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Untitled. Orologi di Design Nava, modelli unici in materiali pregiati - NAVA. Jiwoong Jung’s "Hidden Time" Watch Is a Minimalist Magic Act By the Hour. Jiwoong Joong’s gradient face timepiece Hidden Time is the striking opening act in “The Trio of Time” series, a graphical magic act designed to make time seemingly disappear with the slow sweep of every passing hour, the spearhead of an evolving collaborative effort unveiled between global designers and Hong Kong based Anicorn Watches.

Jiwoong Jung’s "Hidden Time" Watch Is a Minimalist Magic Act By the Hour

When designing the watch, I was thinking about how to naturally hide passing time. My research began with how hiding occurs in nature, which led me to one of the best known examples––the chameleon’s protective color. Their defense mechanism is a kind of optical illusion, but a simple and effective way to have two things together naturally when superimposed. – Jiwoong Jung.

Wall Clocks You Can Crumple. We were first introduced to Veronica Szalai’s NEW TIME clocks last year and she’s back with two new versions – Holographic and Matrix.

Wall Clocks You Can Crumple

Just like before, the clocks are made of a durable cotton fiber that allows you to crumple, smash, or fold them into any shape you want letting you choose the way they look. Simply take the clock out of the package, go to town, pop a AA battery in it, and then hang it on the wall. You can purchase them from Crowdyhouse here. 30 orologi da parete di design - Living Corriere. Decorano la parete e contano le ore, i minuti e i secondi: gli orologi da muro sono un complemento importante tra le pareti domestiche.

30 orologi da parete di design - Living Corriere

Per estetica e funzione. Sala, cucina, studio e perché no bagno, ma anche nella cameretta dei bambini: ovunque lo si metta il quadrante di design dà una forte impronta allo spazio attorno. I designer si sono sbizzarriti con la fantasia e di orologi di design ce ne sono davvero di tutti i tipi, sia per forma che per materiali. Partiamo dalla linea: prevale il tondo ma non mancano quadrati e rettangoli, persino stelle come l’orologio scultura Anni 50 di George Nelson. The Line Collection of Minimalist Watches. Scottish watch brand Nomad partnered with industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson to design the Line Collection of watches that focus on a minimalist, yet unique aesthetic that’s been lacking in the market.

The Line Collection of Minimalist Watches

Their attention to detail and craftsmanship led to two years refining the design and sourcing honest manufacturers that would be able to meet their quality and demand. Each part that goes into every watch is custom designed and manufactured, down to the clasp, the beveled glass, the textured stainless steel case that references cast iron, and a custom engineered backplate.

Passing Time with Jiwoong Jung's Hidden Time Watch. Our affinity for minimalist timepieces has ticked forward with the sighting of this captivating watch designed by Jiwoong Jung, a Korean industrial designer who has been on our radar before for his furniture and lighting work.

Passing Time with Jiwoong Jung's Hidden Time Watch

This time it’s the Hidden Time, a watch with an elegantly engaging way to communicate the passing of the hours. As time passes a face reveals the time underneath by the minute – the numerals printed onto the glass – coloration denoting as day turns to night with a circular gradient. The effect shows the passing of light from day to night in a darkening cycle of white to blue to eventual black at the 12 o’clock top. Quite clever and beautiful. 12 Modern Wall Clocks. Tag clock. Bulbul Launches the Minimalist Ore Watch. Danish watch brand Bulbul has launched their third style in its series of designer watches.

Bulbul Launches the Minimalist Ore Watch

Ore, which follows Pebble and Facette, is stripped down, removing all the superfluous details to be the perfect, minimalist timepiece. The Everyday Watch by MIJLO. The Everyday Watch is a minimalist design created by MIJLO.

The Everyday Watch by MIJLO

The timepiece is unique in that it has a modular composition, allowing users to switch between two face designs, and five diverse strap designs, resulting in ten variations. The current package includes two classic faces along with one brown leather, one tan leather, one black textured leather, one blue rubber, and one green mixed canvas/leather band. The straps can be easily removed/connected via a simple button at the base of the band, and have a five-year guarantee. The Everyday Watch: A 10-in-1 Timepiece by MIJLO. by Daniel Eckler. 1) Versatile.

The Everyday Watch: A 10-in-1 Timepiece by MIJLO. by Daniel Eckler

The Everyday Watch is one watch with ten variations. A perfect fit for every occasion. 2) Affordable. Quality timepieces commonly range from $250 - $400. We’ve created a ten-piece collection that retails for the price of one. 3) Timeless. 4) Durable. Creative Clocks. Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Login Login with facebook.

Creative Clocks

8 Creative Wall Clock Designs from Society6. Clockwatchers: you now have something more interesting to stare at all day.

8 Creative Wall Clock Designs from Society6

A Clock Inspired by Stringed Instruments. I migliori 15 orologi dal design minimale. 12 Minimalist Watches: A Fine Time for Simplicity. Fashion designer Jil Sander once argued, “I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.” And in a world of information overload, non-stop notifications, and the hindrance of a “more is better” culture, there is indeed luxury to be found in design embracing the simplification of compositional relations between a person and the information they seek. Watch design has veered into this reductive aesthetic, pushing forth material and unitary plain geometry to the forefront of wrist fashion. In an era of smartphones, we no longer need watches, but perhaps we want them more than ever.

Here are a dozen minimalist watches that fall into that “want” category: Long Distance Classic by Kitmen Keung: the same mind behind my favorite mouse pad designed a watch of equal simplicity and utility, a refined dual dial timepiece. Clock Hands Wall Clock. One Clock with Lots of Design Possibilities.