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Fastcodesign.stfi. Dynamic logos are all the rage nowadays, and for good reason: In a multimedia world, a logo needs to look good in print as well as on video, as a GIF, and as part of a viral social media strategy.


But it takes a lot of work to develop a moving logo, and it's expensive—you're essentially talking about a coded computer program. So when the European charity Art UK—an online network of every public piece of art in Britain—approached Pentagram for a new look, the decision makers told partner Marina Willer that they had neither the budget nor the patience for one of those living brands. In response, Willer’s team generated what you see here. The letters of Art UK are depicted as a literal, interconnected network, and as you see over the course of various iterations, a few simple changes to the angles between each letter create what appears to be a completely rearrangeable brand. It’s an effect that’s meant to mirror the way users can curate their own experience of art on the site.

Un'agenzia regala tutti i loghi rifiutati dai propri clienti. Quando si tratta del rebranding di un marchio i creativi devono lavorare su decine di loghi sperando che il cliente riesca a trovarne uno di proprio piacimento.

Un'agenzia regala tutti i loghi rifiutati dai propri clienti

Per evitare di sprecare le idee del suo team, lo studio Fairpixels ha avuto l’idea geniale di creare una piattaforma opensource battezzata Logodust sulla quale l’agenzia stessa mette gratuitamente a disposizione i loghi che sono stati scartati dai clienti precedenti. I loghi proposti hanno la licenza Creative Commons, ciò significa utilizzabili da tutti a fini commerciali, ma bisogna anche considerare i limiti che ne conseguono: se tutte le aziende si ritrovano con la stessa variante di logo, potrebbero esserci alcuni problemi sul mercato e si creerebbe confusione. What if famous painters created big brand logos? When in design school, I remember one teacher explaining us that trying to imitate the style of famous designers or artists as an exercise was one of the best ways to progress.

What if famous painters created big brand logos?

In fact, when doint this, you have to try to put yourself in the person’s shoes and learn how to thing like that artist. Italian designer Francesco Vittorioso did that exercise as a personal project, but he added a little twist to it. He took on famous brands using the style of iconic artists. The results are cool, in my opinion the best is the Modigliani Starbucks logo.

25 Creative Examples of Ambigram Logo Designs. Sans the plot itself, possibly the most rousing effect of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons is its mark in the world of ambigrams.

25 Creative Examples of Ambigram Logo Designs

The “Illuminati” ambigram in the book (and movie) launched thousands of online searches about the nature of the design. The great thing about this typographical creation is its cool factor. You can’t see an ambigram design and not think of it as “cool” or “awesome.” Because it is. When you can read word/s the same way upside down, or in any orientation or POV, it’s remarkable.

Not only is the structure of the design impressive, an ambigram is also packed with interesting tidbits. 10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015. When the foundation of a business firm is laid, the most cardinal aspect that can help in the development of a business’ stance is a logo, a trendy creative logo plays an important role in making up the impression and to display the perspective of the firm.

10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015

New and latest techniques come into the world of art and design so people can get the best outcome in the most possible ways. Experts are coming up with new logo trends to give new directions to the genre of logo designs so I am presenting before you 10 new trends of logo design for 2015. 1. Low Polygon Logo Design Low polygon is mostly used in backgrounds and wallpapers in the year 2014. 20+ More Polgonal > logos 2. At times, logo designs are embellished with intricate elements that don’t make a logo design beautiful rather complex. More beautiful examples of negative space logo designs Credit: 1,2. Get Inspired By These 50 Incredibly Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings. Looking for some logo design inspiration?

Get Inspired By These 50 Incredibly Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings

Here are 50 ingenious examples that carry dual meanings in their design. These hidden symbols either explain the nature of the business or are a clever visual representation of its name. Superb work by talented artists and designers who must have been high on some ‘good stuff’ ;). Check them out. Is that a golfer or the profile of a Spartan wearing a helmet? The ‘R’ forms a man riding a bicycle, the orange circle is the front wheel. 25 inspiring examples of monogram logos. In this today’s blog post, we have an amazing collection of monogram logos.

25 inspiring examples of monogram logos

Monogram logos are basically designed with one or more letters or other graphemes to form a unique symbol. Have a look at these inspiring monograms below! 1. PW Anchor An amazing monogram logo by Alexander Schultz which is available here. 2. A logotype developed for a clothing company which is available here. 3. This monogram logotype is designed by Mike Smith which is available here. 4. Designed by Damian Kidd, this monogram is available here.