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International Association for Cannabis as Medicine. Marijuana Strain Reviews and Dispensary Finder. Arizona Medical Marijuana Association. Cannabis Testing : Marijuana Strain Search. Are you growing safely? - Page 2 - 420 Magazine. I`m procrastinating on some work... feel like writing, so this will probably be a long post... the story of my grow room and the various security issues that arose along the way...

Are you growing safely? - Page 2 - 420 Magazine

In June, my 18-yr-old son, J, and I built a grow room at the back of our house. We told all his friends (who were continually stopping by and offering to help put up the wall) that it was going to be a storage room for my work files - that there was a new law that they had to be stored in a locked room. Everyone bought the explanation - including my 9-yr-old son, B. When the room was finished, it was awesome!

Perfect temp, humidity, lighting, air flow... but I couldn`t afford a carbon filter at that point, so we vented the room into a large bush at the back of the house. Index.