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LINQ to ASCII Art - CodeProject - FrontMotion Firefox. Download - 89.4 KB Introduction I saw many articles explaining how to generate ASCII Art from image, but I didn't see any article that achieves the same stuff in LINQy style.

LINQ to ASCII Art - CodeProject - FrontMotion Firefox

With that, I 'll explain how to use LINQ technology to compose a couple of functions to achieve our goal. Background ASCII Art in a nutshell refers to text-based visual art. To little advance things such as: For more information, I advice you to check out this link. As we know, Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a powerful technology for composing, querying, transformation different data source, all of that inside your code. I think of ASCII Art as composing and transforming a couple of functions to generate the beauty stuff. Using the Code The LINQ to ASCII Art is very straight forward.

Get Pixels Public Function GetPixels(bmp As Bitmap) As IEnumerable(Of Color) Return From x In Enumerable.Range(0, bmp.Width - 1) From y In Enumerable.Range(0, bmp.Height - 1) Select bmp.GetPixel(y, x) End Function. Memorizing a programming language using spaced repetition software. I've been doing this for a year, and it's the most helpful learning technique I've found in 14 years of computer programming.

Memorizing a programming language using spaced repetition software

Background: I'm an intermediate programmer. I didn't go to school for it. I just learned by necessity because I started a little website called CD Baby that just kept growing and growing, and I couldn't afford to hire a programmer, so I picked up a few $25 books on PHP, SQL, Linux, and Apache, and learned just enough to make it work, then used that little knowledge for years. But later, when I worked along side a REAL programmer, I was blown away by their vocabulary! It made me think about how much I've learned then immediately forgotten, over the years.

I wanted to deeply memorize the commands and techniques of the language, and not forget them, so that they stay at the forefront of my mind whenever I need them. Spaced Repetition: When you hear a new fact, it's forgotten pretty quickly unless it's brought back to the forefront of your mind repeatedly. First, learn!


Troubleshooting the Startup Process. Published: November 03, 2005 Diagnosing and correcting hardware and software problems that affect the startup process is an important troubleshooting skill.

Troubleshooting the Startup Process

Resolving startup issues requires a clear understanding of the startup process and core operating system components. For information on how to obtain the Windows XP Professional Resource Kit in its entirety, please see On This Page Related Information Understanding the Startup Process Recovering from Hardware-Related Problems Additional Resources Related Information For more information about troubleshooting concepts, see Chapter 27, “Understanding Troubleshooting.” Understanding the Startup Process To diagnose and correct a startup problem, you need to understand what occurs during startup. The Go Programming Language. - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall. Image Processing Lab in C# Introduction Image Processing Lab is a simple tool for image processing, which includes different filters and tools to analyze images available in the AForge.NET framework.

It's easy to develop your own filters and to integrate them with the code or use the tools in your own application. The following filters are implemented in the AForge.NET framework and demonstrated in the application: You can create (save and load) your own convolution filters or filters based on standard mathematical morphology operators.

Colorized grid makes it very convenient to work with custom convolution filters. A preview window allows you to view the results of changing filter parameters on the fly. A PhotoShop-like histogram allows you to get information about mean, standard deviation, median, minimum and maximum values. The program allows you to copy to or paste from clipboard, save and print images. Using the Code Most filters are designed to work with 24bpp RGB images or with grayscale images. HSL Filters.