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Who Uses Twitter? 15% Of Online Adults, 18-29 Year Olds, Smartphone Owners, Minorities [STUDY] Why Twitter Is Bigger Than You Think. In early June I’ll be presenting a track keynote at Blogworld NY that updates our Social Habit research series, a randomly sampled, representative look at how Americans 12+ use social media.

Why Twitter Is Bigger Than You Think

I’ve written a lot in this space about Twitter, and the sizable gap between those Americans who use Twitter, and those who are familiar with the service. This year, that gap continues to be significant: 89% of Americans 12+ are familiar with Twitter, while 10% use the service. This is the third year we have observed a gap of this relative size. Twitter : une tournée politique lourde d'enjeux économiques. (photo via @Jack)

Twitter : une tournée politique lourde d'enjeux économiques

Twitter turns six. Six years may not be very long in human terms, but it’s been quite an enormous span for the thing we know and love as Twitter.

Twitter turns six

When @jack first sketched out his notion in March 2006, no one could have predicted the trajectory of this new communication tool. Now it seems that there are as many ways to express yourself in 140 characters as there are people doing it. And at last check, there are more than 140 million active users (there’s that number again) — and today we see 340 million Tweets a day. That’s more than 1 billion every 3 days.

Eric BESSON's photos - Visite guidée des locaux #twitter avec @MarcManiez @rno. Après les Russes de Facebook, les Saoudiens débarquent chez Twitter. C'était la surprise du jour : le prince saoudien Al-Walid bin Talala investi 300 millions de dollars dans Twitter et s'arroge ainsi quelques 3,75% du capital de la start-up américaine.

Après les Russes de Facebook, les Saoudiens débarquent chez Twitter

Il devient ainsi un des principaux actionnaires individuels de la plateforme de microblogging. L'opération n'est pas très étonnante pour le prince Al-Walid, qui a précédemment investi dans des groupes médias américains dont News Corp., Walt Disney et Time Warner, et a des parts dans Apple. Twitter Buys Engineering Team - Peter Kafka - Media. "En cas d'incendie, quittez le bâtiment avant de tw. How Twitter Employees Send Their Tweets (Compared To You, Me And Everybody Else) Using Twitter’s API, Business Insider have tapped into the last few thousand tweets of the official Twitter employee list and determined the source – that is, the specific software client used to send those tweets – and crunched the numbers, and the results are pretty interesting.

How Twitter Employees Send Their Tweets (Compared To You, Me And Everybody Else)

Twitter Statistics - In-depth Report by Sysomos on Twitter's Growth. How much information do Twitters users disclose about themselves?

Twitter Statistics - In-depth Report by Sysomos on Twitter's Growth

In keeping with our efforts to offer insight to the fast-growing TwitterSphere, we decided it was time to see exactly how many details Twitter users are divulging. To put together our report, we examined over a billion tweets and compared to our 2009 study. Some highlights of our comparison of Twitter usage between 2009 and 2010 include: Users with 100+ friends have increased by three-fold to 21% since 2009. 22.5% of users accounted for about 90% of all activity. 80% users have made fewer than 500 tweets. Justin Bieber is one of top two-word phrases and top name in user's bios. To start, we looked at whether people provided personal information within their bios.

Twitter Finally Reveals Monetization Plan: Promoted Tweets. Aside from a few small deals with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to integrate Twitter updates into search results, Twitter has held off announcing any kind of real monetization plan.

Twitter Finally Reveals Monetization Plan: Promoted Tweets

The founders have said that they want to follow Google's path: create a product everyone wants to use, and then figure out a way to make money from it after. Today, the New York Times revealed exactly how Twitter plans to do that--at least, how they plan to start doing it. Twitter calls this first step Promoted Tweets. Advertisers, which at launch will include Best Buy, Virgin America, Bravo, and Starbucks, can buy keywords used by Twitterers in search. Twitter Has a Business Model: 'Promoted Tweets' - Advertising Ag.

Library of Congress: Library to acquire ENTIRE... The Top 10 Most Important Tweets of 2009. Twitter Media. Comment Twitter va changer la donne dans les médias. Dans "média social", il y a "média".

Comment Twitter va changer la donne dans les médias

Il convient désormais de ne pas l'oublier. On a déjà eu l'occasion d'explorer les vélléités de Facebook dans ce domaine. Twitter To Musicians: Tell Your Own Story. Technology Review: Blogs: Guest Blog: Why Twitter Is the Future. It’s basically impossible for a journalist who relies on Twitter to find stories, stalk editors, rack up “whuffie” and beef with rap stars to be objective about the service.

