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12 Character Writing Tips for Fiction Writers. Character writing tips.

12 Character Writing Tips for Fiction Writers

Characters are the heart and soul of every story. Almost every great story is about people. Plot, setting, themes, and every other element of fiction is secondary to realistic characters that an audience can connect with on an intellectual or emotional level. There are exceptions, of course. Some readers enjoy plot-driven stories, but they never seem to achieve the massive popularity that stories with rich, layered characters achieve.

Writing Tips. Posted by Melissa Donovan on · You can’t have too many writing tips!

Writing Tips

The first time someone told me “show, don’t tell,” I had no idea what they were talking about. Show what? Isn’t writing, by its very nature, telling? I was a young writer and didn’t yet understand the many elements that go into good writing. How to Solve Creative Blocks. With rendition switcher Question: Why do some people get creatively blocked?

How to Solve Creative Blocks

Rainn Wilson: I think "creative blocks" come from people’s life journeys. Tools. Okay — so we don't always have to be serious.


11 Rules of Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation. This site is a concise guide to some of the most commonly violated rules of writing, grammar, and punctuation.

11 Rules of Writing, Grammar, and Punctuation

It is intended for all writers as an aid in the learning and refining of writing skills. Explore each of The Rules to see examples of its application and find references that provide additional explanations and examples on the Web and in print. Buy a book or find a website that will help you to improve your writing skills. Look up grammatical terms in the Glossary. For a wider variety of information, check the related FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Visit our new blog for tips and strategies for writing, studying, homework, SAT/ACT, math, and much more at the Junket Studies Blog Want to improve your writing and help support this site at the same time? Eight rules for writing fiction: 1.

Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted. 2. Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for. - StumbleUpon. This Sentence Has Five Words. Tension.

Hook Your Readers With Tension By Laura Backes, Tension.


Without it, life would be—let's face it—boring. So would fiction. Tension works with conflict to raise the emotional level of the text to a boiling point. It forces the reader to become invested in the story. "Tension" is a loaded word, and can be misleading. Tension is what hooks readers of any age and keeps them turning the pages. Fundamentals of Fiction: "I've Got an Idea!" By Marg Gilks "The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea.

Fundamentals of Fiction: "I've Got an Idea!"

" -- Thomas Mann You've got an idea, and you want to turn it into a story. How do you begin? First, determine if it is a story -- if the idea is big enough to carry a reader for a thousand words or more. If it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. So what do you think about while outlining? What else do you think about at this stage? You don't have to fit your story into a genre, of course, but if your idea revolves around a puzzle that needs to be solved, you might write it as a mystery; if it focuses on two people falling in love, then you've got a romance; if it involves things that don't really exist (yet) in our world, then your story could fall into the genres of science fiction or fantasy.

Okay, what else? Kurt Vonnegut's Tips for Writing Fiction. Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers. Forward Motion for Writers. I make a full-time living from writing. I know a lot of writers who would like to do the same. So I’ve written over 100,000 words — all of it available for free in the linked articles to your right — on how I do what I do. Please understand that there is no One True Way — every writer who achieves publication does so via a different path. But we’re all climbing the same mountain, and it’s alway useful, I think, to know how others have gone up the thing, whether you intend to follow a similar route or an entirely different one. Use the menu on the right side of this page to find article or FAQ sheets or workshops that you need right away. Advice for authors. It happened again.

Advice for authors

There I was, meeting with someone who I thought had nothing to do with books or publishing, and it turns out his new book just came out. With more than 75,000 books published every year (not counting ebooks or blogs), the odds are actually pretty good that you've either written a book, are writing a book or want to write one. Hence this short list: Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don't expect much.