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Keith Haring’s Most Risqué Mural Is Hidden in a Public Bathroom. Haring was gay and active in the 1980s LGBT rights movement, and made striking posters and paintings advocating for safe sex, awareness, and research around HIV and AIDS. One of his most searing pieces shows three figures with large X’s on their torsos, and hands over their eyes, ears, and mouth.

Slogans that read “Ignorance = Fear” and “Silence = Death” box them in. When the LGBT Community Center invited Haring in 1989 to create a work in their new 13th Street home, he enthusiastically accepted, choosing to locate the mural in the building’s second-floor men’s bathroom. “The work really powerfully captures a time and an energy when our community was fighting for our lives— trying to stay resistant, and celebrating what we could,” says Glennda Testone, the LGBTQ Community Center’s Executive Director. Haring titled the piece Once Upon a Time, a nod to the gay community’s halcyon days of free love.

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Cause And Effect: The Revolutionary New Statistical Test That Can Tease Them Apart — The Physics arXiv Blog. One of the most commonly repeated maxims in science is that correlation is not causation. And there is no shortage of examples demonstrating why. One of the most famous is the case of hormone replacement therapy, which was studied by numerous epidemiologists at the end of the last century. These studies showed that women who took hormone replacement therapy had less chance of developing heart disease.

Naturally, doctors suggested that hormone replacement therapy somehow protected against heart disease. That turned out to be an erroneous conclusion. Later studies showed that women who took hormone replacement therapy were likely to be from higher socio-economic groups with higher incomes, better diets and generally healthier outcomes. It was this that caused the correlation the earlier studies had found. In the absence of controlled trials, statisticians have widely assumed that it is impossible to determine cause and effect from an observed correlation alone. ‎

Comparison of C Sharp and Java. Summarized differences[edit] Data types[edit] Unified type system[edit] In Java, compound types are synonymous with reference types; methods cannot be defined for a type unless it is also a class reference type. In C# the concepts of encapsulation and methods have been decoupled from the reference requirement so that a type can support methods and encapsulation without being a reference type. Only reference types support virtual methods and specialization, however. Both languages support a number of built-in types that are copied and passed by value rather than by reference. The C# primitive/simple types implement a number of interfaces and consequently offer a number of methods directly on instances of the types - even on the literals.

Java does not offer methods directly on the primitive types. Signed integers[edit] Both Java and C# support signed integers with bit widths of 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits. Unsigned integers[edit] C# supports unsigned in addition to the signed integer types. You've Never Heard a Customer Service Call Meltdown Quite Like This One. I once went off on one of the voice recognition machines for Verizon. I was moving into a new apartment and wanted to set up DSL and/or a landline. I called the number that the website said to call if you need new service. So I call the number and the call goes something like this - Thank you for calling Verizon, please speak or enter your 10 digit phone number or account number now. — Uhhh.

. . . - I'm sorry, I did not understand that response. — New number? -I'm sorry, I did not understand that response. — Help -I'm sorry. —Representative — *Random 10 digits that resembles a phone number* - Hold please......... -I'm sorry, I did not understand that. -I'm sorry, I did not understand that response.— Payment! - Payment. This went on for a while, with me hanging up and trying different numbers, and googling what I should say.

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À classer. Palo Alto, la Mecque high-tech. M le magazine du Monde | • Mis à jour le | Par Samuel Blumenfeld/Photos McNair Evans IL Y A ENCORE QUELQUES MOIS, À PALO ALTO, TOUT CONVERGEAIT VERS LA RÉSIDENCE DE STEVE JOBS, au 2101 Waverley Avenue. Les habitants de cette ville située au sud de San Francisco allumaient des cierges dans ce qui ressemblait à un mausolée improvisé, écrivaient des messages sur le trottoir, déposaient des pommes et se recueillaient devant le portrait de leur héros, mort le 5 octobre 2011. Aux autochtones se sont substitués des touristes du monde entier, transformant le fondateur d'Apple en rock-star prête à rejoindre Jim Morrison et John Lennon au panthéon informel de ceux qui ont disparu trop tôt. Dans toute autre ville que Palo Alto, la demeure serait restée en l'état, figée, pour se transformer en musée sauvage. RIEN NE DESTINAIT PARTICULIÈREMENT CETTE MUNICIPALITÉ CALIFORNIENNE DE 60 000 HABITANTS, l'une des plus riches des Etats-Unis, à devenir le centre névralgique de la Silicon Valley.

Se loger. Could These Start-Ups Become the Next Big Thing? Twitter’s new Mid-Market headquarters | The Technology Chronicles. Sundman överlevde Titanic - nu vilar han i Munsalajord - Vasabladet. The Monday Edition | As It Happens with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas | CBC Radio. My Word. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! End of War: Chris Hedges and Barbara Ehrenreich. Any pop psychologist (Zimbardo, Milgram, Sherif, et al) can show you the easy ways to unlock behaviors that lead to peacefulness and cooperation between people. At the top of that list, I believe, is the homogenization of human identity.

