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Yoga Iyengar Tassin. Scary Optical Illusions - Creepy Things Hidden in Pictures. Scary Optical Illusions are images where creepy things like skulls are hidden. 2 different things can be found in the same picture. You should see another image if you look at each illusion from distance and another one when you look just normally. Happy Halloween :-) Skull Illusion Can you see the hidden skull on this famous Halloween picture by Istvan Orosz? Lady and Skull Frightened? Creepy Art There is not only one, but many skulls (by Octavio Ocampo). Devilish Women Another scary hidden picture - can you see the women (by George A. Scary Animal Head Can you find all animals hidden in this face? Cat and Mouse Cat has got the mouse right in front of her nose. Dr. Step away from your computer screen. Albert Einstein and Marylin Monroe You probably see Albert Einstein on this picture. 53a57.

Rev. salud pública vol.10 no.5 Bogotá Nov./Dec. 2008 Emerging diseases and species barrier: the risk of equine herpesvirus 9. Enfermedades Emergentes y Barrera de Especies: Riesgo del Herpesvirus Equino 9 Emerging diseases and species barrier: the risk of equine herpesvirus 9 Julián Ruiz-Saenz1 y Luis C. Villamil-Jimenez2 1 Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y de Zootecnia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Bogotá. 2 Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria, Universidad de la Salle. Recibido 7 Mayo 2008/Enviado para Modificación 26 Octubre 2008/Aceptado 12 Noviembre 2008 El salto en la barrera de especies es responsable de gran parte de las enfermedades emergentes y re-emergentes en el mundo; en la actualidad, no están completamente esclarecidos los mecanismos involucrados en la restricción de un agente hacia un(os) hospedero determinado(s) ni en los procesos necesarios para que éste cruce la barrera de especie e invada un nuevo hospedero.

Palabras Clave: Herpesviridae, riesgo, virosis, (fuente: DeCS, BIREME) Emergencia de enfermedades y el salto en la barrera de especies. L'Aventure des écritures. 59334ac. L'Aventure des écritures : La page. Logo. By Alex , Showcase of Unconventional Logo Designs with Personality. Standing out can be one of the hardest things for a brand to do. And standing out is important – if you’re trying to build a recognizable brand, then being bland and uninteresting will get you nowhere. This is especially true for start-ups and small businesses who often won’t be given a second look. Everything about your brand needs to grab attention in order to be seen – whether it’s a bold, highly visual website design, a product that’s unexpectedly beautiful (like the Nest thermostat) or a logo design that’s interesting, quirky and creative. Of course, designing a creative and interesting logo that gets people’s attention – while still remaining nicely designed and presentable – is an arduous task.

Adding your company’s personality to that logo will be a challenge, but when done correctly you can end up with a brand mark that you’re truly proud of, that attracts attention and that makes your competitor’s look bland and uninteresting. The Freelancers Guide to Getting Into Flow. The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People. What do you define as a “productive” person? Is it the ability to robotically churn out work, hour after hour? Is it the amount of discipline one has? Is it the speed at which one works? Before we can discuss what makes a productive person, we should first define what productivity is. The common notion of productivity is the ability to churn out a lot of work in a short span of time. For example, let’s say Peter types very fast and can reply 1000 emails a day. The past few months have been my most productive months for the year. At the same time, I’ve also been managing other work, such as 1-1 coaching with clients (I’m handling about 5-6 clients on average at each time), administrative aspects of the business, writing Personal Excellence articles/guest posts, maintaining the site, etc.

A few days ago I finished designing my lineup of workshops next year, and earlier this week I conceptualized the idea for a new book. For everything you’re doing now, ask yourself how important this is. Ben Franklin’s Virtue of Industry: Being Diligent Develops Self-Respect. This is the sixth in a series of posts on Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues. Photo by Lewis Hine Lose no time. Be always employed in something useful. Cut off all unnecessary actions. If you spend any time on the web, you probably have heard of Tim Ferris‘ book “The Four Hour Work Week.” Basically, what this entails is outsourcing as many menial tasks as you can to some person in India so you can have time to travel the world pursuing your passion. 1. 2. The whole idea of shifting all your work to someone else is elitist and undemocratic. 3. 4. 5. The Case for Industriousness Develops self-respect. Do not live useless and die contemptible. ~ John Witherspoon Fights Depression.

The last time I went camping, I took a hike along a beautiful stream. More time for family and civic engagement. In addition to having more time for family, by being industrious you’ll have time to devote to your community. How to be Industrious Plan. Eliminate distractions. Have a worthy goal. Set worthy goals for yourself. Extraits musicaux | CHOEUR ORTHODOXE BULGARE SAINT JEAN DE RILA. 30 Outstandingly Creative Poster Designs. Posters are an incredibly common form of advertising. Whether they giant posters mounted to the side of a bus stop, or just a paper flyer tacked to a telephone pole, posters are designed to grab the viewers attention and invite them to take some action, either immediately, or in the future. This post showcases 30 outstanding and creative poster designs from some of the best designers around.

