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Modern Institute of Reflexology. If you have made mistakes, even serious mistakes, you may have a fresh start any moment you choose; for this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down. Mary Pickford ==================== Self-treatment or self-help is essential if you expect to regain and then maintain your health. A professional ReflexoCurist (reflexologist) can help coach you if you are struggling with some health related problem, but ultimately you need to take responsibility for your own well-being by following that inner guidance ... intuition, gut instinct, heart ... all culminating in what we experience as conscience. Nicole's ReflexyCure Probe is one of the simplest and most effective self-help tools on the market today. When you are ready for therapy just place the ReflexyCure probe/roller on the floor in front of a comfortable chair.

Rebb Wheeler visited the Institute for Tutoring. When Donna M. Decor / I always wondered how they did that. hot glue a bottle and spray paint on imgfave. Lb%255B4%255D.jpg (image) Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars... As an avid recycler, I often find myself admiring the numerous boxes of glass bottles in our garage, awaiting their fate.

Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...

When I noticed more than a dozen empty bottles from one particular product, I knew I had a problem there must be something else I could do other than toss them into a recycling bin once a week. In order to justify my purchase of a caffeine-laden treat, I decided to repurpose and upcycle the glass containers from my favorite splurge. Enter Starbucks Frappuccino. Herringbone Chair - Martha Stewart Home & Garden. How to clean a glass cooktop. Fabulous Find Friday with Bev!! - Blog Tiffany.

Painted Upholstery – The Process Revealed (Tutorial) Hyphen Interiors. *NOTE – There are other examples of painted upholstery (mostly from readers) on the Chairs page at the top of the blog.

Painted Upholstery – The Process Revealed (Tutorial) Hyphen Interiors

In addition, there are other upholstery painting methods on that page, if you are interested. I recently painted an upholstered chair and have been asked about the process. Below are before and after photos: And, here it is after 15 months. How to Make Liquid Hand Soap from a bar of soap {DIY} The other night I was bathing the Littles and began to look at the ingredients listed on the liquid body wash bottle and started to think about the fact that the majority of it is water, then I looked at the hand wash and same thing.... aqua.

How to Make Liquid Hand Soap from a bar of soap {DIY}

Because most people have turned to liquid soap rather than bar soap I figured there must be a way to convert the cheap bar soap into the expensive liquid soap we all know and love. Nutella Mug Cake. There are several food bloggers that I follow religiously.

Nutella Mug Cake

In fact I have a hard time concentrating at work until I read their posts each morning (ssshh!). And a lot of them just crack me up. They’re clever and well-written. I get so upset when I can’t think of witty things to say in my posts! It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my recipe, believe me I do. The secret is this: Nutella Mug Cake. Here’s what you’ll need You’ll need 4 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, 4 tablespoons self-rising flour, 3 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, And the Nutella!

Oh yeah…and an egg. Most Popular Repurposing Tricks of 2011 - StumbleUpon. "P" is for Personalize. Everything gets personalized.

"P" is for Personalize

Trugs: I've been doing a lot of personalizing these days. It's fun, easy, fast and makes for great gifts. more trugs: addresses: The technique I use is very simple. Here's how: 1. Using a ballpoint pen trace outline of letters: The pressure of the pen creates a slight indent in the wood. 2. The indent actually creates a tiny dam to hold the paint. I use this technique on every wood piece I paint. The look is clean and neat but still has that handpainted feel. Detail shot on this Banksville sign proves that: Wood and paint go hand in hand. Worldly Sofa Table from Old Sideboard. I've spent dribs of the last few weekends working on that vintage sideboard I bought to use as a sofa table and I'm finally ready to reveal what I did with it.

Worldly Sofa Table from Old Sideboard

There was a lot of major damage to the top of it so I sanded that down to the bare wood. The rest of the piece got a light sand - just enough to give the paint something to grip. Now youre cooking with comics. - StumbleUpon. For the Burlap lover... Burlap know who you are!

For the Burlap lover...

If you consider yourself even somewhat in this class of people, you've probably seen this famous board somewhere in the last month! It's from Ballard Design, and it's got everybody all up in a craze about replicating all kinds of ways! The biggest issue we all have with this "original" beauty is her heftly price tag of a whoppin $49-$89. Ask Anna...: How to Paint a Perfect Line. Many of you may have already read my post on how to paint a perfect line.

Ask Anna...: How to Paint a Perfect Line

I wrote this post ages ago but I still get lots of emails asking me to explain the steps more clearly.