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Lana Kerr

CO2LIFT by Lumisque is a cosmetic medical-grade treatment that utilizes carbon dioxide to rejuvenate your skin for a younger and suppler look. It effectively lifts and hydrates your skin giving it a natural glow!

How Do The Non-Surgical Treatments Improve The Skin? How Co2Lift V Works Better Than Best Laser Treatments? Interested in becoming a provider? What is Co2Lift by Lumisque? How is it transforming skin? Looking at the dull skin that makes you seem ten years older? Glowing & healthy Skin With At-Home Treatments — Lumisque. Skincare goals are synonymous with healthy and glowing skin and universally rank top of the mind.

Glowing & healthy Skin With At-Home Treatments — Lumisque

The texture of our skin is majorly influenced by external elements such as pollution, dust, skincare elements, and internal elements, including health and diet. One of the key components of youthful, healthy and ravishing looking skin is a naturally glowing skin. The dermatological tested products from Lumisque help you achieve that naturally glowing and youthful skin with their at-home treatments. The lifestyle we all are adapting to not just affects our overall health but affects the health of our skin too.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you achieve a healthy, rejuvenated and glowing skin whenever you want. Go To Bed With Clean Face Recommended by the best Dermatologists, it is necessary to remove the day’s buildup of makeup, sunscreen, and sebum from your face before going to bed. Do you long for healthy, shiny and youthful skin? Self-Care Your Vagina This Quarantine! And Enjoy The Sex You Deserve! Undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Get The Sex You Want.

Self-Care Your Vagina This Quarantine! And Enjoy The Sex You Deserve!

Effective co2lift face mask for dry skin ? Suffering from dryness, burning sensation, spotting and pain during intercourse? Co2Lift Vaginal treatment kit by Lumisque. How to get rid of brown spots on your skin? Nowadays you’ll encounter people with small brown spots all over their skin, or maybe on our faces too!

How to get rid of brown spots on your skin?

So what exactly are these spots or particularly known as “freckles”? Freckles are small brown spots that tend to develop on your skin due to continuous skin exposure or genetically. In the majority of these cases, freckles are harmless. They are just clusters of melanin in the epidermis layer of the skin, which is the superficial layer of your skin. Buy Co2Lift Mask in bulk by Lumisque skincare. Make your quarantine fun these skincare essentials. Looking For Non-Surgical Treatments For skin Rejuvenation? — Lumisque. Looking for Co2lift acne removal mask ? How to Self-Care Your Skin in Self-Quarantine? — Lumisque. The day to day functionalities of our lives have drastically changed due to the lockdown scenario caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

How to Self-Care Your Skin in Self-Quarantine? — Lumisque

Now with all the time in the world, a quote from “Sex and the City” aptly strikes my mind, “Before I was married, I used to study my pores in a magnifying mirror for an hour each night.” This is quite a general behavior, we practice when we are alone have the clock completely to our discretion. After weeks of social distancing and spending most of our day inside the house, like many others, we tend to notice every pore, every line and every spot on our face. Check out our video on Client Diaries which showcase the Before and After of using Carboxygel Mask! Before & after effects of using Lumisque products. CO2LIFT Pro Treatment mask for a healthy, glowing and youthful skin at home! Everything You Need to Know About Skin- Telligent Masking. Searching on Pro Treatment masks for sensitive skin? Lumisque.

Guide for a healthy, glowing and youthful skin! CO2 Lift V Vaginal Rejuvenation. At 47 years old and married to same man for 21 years, I reflect more on the way things are in the bedroom.

CO2 Lift V Vaginal Rejuvenation

And so, one day, I was thinking, “I’m not enjoying it the same.” I couldn’t put my finger on why it wasn’t the same. So I started doing research as to why it could be. I confided in my mom and aunts, and their friends, they simply nodded sagely and agreed: at a certain age, it starts feeling less like butter and more like sandpaper! Now whilst that wasn’t how I felt personally, my next thought was... Happy Vagina, Happy Life.

My mind kept coming back to it, and why not? 80% of women in menopause experience vaginal dryness. Now even though I’m not in menopause yet, just like you don’t wake up one day and you are suddenly old, things are gradual. But it’s not just women in menopause. Now to regress, my business in skin care focuses on care of skin on the face, eyes, and neck. We also saw that the CO2 LIFT mask technology was truly carboxy therapy. Have A Younger Looking Glowing Skin With These At-Home Treatments. Journey of Lana Kerr, CEO, Lumisque Skincare. Why is CO2LIFT better than other facelift procedure ? Why is CO2LIFT better than other facelift procedures?

