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Baixar fontes. What is a brush and how to use it. We call a brush the stains or drawings that we can add to our graphic by using the Brush Tool → Brushes are not frecuently used lately, that’s why our /brushes tag is almost empty.

What is a brush and how to use it

However, you can find lots of them here in tumblr or deviantart, or even create your own. It’s very easy! How to use them You can add brushes to a new canvas by clicking on the brush tool and then looking for this at the top of the window. If you download a pack of brushes, like the one here for example, you’ll have an ABR file. Whenever you want to use them, adjust the size and, I recommend you, always create an empty new layer before. I feel really stupid but what is a pattern? How to make this graphic: Tutorial by itsphotoshopPlease like/reblog the post if it was usefulI used Photoshop CS5Based on these graphics STEP 1.

How to make this graphic:

Download the template I made for you here (wait five seconds and click on ‘skip ad’ at the right top corner of your screen, thank you so much ♥). STEP 2. Resize your first screencap. Change the size depending on how you want it to look like in the template. One square is 100x100px and there’s a 10px space between them, which means my screencap needs to be 210px height and 100px width.

STEP 3. Flatten the image (Layer > Flatten Image) and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. STEP 4. How to cut the space between the squares: Photoshop is life. This may look difficult but it’s like the easiest... Photoshop is life. How to cut out gifs (Layer Masks) Texture Tutorial. Program: CS2Involves: Channel Mixer, Curves, Layer Masks, TexturesTranslatable: Most of it, yeah.Steps: 20-30 but many of them are smallDifficulty: I'd say intermediate.

Texture Tutorial

You should know how to color an image on your own. For everything else there's lots of pictures. I was asked by library_of_sex how to make this icon. For the sake of not driving myself crazy and not mucking the page up with a bunch of basic stuff we should all know I’m not going to explain the base coloring in detail. Okay! I choose my screencap (Laura Roslin and Bill Adama from Battlestar Galactica), made my crop, colored the cap, and fixed the top/background up. Using resources: brushes & textures.

Program(s)+version: Photoshop of any versionInvolves: work with brushes & textures (.abr & .pat files)Translatable: includes tips of using other programsSteps: it's a troubleshooting guideDifficulty: basic.

Using resources: brushes & textures

Blending Layers in Photoshop. Phoenixhowl: Alright, darlings.

Blending Layers in Photoshop

It happened to me a few times now that people come to me to ask about blending layers, and while I don’t mind explaining it, I find it’s much easier for everyone to understand what every blending does, instead of mindlessly following my instructions when I say you should blend it to Screen, for example. In Photoshop and Elements the layer blend modes can be changed in the layers palette. In these programs, changing the layer blend mode affects the entire layer, even if you have a selection. In Illustrator the blend modes work basically the same, but a different blend mode may be applied to different objects on the same layer, so the blend mode popup is found in the transparency palette. I will line up all the possibilities and hopefully explain what each one does, to take some of the mystery away. Normal is the default, and the layers interact with each other as if they were both solid color objects, at 100% opacity. And that was the last one! Home of Photoshop.

Tutorial by like/reblog the post... Tutorial by itsphotoshop.comlike/reblog the post if it was usefulincludes sharpening tips Due to the amount of questions we have been receiving about posting/not posting PSDS submissions, I thought this tutorial would be a good idea.

tutorial by like/reblog the post...

Most of the times we refuse to post certain submissions because we don’t consider the quality of the previews is good enough, so here’s a little guide on how PSD previews should look like (in our opinion, of course). I’m not explaining here how to colour though - you can check this tag for that; but how to actually “build” a .psd, upload it to a server and publish it in a post. Note: the “make, save, share” parts are the same for gifs and pictures but the “show” changes a bit.

What is an action and how to use it. An action is a set of effects that play automatically.

What is an action and how to use it

You can make or download them and use them whenever you want by clicking a button in Window > Actions. Let’s see: Use an action Check our /actions tag to find some. Currently we use actions to achieve effects similar to Topaz and sharpen that make pictures look quality and smooth, but actions used to serve to add coloring to pictures too. The Default Actions file is always going to be there. Actions can include several steps, so if we don’t like the final result we can just go Window > History (x) That’s why it is good to know what was the last thing we made before applying the action.

Create an action To make our own actions we have to prepare a picture and click on the right-top corner menu of the actions panel; we can choose New set first and then New action or New action directly, but have in mind that a window will appear asking us which set we can save the action in. Now we can start adding layers or filters, cropping, anything. Photoshop shit. Photoshop is life. Photoshop is life. Photoshop is life. Bisexual fiona gallagher. Photoshop is life. Home of Photoshop. PhotoshopFactory. Photoshop is life. By teenwolfiz Well, I received many requests to... By teenwolfiz Well, I received many requests to teach me about “how do I edit”, not really know why I think my edits are like all the others, but is here… click read more to see the tutorial steps (doing makeup, red lips, as well as coloring, etc..) sorry for my english first of all; for you have a beautiful edition you need a good sharpening ; I have some actionshere and check out this mineIf you want to have a beautiful edition I suggest that you “clear up” the coloring of your photo; go to curves and click “auto” sometimes it will make the picture stay too bright or too dark, then you just reduce the opacity and / or make some adjustmentsnow it’s your turn to start coloring, you can add a psd, or make your own coloringI indicate you use the selective color, curves, and some gradients… be creative check out the mixsoucersif you want my colorings :) you can paint the color you want and change the blending mode ( for soft light, multiply,color, etc..) lips and blush.

by teenwolfiz Well, I received many requests to...

Hasta la vista baby.