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CleverHomes presented by tobylongdesign - intro. Plan of Steel. Taken with the architecture of Rick Joy, McAdam thought about concrete, but he quickly learned that it wouldn’t meet his budget.

Plan of Steel

He then considered a rustic steel structure reminiscent of the mining cabins he had explored over the years in the Mojave Desert. But again, cost was an issue. Then he visited a friend who was building equestrian facilities on her property. McAdam marveled at how the modular steel elements came together elegantly and quickly to form the barns, shelters, and other structures. After speaking with Barret Hilzer, one of the heads of FCP, Inc., the company that did the work on his friend’s property, McAdam became convinced he could use a similar steel framing system to build an affordable, sustainable, beautiful, and prefabricated home. Slideshow Once he saw the framing system’s potential, McAdam expanded his dream house in the desert into a dream of a marketable steel homebuilding system. Confluence: Perfect sightlines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy flow — ideabox. Over the years we would hear...

Confluence: Perfect sightlines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy flow — ideabox

"I love the simplicity of the CONFLUENCE, but I need just a little more room. " Room for entertaining, room for projects, room to just hang out. So, we combined all the virtues of the CONFLUENCE with just a little more space and give birth to the c.2+. The idea behind the c.2+ is not to simply add space, but to add space that is as much fun as it is functional. We doubled the area of the open central space to make room for all your friends and family, not just your inner circle. Since the kitchen is the heart of every house, we're offering two layouts that do the following: The "wall of kitchen" layout is literally that: a wall of kitchen buffered by a large (10 ft.) island that is designed to be the center of everything. Premium Prefab Homes. The Latest from Stillwater « Stillwater Dwellings. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is not new to the architectural world.

The Latest from Stillwater « Stillwater Dwellings

It's been around, in one form or another, since the 1970's. As with all technology it's sophistication has grown exponentially. However, even with its incredible power, CAD still can't automatically create exciting new designs or find the right plan to take advantage of the unique characteristics of a building site. That takes an experienced architect's eye. While Stillwater Dwellings uses the latest 3D CAD systems to produce plans and engineering specifications, all designs begin with a pen in the designer's hand. The illustration above is an x-ray rendering, a 3D CAD technique sometimes used at Stillwater to view the spacial relationships between living areas. As always, we would love to hear your ideas about designing your own home. Contact us at 800-691-7302 or email to start your Stillwater journey. Thanks for a Great Year! This has been the best year ever for Stillwater Dwellings.

IBM's David Shepler's Zero Net Energy Home. Modern, net-zero energy homes made more affordable with modular design. The Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy with Ted Clifton (Clifton View Homes)


E04 The house as mini-power plant - Meet net-zero home builder Les Wold - Green Energy Futures. 04. Learn how net-zero home builders are building a better world. The idea that a home could produce as much energy as it consumes has been a reality for at least five years.

04. Learn how net-zero home builders are building a better world

Called net-zero homes, cutting edge homebuilders have pushed the envelope and created monuments to efficiency, air-tightness and insulation. Now comes the slightly less sexy but just as important next step–take the best ideas from the net-zero concept homes and work them into everyday Canadian homes. Les Wold is a part of this second wave of net-zero home builders. A baby-faced 38-year-old he’s a managing partner with Effect Homes, an Edmonton based homebuilder that currently builds about 10 houses a year.

In a rather serendipitous turn of events Les Wold responded to a community newsletter ad from Jeanette Bowman and Kevin Taft when they were looking for two other families to build net zero homes with. Together they embarked on the Belgravia Green project to build three super energy efficient homes in the mature Edmonton neighbourhood of Belgravia. DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler for $15. There are many ways to heat with solar energy, but cooling can be a little more of a challenge.

DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler for $15

Here is a way to make a cheap and simple solar powered air cooler using a foam ice chest, PVC pipe, and a fan. The fan blows air across ice in the chest, and the cooled air is blown out the PVC pipe. The block of ice used in this example lasted for about 10 hours inside the chest.