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TESAURO/SINONIMO. TEMÁTICO-GLOSARIO. Visual. Online Talking Dictionary. Perseus under PhiloLogic Home. Online Etymology Dictionary. Online Etymology Dictionary. 1846, coined by antiquarian William J.

Online Etymology Dictionary

Thoms (1803-1885) as an Anglo-Saxonism (replacing popular antiquities) and first published in the "Athenaeum" of Aug. 22, 1846, from folk + lore. Old English folclar meant "homily. " This word revived folk in a modern sense of "of the common people, whose culture is handed down orally," and opened up a flood of compound formations, as in folk art (1892), folk-hero (1874), folk-medicine (1877), folk-tale/folk tale (1850; Old English folctalu meant "genealogy"), folk-song (1847), folk singer (1876), folk-dance (1877). Abbreviations and acronyms dictionary: Find definitions for over 4,219,000 abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms. Nahuatl Dictionary/Diccionario del náhuatl. Search for any string of letters in English, Spanish, or Nahuatl: Busque cualquier serie de letras en inglés, español o náhuatl: Xictemo zancatliya piltlahcuiloltzin tlen motecpantoc ica nahuatl: Include Spanish loanwords: Yes No | Ignore diacritics: Yes No Incluir palabras prestadas: Sí No | Ignorar diacríticos: Sí No Nouhquiya xictlali tlen caztiah: Quena Axcanah | Xicquixti piltlahtolcuatzitzin: Quena Axcanah Ver Temas Especiales Browse Preset Themes Ver Temas Especiales Ver lista completa de palabras en náhuatl See entire list of Nahuatl words Xiquitta ahcitoc tlahtolli tlen ticpantihquiya ica nahuatl Mostrar todos los préstamos del español See a list of all loanwords from Spanish Xicnexti nochi tlen caztiah Idiomas / Languages:

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