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Ice Skate Ornament. DIY: How to Make a Wreath. It is an old Greek custom to hang a wreath of fresh flowers on your door to celebrate special occasions.

DIY: How to Make a Wreath

The rings are made of grass, raffia, vines or any other supple material. The stems of the flowers are cut to three inches or so and wired onto the garland. Wet Foam Floral Wreath or Centerpiece All about Wreath Forms There are 7 basic wreath forms -Styrofoam, straw, grapevine, nito, wire clamp style wreath forms, Oasis wet foam wreath forms and box wired. Magnets for Gifts. Glitter letter magnets. By Kelly on Nov 29, 2012 The glitter fairy came again.

glitter letter magnets

This time she came bearing a fun sparkly holiday gift for kiddos! You know those plastic letter magnets that almost every family has? They just got glitter-fied! I actually made these for my niece’s birthday this year but wouldn’t they make the best advent calendar surprise!? Supply List: Plastic Letter Magnets Mod Podge Paint Brush Glitter Can (Optional) I used a (magnetic) old soup can to hold my letters while I worked with them. Cover letters in a (more even the my) coat of Mod Podge. Try to keep all glitter contained.

Once dry, touch up any spots where you can see the original letter color through it. More Fun With Ornaments. » Pretty. Quirky. I was trying to desperately whip some semblance of the Christmas spirit into my apartment yesterday because some friends were coming over to have a holiday photo taken — and I wanted SOMETHING that called to mind the holiday spirit in the photo!

More Fun With Ornaments. » Pretty. Quirky.

— and I ended up threading a bunch of my ornaments onto a ribbon. For such a quick project, it turned out really well! And unlike the wreath project in the last post, this is non-permanent — I can easily take them off the ribbon if I decide to use them for something else. Oh, I don’t know, like, for a TREE. I guess that’s what they’re really made for, right? We don’t get a tree in Chicago, because we ultimately end up spending Christmas down south with my family. I just realized it’s been a long time since I’ve smelled a genuine, real, live Christmas tree. ANYWAY, this project could not have been easier. Fun, Fast, and Pretty! Fairy flower crown. Soft flowers and flowing ribbons replace rhinestones and sequins with this romantic flower crown fit for a fairy princess.

fairy flower crown

Learn to make a sweet little crown of flowers perfect for a DIY party favor or festive addition to the dress-up bin in just a few easy steps. Take a quick trip to your favorite craft store and hardware store and you'll be all set to start creating a magical fairy crown. Materials Craft supplies: 1-2 bunches of assorted silk flowers1 yard decorative ribbon1 decorative butterfly (optional)Glitter (optional)Spray glue (optional for applying glitter) Argyle heart wreath. Do you feel a little bit stumped on how to decorate for Valentine's Day?

argyle heart wreath

I know I always did, until I came across this completely adorable Valentine's Day wreath project, inspired by Kara from Mine for the Making. Check out these easy steps to make one for yourself! What you'll need Styrofoam wreath form1 skein of yarnColored feltScissorsGlue gun and hot gluePaperPen What you'll do Put a dab of hot glue on the back side of the Styrofoam wreath form to glue the end of the yarn in place. Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath form. Keep wrapping until the entire wreath is covered. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of paper. Use the paper heart as a template to trace heart outlines onto the felt. Lay the hearts out on top of the wreath, alternating color and direction.

Grab your yarn again and glue one end to the back of the wreath. Once you have crossed over all of the hearts, switch direction and cross over the hearts in the other direction, forming the other half of the "x. " Tape Sponge Lamp. This tape sponge lamp project was the grand prize second place* winner from our DIY contest, and it’s easy to see why it was such a hit among voters.

Tape Sponge Lamp

By creating a simple repeating shape, Giselle managed to transform the material into something organic, elegant and almost unrecognizable as tape. There are very few materials or steps to this project; the process is almost simple enough to figure out on your own, but luckily Giselle has shared a full tutorial with details on how to start, how large to make the piece and how to add the lighting element. If the idea of turning it into a lamp doesn’t suit you, you could easily use the technique to make organic vessels, wall decor and more. Glitter crafts. Yarn balloon project. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time weekend projects Ages school-age These bright and funky eggs are a blast for kids to make -- and they're a great party decoration too.

yarn balloon project

If packed away carefully, they should last for years. What you'll need. Braided plaid wreath craft project. Christmas Craft Project - Braided Plaid Wreath You will need: 1 yd each of 2 cotton fabrics (prints, solids or plaids); rags for stuffing; orange stick; cardboard; white glue; 3 bells; cotton rug yarn; ribbon.

Braided plaid wreath craft project.

Instructions: 1. Cut and piece two 7" x 90" strips from 1 fabric and one 7" x 90" strip from the other. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.