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Windows with C++ - A Modern C++ Library for DirectX Programming - FrontMotion Firefox. I’ve written a lot of DirectX code and I’ve written about DirectX extensively.

Windows with C++ - A Modern C++ Library for DirectX Programming - FrontMotion Firefox

I’ve even produced online training courses on DirectX. It really isn’t as hard as some developers make it out to be. There’s definitely a learning curve, but once you get over that, it’s not hard to understand how and why DirectX works the way it does. ICloneable. The System.ICloneable interface defines a method of cloning—copying—to create a new instance of a class with the identical value as an existing instance.


There are two ways to clone an instance: Shallow copy - may be linked to data shared by both the original and the copy Deep copy - contains the complete encapsulated data of the original object. Geek Hideout. Synopsis IO.DLL allows seamless port I/O operations for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP using the same library.

Geek Hideout

Introduction In the pre-Windows days, it was a relatively simple matter to access I/O ports on a typical PC. Indeed, nearly every language sported a special command for doing so. As Windows emerged and gradually evolved, this flapping in the wind behaviour could no longer be tolerated because of operating system's ability to virtualize hardware. File Properties. Introduction In my last article, I worked with GPS.

File Properties

I decided to try another device, so this time I'm working with an image scanner.