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Raspberry Pi

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ESP8266 WiFi Trasceiver

ToChk. Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Information and Products for Custom Applications and Engineering Richard J Kinch, PhD Last updated: March, 2016 This page describes the lens adapters I design and manufacture for the Raspberry Pi camera module.

Raspberry Pi

I also give examples below of various projects to enhance the optical performance, including suggestions for novel applications of the camera. Presentatie%20Netwerken%20en%20portforwarding%20NL TELENET%20MODEM%20ONLY. Panalyzer - a RaspberryPi based Logic Analyzer. Trying to get this code running....

Panalyzer - a RaspberryPi based Logic Analyzer

I'm admittedly not too savvy at some of the software steps involved. On my desktop, I git cloned the raspberry pi linux tree, created the .config from my pi's (debian squeeze) /proc/config.gz, ran the make ARCH=...oldconfig command, and then built the kernel. Then I was able to make the Panalyzer binary and module after changing the Makefile to point to my pi/linux folder. Code: Select all. C - How to read value from GPIO port of an ARM microcontroller? GPIO_BASE on B2. Wiring Pi. Pin numbering of the BCM2835 GPIO port(s) on the Raspberry Pi has been a source of great confusion since the designs for the Pi were first published.

Wiring Pi

In the early days (even before hardware was available) the default usable GPIO pins were simply referred to by number as GPIO0 through GPIO7. Additionally there were pins for other purposes, SPI, I2C and serial. This was highlighted on the original image on the Raspberry Pi Wiki site too. So when initially writing wiringPi, I chose to have the same default pin numbering scheme and numbered them from 0 upwards.

This is no different to how the Arduino operates – “Pin 13” on the Arduino is Port B, bit 5 for example. So wiringPi supports its own pin numbering scheme as well as the BCM_GPIO pin numbering scheme, and as of Version 2, it also supports the physical hardware pin numbers (for the P1 connector only), but I would like to suggest you stick to the simplified wiringPi pin numbers. Viktor's DIY: Giving New Life to LCD Screens from Old Laptops, TVs, Monitors, etc.

Introduction Over the years I have collected quite a few laptops (among many other things...).

Viktor's DIY: Giving New Life to LCD Screens from Old Laptops, TVs, Monitors, etc.

I usually pick them up when my friends and relatives get a new laptop and they throw away the old ones. Most of these laptops are not working and/or very old (i.e. around 15 years old, sometimes even more). I collect them because, even though they are not usable any more as laptops, I can sometimes fix them up just so much that they can be converted to a digital picture frame, or I remove some parts of it and make use of those in some way, like use a laptop touchpad on a PC. Since I was running out of space to store these laptops, a few weeks ago I decided to remove the usable parts from some of the very old laptops that were beyond hope, and recycle what's left of them. The shiniest part you can salvage from an old/broken laptop is arguably the LCD panel. Below I am demonstrating a way of giving these (in my opinion) fantastic pieces of engineering pieces a new life.

Research. Creating A New Project – Raspberry Pi Projects. Enabling Running Remote Projects in NetBeans As Root User By default the root account is disabled in Raspbian, but for an application to access the IO pins it needs root user privileges.

Creating A New Project – Raspberry Pi Projects

There are ways to configure the IO to get round this but its not all that easy and for development its often just easier to have full root access so the permissions don't get in your way (you can disable it later before releasing your RPi into the wild if the security issue is a concern). When running from the command line you can do this simply using the sudo command, but when remotely running from NetBeans you need a way for it to be able to run the application as root user if you are using the IO pins. There doesn't seem to be a configuration option in NetBeans for this currently so enabling the root user account and letting NetBeans use it is a simple work around. Mehulj94/ISS-Tracker-Raspberry-Pi. Using WiringPi library with Raspberry PI cross-compiler.

This tutorial shows how to develop a blinking LED project for Raspberry Pi in Visual Studio using the WiringPi library and our cross-toolchain.

Using WiringPi library with Raspberry PI cross-compiler

Before we begin, ensure that VisualGDB 4.0 or later is installed. Developing a Raspberry PI app with Visual Studio. This tutorial demonstrates how to build and debug a simple Raspberry PI application using Visual Studio.

Developing a Raspberry PI app with Visual Studio

The same steps will also work with Raspberry Pi 2. If you have not prepared your SD card yet, download WinFLASHTool and use it to write the image to the SD card: Start your Raspberry PI and connect a network cable to it.Please download and install the latest VisualGDB.On your Windows machine start Visual Studio, select “File->New project”. Then select “VisualGDB->Linux Project Wizard”. Specify project location and press “OK”.

The VisualGDB Linux Project Wizard will start. Programming the ATtiny85 from Raspberry Pi. ARM Information Center.


Motors. Java. eMail. GUI. GPIO. Platforms and Frameworks. VNC. How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core on Raspberry Pi 2. The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us.

How to run Ubuntu Snappy Core on Raspberry Pi 2

In a couple of years some of us might ask ourselves how we ever survived without it, just like we question our past without cellphones today. Canonical is a contender in this fast growing, but still wide open market. The company wants to claim their stakes in IoT just as they already did for the cloud. At the end of January, the company launched a small operating system that goes by the name of Ubuntu Snappy Core which is based on Ubuntu Core. Snappy, the new component in the mix, represents a package format that is derived from DEB, is a frontend to update the system that lends its idea from atomic upgrades used in CoreOS, Red Hat's Atomic and elsewhere. Snappy also runs on other platforms like Amazon EC2, Microsofts Azure, and Google's Compute Engine, and can also be virtualized with KVM, Virtualbox, or Vagrant.

