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Here's Every Best Picture Nominee as an Animated Illustration. Yes, Moonlight could win Best Picture at the Oscars this Sunday, with La La Land in the running, it's anybody's guess.

Here's Every Best Picture Nominee as an Animated Illustration

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's your chance to tear your attention away from the Hollywood PR machine for a moment, while still being part of to the cultural conversation. Support the indie animation scene this weekend by checking out the Oscar-inspired loops Juppi Juppsen put together for Brooklyn-based animation studio Cartuna. Each of his animations turns out to be a perfect reaction GIF. Use La La Land for celebration, Hidden Figures for girl power, Fences for unbridled anger, and Moonlight for "Aww yeah, today's gonna be a good day. " When your favorite film of 2016 loses on Sunday, feel free to drop a tearful Manchester by the Sea. Animating in Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects, and Photoshop, Juppsen creates a moment that captures the essence of each Best Picture nom as told by Juppsen. Behance. Nikolay Ivanov - Dribbble. Un tipo ha passato 8 mesi a creare GIF a tema birra.

Ci sono due cose che ci piacciono molto qui in redazione: le GIF e la birra, quindi quando Ethan Barnowsky arriva con una serie di GIF a tema birra, possiamo assicurarvi che ha dato una svolta alla nostra giornata.

Un tipo ha passato 8 mesi a creare GIF a tema birra

Cinque ore al giorno su Photoshop e AfterEffect da quasi un anno per realizzare una quarantina di animazioni che mischiano personaggi strani e birra: “Avevo bisogno di un tema per lavorare sulle mie GIF, ho scelto la birra, un omaggio personale. Potete ritrovare tutte le sue GIF sul suo Tumblr. Geometric Patterns Animated GIF. Erik Söderberg est un artiste graphiste suédois qui se définit comme un cross-media artiste qui aime travailler avec le son, les images et le design.

Geometric Patterns Animated GIF

Voici donc la deuxième partie de sa série de design geometrique intitulée « Fractal Experience », avec cette fois, des GIFs animés. A découvrir. Weird, cute 2D animated GIFs by illustrator and animator Charles Huettner. Some splendid GIF action from Charles Huettner, an animator based in Pennsylvania.

Weird, cute 2D animated GIFs by illustrator and animator Charles Huettner

He has some great shorts on Vimeo, too. [ via ufunk ] Xeni Jardin at 3:23 pm Wed, Aug 13, 2014 There's just one problem with a recent NPR segment on a new "big data" report that blames Snowden for "changed terrorist behavior. " The main source for the story receives funding from the CIA. Xeni Jardin at 3:11 pm Wed, Aug 13, 2014 Ed Yong on whales and "lunge-feeding," which kind of sounds like what I do when presented with pizza. Snip from his National Geographic article: The blue whale can swallow half a million calories in a single mouthful. Cory Doctorow at 3:00 pm Wed, Aug 13, 2014 FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn (who's in charge of overseeing the proposed Comcast/Time Warner merger) is receiving an award, for which Comcast and Time Warner Cable are "presenting sponsors," paying $110K and $22K respectively.

Political GIFs will get you thinking. You can do a lot with GIFs; over the past few years, they've become a firm favourite in executing creativity – Michael Driver is one such illustrator who has taken to the medium.

Political GIFs will get you thinking

Based in London and a 2015 D&AD/Wetransfer Wood Pencil winner, Driver is a promising young talent with a knack for mixing analogue and digital with a unique flair. "I like the safety net that digital offers but I also find making and drawing physically a complete necessity," he explains. "I really love the tangibility of print and I think when I approach making new work I always try and emulate print.This has resonated in my process by using a lot of found textures that were discarded around my university print rooms.

Subscription offer "I like the idea that somebodies disposed work can still have worth and can be reappropriated to help me make my own work. Like this? Words: Sammy Maine Sammy Maine is deputy commissioning editor at Creative Bloq. Le contestate Gifs erotiche e psichelediche di Phazed. Jean Francois Painchaud aka Phazed è un disegnatore specializzato nell’animazione, famoso per i suoi lavori generalmente NSFW e le sue GIFs erotiche ipnotizzanti e psichedeliche.

Le contestate Gifs erotiche e psichelediche di Phazed

Dopo essersi fatto bannare da Facebook per le sue opere, Phazed ha espresso una certa frustrazione verso i social networks, ma ha anche ottenuto un gran seguito. Centinaia di persone infatti hanno supportato la sua causa e il suo lavoro. In una recente intervista per VICE Colombia l’artista ha spiegato il suo punto di vista: “poco dopo aver postato i miei lavori ho capito che ci sono tante persone che sono molto sensibili quando si tratta del corpo femminile. Alcuni diventano addirittura irascibili non appena vedono spuntare un capezzolo. Non importa quanto io provi a censurare il mio lavoro, ci sarà sempre qualcuno che me lo segnala. David_Bowie_Cultura_Inquieta.gif (GIF Image, 700 × 700 pixels) Character Building: 20 famose architetture diventano personaggi animati - Frizzifrizzi. Un artista inglese ha trasformato in gif animate e antropomorfe grattacieli, palazzi, stadi e aeroporti di tutto il mondo.

Character Building: 20 famose architetture diventano personaggi animati - Frizzifrizzi

C’è il Ryugyong Hotel, in Corea del Nord, che va avanti a ritmi “italiani” e, iniziato nel 1987, dev’essere ancora completato.