVATION CENTER, located in the picturesque foothills of the Pacific Coast mountains in Oregon. We have enjoyed raising and studying domestic geese and ducks continuously since 1961. We specialize in purebred waterfowl that possess a unique blend of superb production and exhibition qualities. index--homepage Holderread Waterfowl Farm &amp; Preservation Cen - Raise Chickens, Build Chicken Coops, Hatc

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Bantam Chicken For Sale Bantam Poultry Bantam Chick Bantam Chick Bantam Chicken For Sale Bantam Poultry Bantam Chick Bantam Chick Be sure to check out the Bargain Specials, as you can combine different egg layers in smaller amounts and buy as an assortment. Cackle Hatchery also has poultry equipment for sale, game chickens for sale, bantams for sale, ducks for sale, geese for sale, turkeys for sale, guinea for sale, peafowl for sale, pheasant for sale, Chukar partridge for sale, bobwhite for sale, many different breeds of baby chicks for sale. You will find many different breeds of chicken to house in your chicken coops. Quail Belgian Bearded D'anver Next Page of Bantam Assortments Return to Home Page Bantams
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Chick Hatchery For white Chantecler chicks go to Cackle Hatchery. Some of their breeders came from Chick Hatchery! For Ameraucana chicks go to Fowl Stuff. - Ameraucana and Vorwerk chicks - Ameraucana and Vorwerk chicks
De Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel Isabel-witgepareld "Bij de Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel kennen we een aantal basiskleuren waarvan - door middel van het inbrengen van dominant wit of recessief parelgrijs - een aantal kleurvarianten zijn ontstaan. Zo kennen we, als afgeleide van de kleurslag porselein, de kleurslag isabel-porselein. Hier is het zwart vervangen door het recessieve parelgrijs! Het recessieve parelgrijs heeft tevens tot gevolg dat de goudbruine grondkleur is verdund tot isabelkleurig. De Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel
Silky Ducks A Black Silky DuckPhoto courtesy of Rob Ott These rare little ducks have soft, lacy feathering. They were developed by Darrell Sheraw of Pennsylvania. Silky Ducks
Indian Runner Ducks A different viewPhoto courtesy of Senia Phillips My Buff Runner, "Christine" My Buff Runner hen "Priscilla" A Penciled Runner drake
Ducklings and Goslings Photo courtesy of Marshall Clinton Without Their Mom You can get some ideas about raising young birds from my page on Raising Chicks, but young waterfowl need somewhat different care. Some of this material is a repeat of what is on that page. Raising Young Waterfowl
Soay Sheep &amp; Other Rare Livestock at Greener Pastures Farm
On January 9, 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a final rule establishing general regulations for improving the traceability of U.S. livestock moving interstate. The rule became effective on March 11, 2013. “The United States now has a flexible, effective animal disease traceability system for livestock moving interstate, without undue burdens for ranchers and U.S. livestock businesses,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The final rule meets the diverse needs of the countryside where states and tribes can develop systems for tracking animals that work best for them and their producers, while addressing gaps in our overall disease response efforts. Over the past several years, USDA has listened carefully to America's farmers and ranchers, working collaboratively to establish a system of tools and safeguards that will help us target when and where animal diseases occur, and help us respond quickly.” NAIS - National Animal Identification System
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