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17 Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Long-Distance BFF. Long‐term follow‐up of 246 adults with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: functional outcome. + Author Affiliations Received September 6, 2002.

Long‐term follow‐up of 246 adults with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: functional outcome

Accepted July 18, 2002. Abstract Objective. To examine the clinical and functional outcome of adults with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) using the recent World Health Organization/International League Against Rheumatism (ILAR) classification. Patients and methods. Results. The Hidden Wiki. Background In March 2014 the site and its .onion domain were hacked and redirected to Doxbin.[3] Mirrors See also References Wikibooks Guide to Tor hidden services and elements of the Tor network.

The Hidden Wiki

The European Library - Connecting knowledge. Productivity: What to measure. Productivity is such a variable in editing.

productivity: What to measure

How fast you edit depends not only on your abilities and the state of the text but also on the type of content and medium you’re editing for. Think about it: website copy is written for a wider audience than a textbook. It’s less dense than a textbook and rarely uses footnotes. The denser the copy, the longer it takes to edit. Productivity: How to measure it. Editing productivity can be widely variable, but measuring it is worth the effort.

productivity: How to measure it

You’ll discover how fast you edit specific types of content and how much copy you’ve actually edited. Code of practice: Standards of editing and proofreading - Society for Editors and Proofreaders. 5.1 Before accepting work as an editor 5.2 Before accepting work as a proofreader 5.3 Responsibilities of the editor and the proofreader 5.4 Copy-editing printed materials: Basic skills 5.5 Editing websites 5.6 Proofreading printed materials: Basic skills 5.7 Collation 5.8 Proofreading online content 5.1 Before accepting work as an editor 5.1.1 Application of general editing skills Members and associates should take all reasonable care to ensure, by virtue of their skills, training and/or experience, that they are competent to fulfil the expectations implied by the use of the words 'editor' and 'copy-editor'.

Code of practice: Standards of editing and proofreading - Society for Editors and Proofreaders

This should include consultation with the client to confirm that the supplier has appropriate, secure, up-to-date computer and communications equipment and software to fulfil the commission. Clients should be able to approach potential suppliers in the reasonable expectation that this is the case. Society for Editors and Proofreaders. Home : Oxford English Dictionary. Tip of the week: Setting editing expectations. You’ve defined an editing project.

Tip of the week: Setting editing expectations

You know what it will take to edit it thoroughly. You also know what you can do in the time given. How do you explain to your client or boss that the two are not the same? The Freelancer’s Dilemma: When an Estimate Is Low - The Subversive Copy Editor Blog. Have you ever been partway into a freelance editing job only to find that it’s going to take a lot longer than you (or the assigning editor) thought?

Maybe the tables are full of math errors, or the writing requires a lot of time-consuming head scratching and minor rewriting. If you exceed the estimated time, will the client think you’re exaggerating the problems to inflate the bill? Will they think you don’t know how to work efficiently? Which should you do: bill for the originally estimated time and take a loss, or bill for the extra time and risk alienating the client? Estimating Projects for Time and Cost. Project management. Setting Rates for Freelance Editing Work.

Embarking on a freelance editing career is a great move.

Setting Rates for Freelance Editing Work

After all, writers need editors to help perfect their work. But writers (or their publishers) seek editors for many different tasks. Some writers, for example, may want basic proofreading of their work, while others need a more thorough review for structural problems and readability. Tip of the week: Defining an editing project. Professional editors know that editing takes time.

Tip of the week: Defining an editing project

Copyeditors look at many details in a document and edit on many levels. We often make several passes through a document, focusing on one task at a time, to ensure that we catch everything we can. Too bad not everyone else knows this truth. Whether you have clients or bosses, sooner or later you’ll run into someone in a position of power who expects you to edit a 10,000-word manuscript in a nanosecond. EFA: Resources: Letter of Agreement. June 19, 2007 Dear Ms.

EFA: Resources: Letter of Agreement

Shakespeare: According to our phone conversation today, I have agreed to copyedit your novel in manuscript form. In your estimation, the manuscript requires correction of spelling, grammar, syntax, and other mechanical problems, not major reorganizing or rewriting. As we discussed, my fee for this job is $30 per hour. We have agreed that a sample editing of 10 to 20 pages will help us both evaluate the whole job. Because I will be reserving time during the following week, I will need to know by Wednesday, June 27, whether you intend to proceed. My preliminary estimate of the total time needed to complete the job is about two weeks after the sample is approved. EFA: Resources: Code of Fair Practice. Third Edition : updated and revised September 2007 The Code of Fair Practice was originally created by the Freelance Editorial Association, which merged with the Editorial Freelancers Association in 2000.

EFA: Resources: Code of Fair Practice

The code, in defining ethical standards and contract guidelines for editorial freelancers and clients, helps freelancers negotiate agreements and promotes fair business practices. » pdf version Contents Chapter 1 deals with freelancers and clients: freelancer resources, the client-freelancer relationship, professional competence, and descriptions of types of freelance work. Chapter 2 provides guidelines for fees: setting fees, project fees and hourly rates, renegotiating fees, billable time, reimbursable expenses, specific fees, payment schedules, and interest applied to overdue payment. EFA: Resources: Code of Fair Practice, chapter 1.

Resources of Editorial Freelancers The Client-Freelancer Relationship Demonstrating Professional Competence Types of Freelance Editorial Work Editorial freelancers are self-employed contractors, or consultants, with expertise in one or more editorial functions or subject areas. Some editorial freelancers specialize in book, magazine, or newspaper publishing; others in corporate communications; others in technical documentation; others in online publications. Many editorial freelancers also have academic degrees qualifying them to work for research laboratories, educational publishers, or professional organizations. EFA: Resources: Code of Fair Practice, chapter 3. Schedules and Estimates Scope of Work Location of Work Subcontracting Credit and Complimentary Copies In addition to the freelancer's fee and payment terms, a contract between an editorial freelancer and client involves other considerations that affect the project's successful completion.

The requirements of the job, the time it will take, and the site at which the freelancer will work are among these considerations. Although specific kinds of publications often involve project needs that both freelancer and client understand well, it is good business practice to define these terms in the contract so that all involved can verify their assumptions. EFA: Resources: Editorial Rates. EFA: General Resources.