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Cartografia y visualizacion de datos

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Visualizacion Datos. Infographic Elements 34. Set Of Vector Design Elements In Flat Style For Business Presentation, Booklet, Web Site And Projects. Stock Vector - Image: 46241793. Datos Abiertos Colombia. Ciudatos. Creating Simple Webmap using QGIS. Emprendedor: cómo aprender rápido #infografia #infographic #education. Cómo aprender y no olvidar #infografia #infographic #education. Data Visualization Infographics Archives - Last week, W5 attended the 2nd annual The Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn.

Data Visualization Infographics Archives -

The two-day conference offered inspiring sessions, fruitful networking and even a MR Jam Session. While we were unable to attend all the sessions, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorites. Here is the second highlight summary in our series. Data, Dashboards, PowerPoint and Infographics – The MR Reporting Landscape Today and into the Future not only piqued my interest but led me to think beyond the future of reporting.

Below are my thoughts on some of the predictions for the future of marketing research reporting. Virtual Reality replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world. Holographics involve the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording to enable creation of three-dimensional images. 14 Ejemplos De Las Mejores Visualizaciones De Datos. El siguiente artículo es una traducción del blog

14 Ejemplos De Las Mejores Visualizaciones De Datos

+100 herramientas para el análisis de redes sociales #sna #ars. El Análisis de Redes Sociales (ARS) o Social Network Analysis (SNA) es una técnica clave en muchos campos como la sociología, la biología, comunicación, política… Permite analizar relaciones entre elementos para determinar la importancia de los actores, cómo se han agrupado en subcomunidades, el flujo de la información, qué es clave en la transmisión de la información… Ya hace unos años que la vengo utilizando de manera habitual.

+100 herramientas para el análisis de redes sociales #sna #ars

Introduction to Map Design — The Map Academy — CARTO. Circle of Trust « D3. Circle of Trust How asymmetric is your relationship network at Google Plus?

Circle of Trust « D3

Is there a way to visualize how each person is using and constructing this social environment? With these two questions in mind, we want to give you a good real example of how the brand new Google+ API can be used now at its early stages. The idea came from something that our friend Jack Byrnes, character of the movie Meet the Parents, likes to call The Circle of Trust. With a free interpretation of Jack’s theory, we made a simple algorithm to visualize who are the people that are inside your circle of trust and who are the people out. Data Visualization: How To Merge Form & Function And Make Great #Infographics.

Infographic Design: The Best Way to Create Infographics. Open source HTML5 Charts for your website. The Five Best Libraries For Building Data Visualizations. An explosion in the number of available data sources and data-processing tools means that more people than ever are jumping into the world of data visualization.

The Five Best Libraries For Building Data Visualizations

But with so much to learn, it can be intimidating to know just where to start. So which library is best, and what advice do the pros have? Read on and find out. Like telling the history of personal computers without mentioning Steve Jobs, it’s impossible to talk about data visualization without talking about D3. Arguably the most dominant and important programming library in the field, D3 (short for Data Driven Documents) is an open source JavaScript library usually used to generate SVG graphics. D3’s popularity owes a lot to the sudden interest in SVG by web designers—largely because vector graphics look superb on the kind of high-resolution screens (think Apple's Retina display), which are becoming increasingly common. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. Abierto al público 6 recursos para analizar los avances e impacto de los dato... Por Geraldine García del Departamento de Conocimiento y Aprendizaje del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo Los datos abiertos se han vuelto un recurso esencial para impulsar la transparencia e innovaciones.

Abierto al público 6 recursos para analizar los avances e impacto de los dato...

El creciente entusiasmo por ellos se ve reflejado en la adopción de la Carta Internacional de Datos Abiertos por parte de 20 gobiernos nacionales y municipales tras su lanzamiento en Octubre de 2015. Sin embargo, el debate entorno a por qué se deben abrir los datos se va cerrando para dar comienzo a uno nuevo que concentra los esfuerzos en cómo medir sus resultados e impacto. 9 Beautiful Maps That You Would Like To See. Maps show us direction and beauty definitely add values to them.

9 Beautiful Maps That You Would Like To See

It tell us story, that is reflected if it is a good map. Map has become popular medium to convey information. Below beautiful maps are my collection, collected from different websites. If you find any maps that you thing is beautiful and aesthetic, please share with us. 1. Eduward Imof Mount Everest hill shade map Eduward Imof (1895 – 1986) was a professor of cartographer Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland. 2. Fig: The geography of talk in Great Britain.

An article is at the, Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions by: Carlo Ratti, Stanislav Sobolevsky, Francesco Calabrese, Clio Andris, Jonathan Reades, Mauro Martino, Rob Claxton, Steven H. Download original image: 3. Britannia atlas, showing the route from Newmarket, Suffolk to Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. John Ogilby (1600-16760) was a Scottish cartographer, translator and impresario. 4.

Noun Project - Icons for Everything. Design and publish beautiful maps. Mapping Stereotypes.