Covering issues from global warming, pollution, to the more lighthearted DJ sessions, these posters catch your eye and communicate a message effectively. Enjoy the poster designs, and let us know what you think about this collection. via beaucoupzero via Vangarde via chin2off via ImpulseDesign via monavx via Martijn Boskamp via fatihtokoz via Paul Tebbott via B-Positive via mindfckx via Nitin Garg via Demen1 via DesignTED via SebDesign via abduzeedo via mluna via TyFilby via JakeTownsend via cut&paste via sanubian via edustries via DKNG Studios via erwinhines via domithy via Postera via soasdesign via Ben Kamprath Advertisement.

How Much Do Top Tier Bloggers and Social Media Consultants Get Paid? We Asked Them! The media world is changing and its jobs are changing too. The rise of the blogger is an often-told story, but are the lucky few bloggers who do it for a living well paid? We did a survey to find out. We asked 20 top-tier tech bloggers and social media consultants to tell us how much they get paid, by the post, by the hour or by the month - however their rates are set. Half of them told us, on the condition that we wouldn't disclose who they were or where they worked. The end result is an anecdotal overview of what some of the top tech bloggers and social media consultants are making. These aren't the founders of big blogs, these are their employees and people who get work writing, doing trainings or consulting for tech companies.

There are a handful of people in tech blogging that make even more than this but the vast majority of people who get paid to blog get paid far less. Payment Per Blog Post Most people who are paid to blog are paid per post. How does this work out long term? Haiku Productivity: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential | zen habits. By Leo Babauta I’ve been wanting to write this post for a little while now, about an experiment I’ve been doing. For a few months, I’ve been purposely binding myself. Not as a way to hamstring myself, but as a way to make me focus on fewer, but more important things. As a way to allow myself to do more in less time. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pareto principle, known also as the 80/20 rule. But while that’s nice in principle, in practice it’s hardly ever done. There’s no systematic way to focus on the essential stuff, and eliminate the rest. Until now. Haiku: Limited but powerful To understand this simple concept, think about the form of the haiku (the common version, at least): it’s poetry in 17 syllables, with 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables (I know there are variations and this is only a rough definition, but that’s not important to this article).

What this does is forces the poet to focus on only those words that mean the most to the poem. That’s it. What limits should you set? Fight Procrastination! I’ve often thought about why we Procrastinate. If one was logical, one would assume if there’s something that needed to be done and was Urgent/Important or rewarding enough, we’d get on to it right away. Here’s what it would look like on a diagram: The reality however is people are seldom logical.

As humans we’re governed partly by our intelligent mind and partly by our feelings and desires. Here’s what this would look like on a diagram: Whatever the actual reasons are, generally when the Pain associated with doing a particular task increases, so too does the level of Procrastination. Let’s consider a couple of typical examples. Doing the school report: I’d have to do some research at the library and online. I’m sure you can think of better things to do than that school report or 5km run. The good news is Procrastination is a function of both Pain and Payoff. As before, Procrastination increases along with Pain. However, this tapers off as things become more urgent and important. How to get rid of Creative Block. Creative block (the evil sister of writer’s block and the unwanted daughter of unmotivation) hits us all at some point in our lives, and often in our daily routine.

As designers, creative block can be a cancer to our work, spreading and spreading until our mind produces absolutely nothing at all, leaving us to bang our heads aimlessly at the keyboard or stare at the ceiling for several hours on end. For a designer who is put under a time limit by a client, this time waster can be lethal, and doesn’t just mean lack of inspiration and ideas, but also lack of money. So how then, can we get out of the dreaded creative block and stimulate our minds into fifth gear? Well different things work well for different people, and it is all about finding what is right for you and the way your mind works, but I am going to discuss a variety of tips and techniques that I find work well for me, so that you guys can try out their levels of success on yourselves. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. How to avoid your Creativity Burnout. 35+ Beautiful Examples of Creative Collage for Your Inspiration. 25 Examples of Super Creative Resume Design | WorkAwesome.

1. Film reel resume 2. 3-D resume 3. Flyer resume 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Popular search terms for this article: creative resume, resume example, creative resume templates, example of resume, creative resumes, resume designs, awesome resumes, resume examples, creative resume ideas, creative cv Susan Johnston is a freelance writer/blogger who has contributed to publications including The Boston Globe,’s blog,, and Yahoo! How to Be Corporate and Still Be Creative. If you’re like me, you graduated from art school and had dreams of working as an art director at a small agency. You envisioned having your own office on the top floor of a loft with 30-foot ceilings. Designers would play ping-pong below; people were allowed to drink beer at work; and brilliant ideas would flow effortlessly from your mind into multi-million-dollar campaigns for clients like Nike and Coca-Cola.

