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Things to Make this Winter

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Shelf Elves. Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age When Christmastime arrives, Prep & Landing elves spring into action.

Shelf Elves

True, they're designed to sit comfortably on a shelf or windowsill, but that's all part of the plan -- securing a good vantage point to scope out the situation for the big guy's arrival. Download Shelf Elves Template by Cindy Littlefield What you'll need Prep & Landing Shelf Elves Template Scissors Straight pins for using the template pieces as patterns Felt (green, tan, black, and red) Pipe cleaners (red, white, and green) Low-temperature hot glue gun Brown yarn for elf hair (optional) Cotton ribbon or strip of felt (about an inch wide) Large green faux gems for the goggles (optional) Red pompom (1/2 inch or so) Scraps of green fleece or felt (a lighter shade than the body and head) for the coat trim Green ribbon (for the belts) Faux gems (3/8 to 1/2 inch for belt buckle and smaller ones for buttons) Cardboard tissue tube How to make it.

Clay Christmas Decorations. My Backyard Monsters - Free Crochet Minion Amigurumi Pattern! ♥ Petals to Picots: Crochet Your Way to a Beautiful Centerpiece – Free Ball Pattern Included. Mother‘s Day is coming and I want a bright and cheery centerpiece to adorn my dining table … something colorful and perfect to keep on the table for Spring and Summer.

Petals to Picots: Crochet Your Way to a Beautiful Centerpiece – Free Ball Pattern Included

Why not a crocheted centerpiece! I had an idea … so, off to my local yarn shop for some Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. After a little brainstorming and experimentation, I finally came up with something I love!! Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need: A wide vaseA smaller cup that is the same height as the vase (I used a water bottle that I cut down to size)A bunch of crocheted balls (pattern below) Flowers (hint, hint, honey!)

To make your centerpiece, place the small cup inside the vase and fill in the space outside the small cup with your crocheted balls. Then, carefully add water to the center cup and add flowers. Voila!! Beautiful! Skill Level: EasyYarn: Worsted weight cotton yarnHooks: G hookNotions: Tapestry needle, stitch markers, fiberfill stuffingFinished Sizes: Approx. 1¼ in. and ¾ in. Large Ball Ch 2. Enjoy! CROCHET PATTERN PDF Crochet Flapper Hat with by sarahndipities. PATTERN Oversized Hooded Infinity Scarf Cowl by WellRavelled. Kristen’s ruffly felt wreath. Continuing with the fluffy holiday craft theme is this beautiful wreath project from the talented blogger behind domestifluff (i love that name), kristen. inspired by a rosette pillow tutorial on etsy, kristen decided to create her own version for a wreath. though there was “much felt circle cutting involved” kristen loved the outcome, and the fact that it can be used year round. of course, if you want to make it more holiday specific you can choose alternate colors to use- but i love kristen’s snowy white version. if you’ve got a cold “stuck inside” day on your hands, this will be a great one to with friends or family. thanks so much to kristen for sharing!

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Ruffly felt wreath from Kristen at Domestifluff What you’ll need for the wreath: Making the Felt Rosettes Using a pencil and your circle template (or that great tutorial from maya*made), trace circles onto the felt. Attaching the Felt Rosettes Wreath Back Wreath Hanger Wreath Finished.