Docker on Snappy Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi 2. In a previous post I gave a quick introduction to Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi 2.

Docker on Snappy Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi 2

This was based on the very early version of Ubuntu Snappy Core that was released around the time of the Rasberry Pi 2. There were various problems with that early release that have since been fixed, so in this post I want to give a quick update on the status of Snappy on the Pi, especially in relation to Docker. Markondej/fm_transmitter. Computer Laboratory – Raspberry Pi: Baking Pi – Operating Systems Development.

This course has not yet been updated to work with the Raspberry Pi models B+ and A+.

Computer Laboratory – Raspberry Pi: Baking Pi – Operating Systems Development

Some elements may not work, in particular the first few lessons about the LED. It has also not been updated for Raspberry Pi v2. Welcome to Baking Pi: Operating Systems Development! Course by Alex Chadwick. NOOBS partitioning explained · raspberrypi/noobs Wiki. NOOBS partitioning (and booting) explained The multiple partitions that NOOBS divides your SD card into (at least 5) can be quite overwhelming and confusing. This page will try and explain how it all works, and illustrate how NOOBS differs from the 'traditional' standalone images. Standalone partitioning explained · raspberrypi/noobs Wiki. Internet Laundry. How to Clone Your Raspberry Pi SD Card for Super Easy Reinstallations. » Live Streaming RaspberryPi Camera DoEpicCoding. This post will show step by step how to Stream the content captured by your RaspberryPI Camera, these are the things we will be doing in this tutorial to get everything set and running. - Connect Camera to RaspberryPi. - Enable Camera in RaspberryPi Configuration file. - Install VLC program in RaspberryPi - Excute Streaming command specifying communication protocol and port.

So, the first step to take is connecting your RaspberryPi Camera Module properly, take on count that the camera is easily affected by static so make sure to avoid that, also it should be connected to the socket right behind the Ethernet Port and pay special attention that the connector’s strip is fully inserted and making clean contact as shown in the picture below: Now that we have our camera properly connected its time to enable it “if not already enabled” in the RaspberryPi configuration file, so you need to open a new Command Terminal and execute the following command:

Nimbits. Url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&sqi=2&ved=0CB0QFjAAahUKEwjHpt2m8dzHAhWCVhoKHX-sCbc&url= A chunky, multifunction printer with a USB connection is no feast for the eyes, especially when it is sitting next to your up-market laptop or tablet. On the other hand, a network printer can disappear unobtrusively into a corner of the room and serve multiple users on the LAN.

The convenience, flexibility, and invisibility of network printers is one reason why they have replaced their USB counterparts in many offices. However, that's still no reason to drag your old USB printer down to the nearest recycling center. The Raspberry Pi can connect the USB world with the Internet, providing a print server service for your old USB clunker thanks to CUPS. Sci Fi Your Pi : RPi Low-level peripherals - Back to the Hub. Hardware & Peripherals: Hardware and Hardware History. Low-level Peripherals and Expansion Boards. Screens, Cases and Other Peripherals. Fritzing. DHT Humidity Sensing on Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black with GDocs Logging. Google sometimes will update their API and cause issues with the gspread library.

Difference between _, __ and __xx__ in Python. 25.1. pydoc — Documentation generator and online help system. Source code: Lib/ The pydoc module automatically generates documentation from Python modules. Raspberry Pi Notes. Download a root filesystem image (I’d recommend the hard-float flavor of Raspbian Wheezy from this source) and burn it to an SD card. Do not use some no-name SD card—it will get corrupted at some inconvenient time—get a quality card like a SanDisk Extreme III. Burning it is done with a command like (note that dates and version numbers will change): Root user privileges – Raspberry Pi Projects. x11 - How do keyboard input and text output work? Tutorial - How to give your Raspberry Pi a Static IP Address. To log in to your Raspberry Pi remotely, you'll need the IP of the Raspberry Pi – this is basically like your house address and tells the host computer where to look for it on the network.

By default, the Raspberry Pi will be given an IP automatically by the router (called Dynamic IP and denoted by DHCP) when you connect to a network. However, this can change whenever you remove the Pi from the network e.g. turn it off. Griffon's IT Library » Linux Ubuntu XRDP » XRDP – How To Make your keyboard “special keys” (Alt+Gr, Up,Down,..) working when using XRDP. Blinking an LED with Raspberry Pi 2 and C# Mono « RJ Dudley.

Raspberry Pi and Mono – Hello World! OK, it has to be done. The first article you write about anything new has to contain the immortal words “Hello World”. Raspberry Pi Wonderland. Arduino and Raspberry Pi - Experiments and Tutorials: Raspberry Pi and Bitcoin Mining - Tutorial / Experiment [Minera] Read Raspberry Pi: Measure, Record, Explore. GoPiGo/Software/CSharp at master · DexterInd/GoPiGo. CamJam EduKit in partnership with The Pi Hut. Viktor's DIY: Internet of Things (IoT) with ESP8266 - Proof of Concept. Tutorial – How to give your Raspberry Pi a Static IP Address. » Blog Archive » Raspberry Pi IoT Experiment #1: LDR & ThingSpeak. Raspberry Pi – Driving a Relay using GPIO. Raspberry Pi – Driving a Relay using GPIO.

UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners. Raspberry Pi Pinout - 5v Power. Introduction to Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS - CodeProject. Cloud Storage - Controlling Raspberry Pi via text message - FrontMotion Firefox.