Why is CO2LIFT better than other facelift procedure ?

CO2LIFT s a lot safer than the other facelift procedures. You can see the results right after the first session although it requires many sessions and follow up sessions so you can achieve the optimal results and maintain it for a long time. The best part about choosing CO2LIFT is that it is painless with no downtime. This means you can get back to your usual routine without the discomforts. Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Skin Care Routine. “Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness” – Dr.

Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

MuradBut what makes your skin healthy? Every one of us craves great skin but having radiant, healthy and fresh skin is not simply attained from the genes. Your daily habits do reflect on what you see in the mirror. There a lot of opinions and statics that claim to be the right way to approach skincare but ultimately caring for your skin is a very personal thing specific to your situation and skin.

Hearing about a perfect skincare routine sounds all easy and pleasant but when you actually start adapting, it can get a kind of overwhelming like: how often should we exfoliate, serum or moisturizer which goes first, what is an essence, etc. For your morning skincare routine, you should stick to the basics of skincare along with protection. 1 Cleansing You need to start with a clean face for the effectiveness of your further skincare process.

Vaginal Tightening Will Enhance Your Sex Life. Because..."real talk" ain't always real. “You can always tell a woman’s true age by looking at her vagina.”

Vaginal Tightening Will Enhance Your Sex Life. Because..."real talk" ain't always real.

VThis curiosity with faking it began when I was chatting with a beautiful lady on the plane. Understand, usually, I don't talk on planes since it is my quiet time. However, since starting the Co2lift V, it’s been my mission to understand what is happening down there, in the lives of different women. I’m there, sitting beside an attractive redhead - perhaps in her late 50s to early 60s - when she informed me she was getting married next year. Strategically, I I started telling her about myself, and the new Co2Lift V launch as well as what it does. The woman became a little more receptive so I started telling her about my experience - how sometimes we forget how it used to feel, and get used to what it feels like now.

Which is the best mask with the properties of anti-aging and carboxytherapy? Buy the best skin rejuvenating products in bulk at affordable prices. Looking for an ultimate guide for your perfect skincare routine? Cosmeceutical products that benefit you with at-home treatments. Best Advantages of the CO2 lift. Beauty Trends That Will Dominate In 2020 — Lumisque. With the end of a decade, the natural tendency to reflect the past and to muse on the possibilities of the future is quite inevitable.

Beauty Trends That Will Dominate In 2020 — Lumisque

With the advent of 2020, the beauty industry thrives to bring in the newness and freshness to it’s every corner. This new approach will be entering the year quite slowly on the horizon. This year’s beauty spirit is set to be all-inclusive than ever from innovations in personalized products to the boom of products servicing to subjects that were considered taboo previously. This half a score time period saw fast-paced changed from good and bad in almost everything. In all these years we saw Instagram transforming our view towards the world, Meghan Markle changing the face of the Royal Family, heels getting lower, skin getting glossier and eyebrows getting thicker.

For 2020, these are the trends you should excitedly look for….. Lumisque Skincare - Effective Vaginal Treatment Kit. CO2LIFT-V is a painless effective treatment that, with no downtime, addresses vaginal issues associated with aging, childbearing and/or stress.

Lumisque Skincare - Effective Vaginal Treatment Kit

The kit comes with 5 treatments and 5 applicator syringes that can be used in the privacy of your home. After just 4 applications users will feel and see results. Doctors recommend 10-15 treatments for long lasting results, that can be maintained by monthly treatments. Available only through a provider. The CO2LiftV may: Benefits Of Carboxytherapy On The Skin — Lumisque. All of us will try just about anything in pursuit of beauty. Nose jobs, eyelash extensions, artificial dimples, even "Pokertox" - Botox injections tailored to enhance one's poker face, yes it's raging these days.

What about incorporating carbon dioxide into your skin? In a recent study, a group of dermatologists set out to evaluate if Carboxytherapy - a popular cosmeceutical treatment in the U.S. used for treating stretch marks, cellulite, and scars—actually work. Are you suffering from Skin Dullness and Uneven Texture? Lumisque Skincare - Buy products in bulk at affordable prices.