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Find & Fan YOUR Creative Spark! Buy Oilcloth Fabric and Tablecloth Online. 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home. Freedom Of The Press. I hate ironing.

Freedom Of The Press

I think I should just come out and say it. Ironing is the WORST part about sewing for me. Bespoke & Commercial Picture Framing. 13 Sculptures Made Out of Books. Kay Elliott. Turning a House into a Home {creating beauty on a budget}: Crafty with Corks. As you have probably seen from my wife's posts, she is very creative with wine corks (you can see some past projects here and here).

Turning a House into a Home {creating beauty on a budget}: Crafty with Corks

We have saved them up over the years and she has come up with many interesting things to do with them. I decided I wanted to give it a shot to see if I could also be as crafty with corks. I recently saw you could purchase a kit to make trivets out of wine corks. This seemed a little ridiculous to me, especially when I saw the price of said kit. I figured I may as well give it a shot and trying making a cork trivet using only the supplies we had on hand...making it essentially free.

To start, I played around with the placing of the corks until I found a design that I thought looked nice. I then glued a couple corks at a time to each other and clamped the corks while the glue dried. *WARNING* Only use a small amount of Gorilla Glue! Have you ever used Gorilla Glue? The glue worked quite well with the corks, however, and they were extremely secure.

Best adhesive to attach used wine corks to wood and/or plastic? Geek Builds Real-Life Functioning Wall-E Robot. Mike Senna, a computer programmer from Orange County, California, has spent the last two and a half years building a real-life Wall-E robot, from scratch.

Geek Builds Real-Life Functioning Wall-E Robot

It moves around, rolls and talks, but he doesn’t collect trash. In 2009, shortly after the movie Wall-E was launched, we featured some photos of cool Wall-E computer case mod, but that feat simply pales in comparison to Mike Senna’s awesome achievement. The robot aficionado spend between 3,200 and 3,800 man hours building his very own version of the adorable Pixar trash-collecting hero. His computer programming skills definitely came in handy, but seeing as there were no Wall-E parts available anywhere on this planet, he had to construct the whole thing from scratch. He worked on it about 25 hours a week, after his day job, but all the hard work certainly paid off. This isn’t Mike Senna’s first robot, either. "I Draw Pictures All Day". Advertisement “So, you do nothing all day.”

"I Draw Pictures All Day"

That’s how many people would respond to someone who says they spend the day with a pen or pencil in their hand. It’s often considered an empty practice, a waste of time. They’re seen as an empty mind puttering along with the busy work of scribbling. Fabric Shop UK,Wholesale Fabric UK,Clearance Fabric UK,Sofa Fabric UK. LAMINATED Cotton Brown Stars by Riley Blake 1 Yard by Laminated. Clarke Clarke, Prestigious items in TEXTILE EXPRESS store on eBay! Sewing Threads, Haberdashery, Embroidery. Awning Fabrics - Fabric and sewing materials at Screw work let's play. I'm a great believer in the power of blogging for almost any project or business as I explain in Secret 6: How to play the fame game in Screw Work, Let's Play.

screw work let's play

Blogging allows you to play out your idea in public and engage your audience, followers, or potential customers in the process. It's ideal for 'thought leaders' who have something interesting to say about their field and of course it's superb for writers. And I believe every website should include a blog even if it's only an occasionally updated "News and articles" page. That's why I recommend most clients to build their whole website in WordPress from the beginning. But blogging takes time - quite a lot of it to do well. A cardboard arcade made by a 9-year old boy. Decorate Your Cake Cakes and Sugarcraft Norwich Aylsham. Creative Kickstart: 5 Ways to Creatively Organize Your Time, Mind, and Workspace.

It's been a few weeks since the last post in the Creative Kickstart series, but it's back in action, and here to help inspire you and motivate your creative process with the best installment yet! Through conversations with creative friends and associates, I've noticed a common "issue" we all seem to share: disorganization. As artistic people, we have constant ideas firing off in our brains, and when we're in the mood to create, we will passionately throw ourselves into a project. For me, this often results in my studio looking like it was hit by a tornado. And the last thing I feel like doing after hours of immersing myself in a creative job is devoting energy to organizing my workspace. Creativity for Life. Creativity Tools and Creative Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools.

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