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The Mods of London Photographed by Carlotta Cardana. I’d always been drawn to the Mods and Mod culture, but seeing them live, strolling through the streets of London as if they’d just walked out of the 1950s-60s was a powerful incentive to undertake this project.

The Mods of London Photographed by Carlotta Cardana

What I was interested in was not so much the subculture itself, but in the way the Mods use it to construct their identity and what that tells us about Britishness as a whole. These are people that live and breath fashion and music half-a-century old and, unlike other subcultures associated with youth rebellion (such as punks, goths and the like), they strive for maximum elegance and formality, at a time when even G8 leaders worry about showing up in too-formal clothes.

—Carlotta Cardana The ‘Mod Scene‘ is a subculture that originated in London in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s. The scene is still thriving these days and caught the attention of London-based photographer Carlotta Cardana. Aline Smithson's portraits inspired by old Hollywood. After a career as a New York Fashion Editor, Aline Smithson discovered the family Rolleiflex and never looked back.

Aline Smithson's portraits inspired by old Hollywood

Now represented by galleries across the country and published throughout the world, Aline continues to create her award-winning photography with humor, compassion, and a 50-year-old camera. She has exhibited widely including solo shows at the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, The Tagomago Gallery in Barcelona, and Wallspace Gallery in Seattle. Aline also writes and edits the blog, Lenscratch. Though she was nominated for The Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award in 2008, 2009, and 2010 and for The Santa Fe Prize in Photography in 2009, she considers her children her greatest achievement .Of this work, Hollywood at Home, she writes: ‘Growing up a stone’s throw from Hollywood and Vine, I have always been intrigued by the real and the manufactured Hollywood.

Matthias Olmeta - Night Flights: Portraits in Ambrotype. From the thousands of fantastic photographs that will be on show (and for sale) at the Somerset House during the upcoming (and inaugural) photo fair Photo London, we managed to pull together a small selection of some of our favorites—an Editors' Preview of Photo London 2015.

Matthias Olmeta - Night Flights: Portraits in Ambrotype

From this eclectic mix, a number of photographers' work particularly caught our eye. The fourth of these are the ambrotypes of photographer Matthias Olmeta. His mysterious, evocative images are accompanied by a text written by François Cheval, Chief Curator at the Nicéphore Niépce Museum. Excerpts from "An Introduction to Matthias Olmeta's photography" It is there. Confronted with the disturbing and intrinsic beauty of these images, one can become uncomfortable. These people and objects frozen in his photography as on ice, impose themselves whilst we try—in vain—to find some structure or order. Aline Smithson's portraits inspired by old Hollywood. Una storia d'amore sperimentale. Pixy Liao è nata in Cina e lavora come fotografa a Brooklyn.

Una storia d'amore sperimentale

“Atlante della Bellezza”: 24 volti della grazia da tutto il mondo. Ritratti, moda e nudi di Helmut Newton. Una nuova mostra al Museo di Fotografia di Berlino esporrà dal 27 novembre 2014 al 17 maggio 2015 circa 200 fotografie del famoso fotografo Helmut Newton.

Ritratti, moda e nudi di Helmut Newton

La mostra è stata organizzata dalla Fondazione Helmut Newton, che lo stesso Newton ha creato nell’autunno del 2003, e si intitola “Permanent Loan Selection”. Helmut Newton è lo pseudonimo di Helmut Neustädter. Era nato nel 1920 a Berlino ma a seguito delle leggi razziali lasciò la Germania nel 1938 e si imbarcò a Trieste per Singapore, dove iniziò a lavorare come fotografo. Portfolio — Luke Takes Photos. Cart - 0 items Portraits I Share Portraits II Creative Portraits Restless Dreams (18+) Travel.

Portfolio — Luke Takes Photos

Berta Vicente Photography. Agée de 20 ans, la photographe espagnole Berta Vicente fait de très belles photos pleines de délicatesse qui mêlent portraits de jeunes filles, argentique, noir et blanc, couleurs, symétries, dans des instants figés.

Berta Vicente Photography

Une sélection de ses photos est à découvrir en détails dans la suite de l’article. Madre con vestiti da figlia. Oliviero Toscani - Ein Gespräch über Gott und die Welt. Wir trafen Oliviero Toscani im Rahmen der Photo14 in Zürich und fühlten uns geehrt, dass er sich Zeit für den Kulturblog nahm.

Oliviero Toscani - Ein Gespräch über Gott und die Welt

Über Oliviero Toscani ist bereits soviel geschrieben worden, dass es keiner Einleitung bedarf und die Bilder für sich sprechen. Viel schwieriger war es, ein Gespräch aufzubauen, in dem man zwar den Menschen Toscani ein wenig kennenlernt, es aber vermeidet, die allseits gestellten Fragen zum xten mal zu wiederholen. Glücklicherweise hat er die Gesprächsführung am Anfang selber übernommen und mich ausgiebig nach meinen iranischen Wurzeln befragt. Bist Du Schweizer? Nein, Iraner. Wollte schon sagen, dass Du nicht aussiehst wie ein Schweizer. Wie meinen Sie das?

Ja, war ich. New York Subway Drivers Portraits. Le photographe hollandais Janus Van Den Eijnden a réalisé une série de portraits intitulée « New York Subway Drivers » autour des conducteurs du métro new-yorkais.

New York Subway Drivers Portraits

Un bel hommage aux travailleurs qui ont des mines rigolotes, parfois déprimées et qu’on croise tous les matins et tous les soirs.