In fact, you got a job at a large corporation and were shown to a desk in a sea of light-gray fabric-covered cubicles. Instead of 30-foot ceilings, you have surprisingly low ceilings, covered with a substance that you could swear is asbestos. You were given a 90-page handbook on how to create drop-shadows and sent off to populate templates for product brochures. Sounds like hell. Accept the Corporate Mindset, and Then Make Your Mark Image by Tim Patterson To maintain your creativity, you have to look beyond the projects in queue. Think Like an Entrepreneur Seek Out Challenges Conclusion. 35 Beautiful & Creative Business Card Designs - TutorArt | Graph. Designing has been growing lately, as the image is always in important in any business , so today Tutorart brings you a pack of 35 amazing business cards for your inspiration. Creative Illustrative Lettering Challenge – Part 1.

This session we proposed a challenge to two illustrators. We asked each of them to take our own "tuts+" brand name and illustrate it with a creative lettering solution. Learn how each of them went about solving this, and the concepts they worked with to bring about the final work. In this Part 1 of this challenge, we'll look at Wojciech Pijecki's solution and how he combines expressive and abstract concepts, with lots of colorful elements, transforming this brief into a vibrant work of art. About this Challenge Inspiration for doing this challenge came from the awesome "tuts+" solution presented in the post PsdTuts+ Presents: Exclusive Wallpapers By Tim and Bram Vanhaeren. Let's take a closer look at the brief and then look at the solution from Wojciech Pijecki here on Psdtuts+. Creative Brief for this Challenge For this challenge, we kept the brief simple, which would allow for the illustrators to really go in a creative direction that inspires them: Wojciech Pijecki's Solution.

32 Creative and Interesting Bento Boxes. 35 illustrations créatives au service de la lutte contre le Sida. 40 Cool and Creative Ambigram Designs. 50 Creative and Funny Print Ads Around the Globe | Naldz Graphic. Shoebox Dwelling. Beautiful & Creative Book Cover Design. Showcase: 35 Creative and Inspiring 404 Pages. 40 Stunningly Creative Resume Designs on DeviantArt.

91 Designs de clés USB originaux voire insolites « Design Spartan : Graphisme, Webdesign, Digital painting, Illustration… Ambiance-guinguette-événementiel-1.jpg (864×575) Smart Creative Logo Designs Which Contain Secret Symbolisms. Animes-Mangas : Black Butler. The Price of Creativity: How Designers are Being Cheapened By the Internet. Yunyeen Yong. 40 Examples of Creative Logo Design.

70 Awesomely Creative Flyer Designs for Inspiration. 30 Creative Business Card Designs for Inspiration. Tips To Boost Your Creative Spirits in Designing. Cheating Survey Final.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt) Модульные системы проектирования. How Do You Ignite Your Creative Passions? Техдизайнер.ру — блог о дизайне. LogoPond - Identity Inspiration -

Форум находится в режиме «Только для зарегистрированных» Free Manga Downloads. Shojo. Le meilleur de l'anime en Streaming. Logo Of The Day - Logo Design Inspiration, Gallery & Award Scheme! Polynôme. Separable Inseparable Phrasal Verbs. L'Aventure des écritures : Naissances.

Rouge. L'Aventures des écritures : matières et formes. Les Archives du Spectacle. - The Futurism Italian site - Home Page. Anselm Kiefer, l’alchimie du livre. Le bord des mondes. LE FUTURISME À PARIS, UNE AVANT-GARDE EXPLOSIVE. Fortunato Depero · Sito Ufficiale. LE FUTURISME À PARIS, UNE AVANT-GARDE EXPLOSIVE. Sommaire Luigi Russolo.

Data Visualization Designs That Should Inspire You - 23 Infographics. Odéon Théâtre de l'Europe, Paris. Futurisme – Aparences: Histoire de l'Art et actualité culturelle. 7 Great Tips To Boost Your Creativity. Art Journal | Art Journal Official Home. Let’s Remember What’s Really Important. 70 Creative Logo Designs That Will Inspire You. 20 Productive Ways to Use Your Free Time - Stepcase Lifehack. 30 Unusual Creative Business Card Designs For Your Inspiration | Dzine Blog.

Online AG: Webhosting Produktmatrix. Invade-a-hospital.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 520x745 Pixel) 25 способов преодолеть творческий ступор - Школа рекламиста. The Hylia. Manga Download Links. Manga Hut. Manga Haven. Kokoro-no-Tamago - Fait par des Fans pour des Fans. Stop Looking at Role Models to Do the Dirty Work for You. The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People. 33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity – Volume 3. 10 Different Types Of Saturdays To Have. Awesomely Unique (And Creative) Package Designs To Get Your Atte. 35 Incredibly Creative Character Designs « PSDFan. Beautiful & Creative Single-Page Portfolio Websites. Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Green Logos. Finding Creativity in Unexpected Places. Guerrilla Advertising – Creative Attention Seeking #7. The Wild And Wonderfully Creative Animal Artworks.

Unbelievably Creative Hand-Made Artworks That Make You Say Wow. 5 Resources for Crowdsourcing Creatives. Color Trends + Palettes.