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Facebook Twitter Latest Green Business News. The Global Development Research Center. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) - The UK's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. What we do - VSO International. VSO's work revolves around four development areas, linked to the priorities of our partners, international development targets and our areas of expertise.

What we do - VSO International

These are health, HIV and AIDS, participation and governance, secure livelihoods and education. We're committed to gender equality in all our work so that men and women have equal opportunities to realise their potential. Our strategy We believe that putting people at the heart of development is the only way to make a real difference in the world. Our strategy People First sets out how we aim to achieve our vision of a world without poverty. Advocacy and campaigns VSO supports disadvantaged communities by bringing their stories and experience to the attention of the public and decision-makers worldwide. Partnerships Partnerships are key to how we work. Sharing good practice Our international knowledge sharing programme gives people the chance to visit or work in another country to learn and share good practice with agencies there. INTRAC. Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN) The Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN) is a group of leading civil society organizations seeking to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development through broader, integrated information and communications about what we know.

Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN)

The network focuses its efforts on integrating Internet communications into broader communication strategies. Our understanding of communications includes: internal communications necessary for international virtual project teams within civil society organizations (CSOs) to work together on sustainable development research; and external communications necessary for CSOs to communicate their perspectives with government and business decision-makers so as to engage these other sectors in sustainable development solutions.

We hope you find our sustainable development research and learnings about communications helpful in your own work. International Development, NGO, NGOs, Jobs, UN, UNDP, World Bank, Consultants. Consultancy opportunities. GSDRC provides applied knowledge services on demand and online.

Consultancy opportunities

Our expertise is in issues of governance, social development, humanitarian response and conflict. Our specialist research team supports a range of international development agencies, synthesising the latest evidence and expert thinking to inform policy and practice. Professional Development Directory: short survey Our Professional Development Directory lists online and face-to-face courses around the world for governance, conflict, social development, and humanitarian professionals.

How could we make it more useful to you? New Topic Guide:Safety, Security and Justice Safety, security and justice are priorities for poor people and are associated with development outcomes. Latest Document Summaries. PREM Network - Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network. Pact - Building Capacity Worldwide.

About Us. International Association for Community Development. U.S. Agency for International Development. GSDRC: Governance and Social Development Resource Centre. Poverty Reduction Strategies. Labor & Social Protections - Latin America World Bank. Ideas & Culture Podcasts. Cabin fever. Economic Crisis and Globalization. The economist as therapist: Behavioural economics and "light" pa. We review methodological issues that arise in designing, implementing and evaluating the efficacy of 'light' paternalistic policies.

The economist as therapist: Behavioural economics and "light" pa

In contrast to traditional 'heavy-handed' approaches to paternalism, light paternalistic policies aim to enhance individual choice without restricting it. Although light paternalism is a 'growth industry' in economics, a number of methodological issues that it raises have not been adequately addressed. The first issue is how a particular pattern of behavior should be judged as a mistake, and, relatedly, how the success of paternalistic policies designed to rectify such mistakes should be evaluated – i.e. ,the welfare criterion that should be used to judge light paternalistic policies.

Second,paternalism, and especially light paternalism, introduces new motives for attempting to understand the psychological processes underlying economic behavior. Would you like to put a link to this lecture on your homepage? Raj Patel - Author. Welcome to - Biography.