We exist in an artificially segregated world, where the common characteristics that bond us as a species have been largely ignored and instead, we are taught from a very early age to internalize an identity within a much smaller in-group: as the adherent of a religion, as the citizen of a nation, as the diehard fan of a sports team, and so on. In many societies we enforce these internalizations by celebrating them, and in our celebration a chasm is implicitly created between our in-group and everyone else (the out-group). This chasm is the thing that groups must take advantage of in order to mobilize armies.

(this response was copied from an earlier thread) Vasa förr och nu. Rafael Olin Rafael Olin (1937-2004) verkade som pressfotograf på Vasabladet 1961-1971. Hans negativsamling omfattar ca 100 000 bilder och finns bevarad vid Österbottens traditionsarkiv. Olin hade planer på att ge ut fotoboken ”Det Vasa som försvinner”, men hann aldrig förverkliga den. Hans tanke var att jämföra stadsbilden i Vasa på 1960-talet och 2000-talet. Webbutställningen Vasa förr och nu presenterar 42 utvalda motiv ur Olins produktion parallellt med motsvarande motiv fotograferade 40-50 år senare. Bilderna från 2009-2012 är tagna av Kai Martonen. Ta gärna kontakt med traditionsarkivet om du har frågor eller kommentarer om bilderna. Välkommen på en rundtur i Vasa! Starta webbutställningen genom att klicka på pilen till höger.

Bildkarta Karta över platser där webbutställningens motiv är tagna. Webbvandring Karta över webbvandringen "Vasa förr och nu". Hovrättsesplanaden 11, 1969 Hovrättsesplanaden 11, 2011 Kurteniahuset är uppkallat efter kommerserådet och bankdirektören Joachim Kurtén. After Austerity. This year’s annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund made clear that Europe and the international community remain rudderless when it comes to economic policy. Financial leaders, from finance ministers to leaders of private financial institutions, reiterated the current mantra: the crisis countries have to get their houses in order, reduce their deficits, bring down their national debts, undertake structural reforms, and promote growth. Confidence, it was repeatedly said, needs to be restored. It is a little precious to hear such pontifications from those who, at the helm of central banks, finance ministries, and private banks, steered the global financial system to the brink of ruin – and created the ongoing mess.

Worse, seldom is it explained how to square the circle. How can confidence be restored as the crisis economies plunge into recession? Follow Project Syndicate on Facebook or Twitter. This we should know by now: markets on their own are not stable. How To Root "Jailbreak" Amazon Kindle Fire On 6.2.2.

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Task lamps. In Austin, Tex., the Pink Palace Is a Legend. Quadrotor drones are amazing and cute, and they will probably destroy us all. Still from TEDtalksDirector on YouTube. It was way back in May 2010 that I first spotted the flying drones that will take over the world. They were in a video that Daniel Mellinger, one of the robots’ apparently too-trusting creators, proudly posted on YouTube. The clip, titled “Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight,” depicts a scene at a robotics lab at the University of Pennsylvania, though a better term for this den might be “drone training camp.” In the video, an insectlike, laptop-sized “quadrotor” performs a series of increasingly difficult tricks. First, it flies up and does a single flip in the air. In a series of videos Mellinger posted throughout that summer, we see the robot learn even more terrifying skills.

Stare at this long enough and you could mistake the scene for something adorable—birds building a nest. Over the last couple years, videos like these ones from UPenn have become a mainstay of science and tech blogs. The technology is not standing still. Home. Flash Downloader For Firefox - Free Flash Save, Flash Download. International Film Awards: A Selection of the Strangest Categories. “Popcorn Superhet Receiver” by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood finally gets the release it deserves. Pick of the week: The greatest French love story of all - Our Picks: Movies. Until watching the magnificent new restoration of Marcel Carné’s 1945 “Children of Paradise” a few days ago, I hadn’t seen this legendary love story — arguably the most famous and beloved film ever made in France — in more than 20 years.

I was a little apprehensive. “Children of Paradise” is a highly theatrical and conspicuously artificial production, a vibrant, teeming costume drama set on the “Boulevard of Crime” in early 19th-century Paris, and entirely shot on soundstages. It’s exactly the kind of highfalutin, quasi-literary, star-centric, pseudo-Hollywood picture (often called the tradition de qualité) that Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut and the rest of the French New Wave would so forcefully reject, 15 or 20 years later.

There’s no point denying that “Children of Paradise” — the title refers to the cheapest, uppermost seats in a theater, known in that era as le paradis — presents some challenges to contemporary viewers. Le roman de la gifle. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and _why: The disappearance of one of the world’s most beloved computer programmers. Illustration by Charlie Powell. In March 2009, Golan Levin, the director of Carnegie Mellon University’s interdisciplinary STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, invited an enigmatic and famed computer programmer known to the virtual world only as “Why the Lucky Stiff” or “_why”—no, not a typo—to speak at a CMU conference called Art && Code—also not a typo—an event where artsy nerds and nerdy artists gather to talk shop.

