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Google's 'dramatic' search overhaul: How it affects you. Alltop, all the top stories. Why I'm buying a new iPad, despite my own advice. Ordinarily I advise people to upgrade their gadgets every second generation.

Why I'm buying a new iPad, despite my own advice

So why am I not taking my own advice with the third-generation iPad? Maybe it was carelessness. Then again, maybe my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was jealous that the iPad 2 was getting all the attention. I had set the iPad 2 on top of the Galaxy Tab, which in turn was resting on a couple external hard drives in the power-strip section of my office where most of my electronica goes when it needs a current fix. (Don't ask me about my office, and really don't ask my wife.)

It had been charging, and through some butter-side-down phenomenon, the charging cable was the first thing that hit. The first result: the iPad glass bowed out, the 30-pin charging connector was smashed up into the iPad, and the nearby home button stopped working. The second result: a trip to the Apple store, where a genius told me the only thing Apple would do is sell me a new iPad 2 for 400 euros (about $525). Ordinarily, I wouldn't have upgraded. Community manager. The day’s most fascinating News, From the desk of Dave Pell Give Your Inbox Some Awesome Learn More Hot Topics: Addictomatic Addictomatic Ads Via The Deck Tip: You can drag and drop the sources to put them in any order you want.

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Topic: community manager Welcome to the Buzz Enter a topic(now: community manager) Customize Bookmark Rinse and Repeat Twitter Search No results found. Why I'm starting over. More at » Friendfeed Matías Calderón Bourband: "Es la vida del community manager", le dije a @eubnd recién. More at Friendfeed » News Expit EnSight for Service Manager Version 2.2 released ... Technology News and Analysis.

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Untitled. El valor social de las grandes marcas. ¿Cuál es más social? Ayer hablabamos del personal branding (marca personal), qué es, como definirla, que hacer para mejorarla y por último evaluar esa marca personal.

El valor social de las grandes marcas. ¿Cuál es más social?

Cuando hablamos de la marca de una empresa, si bien existen otras variables, muchos de los pasos para establecer o mejorar la marca, son similares. Por ejemplo cuando las empresas tratan de establecerse en Internet y más específicamente en la social media, deben de darle la oportunidad al fan de la marca, al cliente leal, de interactuar con la misma. De esta manera esos usuarios comenzarán a comentar sobre la marca y todos sabemos como la social media ayuda en esto. Dicho esto viene la pregunta, ¿Qué tan sociales son las marcas famosas como Apple, Microsoft y otras por el estilo? Para contestar esa pregunta, la firma Sociagility llevó a cabo una encuesta que revela el valor social de las grandes marcas. [Fuente Bit Rebelds] Hector Russo es Fundador y Editor en Jefe de GeeksRoom. Business & Small Business.