Technology Review: Blogs: Guest Blog: Why Twitter Is the Future

Fortunately, I don’t have to be, because four researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have performed a multi-part analysis of Twitter. They conclude that it’s a surprisingly interconnected network and an effective way to filter quality information. In a move unprecedented in the history of academic research on Demi Moore’s chosen medium for feuding with Kim Kardashian, Kwak et al. built an array of 20 PCs to slurp down the entire contents of Twitter over the course of a month.

The Netherlands lead Global Markets in reach. Social Media: Twitter durchbricht die 4-Millionen-Marke in Deutschland - Netzökonomie-Blog. #LeWeb : Twitter se relance en misant sur la simplicité et la découverte. Twitter a annoncé une nouvelle version hier soir.

#LeWeb : Twitter se relance en misant sur la simplicité et la découverte

Le patron de la plateforme du service, Ryan Sarver, est à LeWeb ce matin et en raconte un peu plus. De la stratégie de Twitter. "Dans un monde où Google et Facebook sont en concurrence et rendent leur produits toujours plus complexes, Twitter veut se concentrer sur la simplicité, la rapidité, et la facilité. CIA's 'vengeful librarian' team monitor Facebook, Twitter and report to Obama. By Associated Press Updated: 17:23 GMT, 4 November 2011 In an anonymous industrial park in Virginia, in an unassuming brick building, the CIA is following up to five million tweets a day.

At the agency's Open Source Center in McLean, a team known affectionately as the 'vengeful librarians' also pores over Facebook, newspapers, TV news channels, local radio stations, Internet chat rooms – anything overseas that anyone can access and contribute to openly. From Arabic to Mandarin Chinese, from an angry tweet to a thoughtful blog, the analysts gather the information, often in native tongue.

Keeping track: The CIA team follow up to five million tweets a day around the world to gauge what is going on in different regions They cross-reference it with the local newspaper or a clandestinely intercepted phone conversation. Twitter 2012: Bigger and More Ads. The best of Twitter in your inbox. Starting today, you can discover the best of Twitter in a weekly email digest delivered to your inbox. This summary features the most relevant Tweets and stories shared by the people you’re connected to on Twitter.

Stories feature a design similar to the recently updated Discover tab, emphasizing who shared each story beneath summaries to help you decide which ones matter most to you. Click any headline to finish reading the story, add your take by tweeting directly from the email, and see related Tweets from the people you follow. This new email digest also features the most engaging Tweets seen by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who wrote them. You can see who from your network retweeted or favorited these Tweets and click “View details” to retweet, favorite, reply or view the conversation around them. Facebook users get news from family & friends, Twitter users get news from journalists.

Today’s annual report on the State of the News Media shows that new technologies really are pressing journalists to do much more with much less. Last week, we learned that newspaper industry ad revenue was down 7.3 percent this year to its lowest level since 1984 (or 1954, adjusted for inflation). As a result, newsrooms continue to shrink. But The Project For Excellence in Journalism’s report shows us that the needs and demands of the audience are growing and fragmenting. Social media is an important source of news, the report says, but remains smaller and only “supplemental” to other discovery methods like directly visiting a news website, searching the Web or browsing an aggregator. People who own smartphones or tablets are using them heavily to consume news, but they also continue to frequently use a laptop or desktop computer to get news.

The State of the News Media report relies heavily on a new survey of how U.S. adults are using social media and mobile devices to get news. 370 Passwords You Shouldn’t (And Can’t) Use On Twitter. Twitter has 105,779,710 Registered Users, Adding 300K A Day. The History of Twitter’s Valuation [Infographic] Silicon Valley’s Next Big Mafia Is Coming Out Of Twitter. Editor’s Note: TechCrunch columnist Semil Shah currently works at Votizen and is based in Palo Alto. You can follow him on Twitter @semil In middle school, my teacher assigned a book by Mario Puzo called “The Godfather.”

Yes, it was pretty epic. Twitter gets 6-year payroll-tax break from San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Twitter is getting a tax break that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hopes will keep the social-media company and other growing tech firms in the city for years to come. In an 8-to-3 vote, the supervisors approved an ordinance on Tuesday to give Twitter and others an exemption from having to pay a 1.5% city payroll tax for the next six years, as long as those businesses are located in the city's Central Market Street and Tenderloin areas, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Edwin Lee, San Francisco's mayor, applauded the move and said in a statement that it could lead to a rejuvenation of parts of the city that had struggled to attract businesses. "This moment represents a real step forward in the effort to revitalize and transform the Central Market area," Lee said. "Central Market and the Tenderloin have been burdened with high vacancies and blight for decades. "