_why came to Pittsburgh and presented his latest project to a room full of a student programmers and artists. He was scruffily handsome, seemingly in his early- to mid-30s, with shaggy brown hair falling in his eyes and a constant half-smile. He looked like a member of an indie band—he actually was in an indie band—or the leader of an experimental improv troupe. At this symposium, he wore a pair of oversize sunglasses and a tidy sports coat with a red pocket square, a silly riff on a stuffy professor’s outfit. Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby Related Story: Where's _why? Why? That’s it. Easing Eye Strain With the Right Lenses. Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen? Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Credit: Iona Craig. On February 2, 2011, President Obama called Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The two discussed counterterrorism cooperation and the battle against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. At the end of the call, according to a White House read-out, Obama “expressed concern” over the release of a man named Abdulelah Haider Shaye, whom Obama said “had been sentenced to five years in prison for his association with AQAP.”

It turned out that Shaye had not yet been released at the time of the call, but Saleh did have a pardon for him prepared and was ready to sign it. It would not have been unusual for the White House to express concern about Yemen’s allowing AQAP suspects to go free. Suspicious prison breaks of Islamist militants in Yemen had been a regular occurrence over the past decade, and Saleh has been known to exploit the threat of terrorism to leverage counterterrorism dollars from the United States. About the Author Jeremy Scahill. Meet the Internet’s newest boy genius. Meetings, travel, Le Web and pitches from countless startups have left me exhausted. I have hardly slept for nearly a week. I am tired and a little irritated and in need of a pick-me-up. An espresso shot isn’t enough.

What I need is a conversation that would sharpen my senses dulled by repetitiveness of ideas and marginality of ambition. And in the nick of time (pun intended), enter Nick D’Aloisio — founder and for now chief executive officer of a London-based company, Summly. It is solving the problem that many others are trying to solve — how to make sense of the web overrun by factory-produced, SEO-optimized diahrrea of words. Except D’Aloisio turns out to be a 16-year-old kid from Wimbledon, England who drops phrases like “heuristics” and “natural language processing.” In my life I have met many smart people — Jeff Bezos, Andy Bechtolsheim, Larry Page, Andy Grove, Sergey Brin, Vinod Khosla and Bret Taylor. Nick O’ Time Let me share his story.

Why? Sentiment is everything. Over $50 in Welcome Coupons. Terms & Conditions: 1) After you use your new Barnes & Noble MasterCard(R) Credit Card to make a purchase for the first time, you will receive via mail a twenty-five-dollar ($25) Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Your first credit card purchase must not be invalidated for any reason. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of the gift card. The delivery will be made to the billing address associated with your Barnes & Noble MasterCard. 2) When you use your Barnes & Noble MasterCard to make any purchase (other than the purchase of any Barnes & Noble Gift Card offered at a discount to face value) online at or in any Barnes & Noble Store nationwide, a credit in the value of five percent (5%) of such eligible net purchases will be posted to your Barnes & Noble MasterCard account.

The five percent (5%) credit will appear on the same billing statement as the charge for the related eligible purchase. 3) See Terms and Conditions for details on the Barnes & Noble Reward Program. Hope Cottage - Green Gulch Farm. HOPE COTTAGE: Hope Cottage is a unique retreat cabin overlooking Green Gulch Farm. Originally built as a sanctuary for Hope Wheelwright by her family, the cottage remains one of the most beloved sites at Green Gulch.

Perched on a hill and nestled in a grove of Monterey pines, it has glorious views of the Green Gulch Valley and the Pacific Ocean to the southeast and Mt Tamalpais to the north. Reaching the cottage requires a 25-minute uphill walk. The road is rough and unmaintained, and is used only by Green Gulch supply vehicles. As short-term guests, you will pack your own belongings and any extra food you would like to take with you. We suggest that you plan to hike up leisurely and enjoy your solitude once you are there. There are miles of hiking trails in several directions from the cottage. WATER: Hope Cottage does not have its own water source. Famous face behind a tiny project - Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Baked Trout With Herbs. Madame Bovary (Edition Kindle Spéciale, Version Française) par Gustave Flaubert | Madame Bovary (French Edition) by Gustave Flaubert (Annotated) (Oeuvres Complètes de Gustave Flaubert) eBook: Gustave Flaubert, Flaubert, Edition de la France: Bo.

The Book – Available Now. HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WAS DEVELOPED. Manhattan trade school for girls: report cards from the 1920s and the stories they tell. (1) - By Paul Lukas. Simple Pickup: Are these the greatest pickup artists of all time? - Coupling: Dating, marriage and other relationships.

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I come to use clouds, not to build them... Mixes and Mashups #1s favorites on SoundCloud - Create, record and share... The Cyborg in Us All.