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Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Generated from the Top 200 Tools for Learning, these are the tools selected by contributions as valuable and useful within education (that is primary and secondary (K12 ) education, colleges and universities, as well as adult education, Click on the tool name for more information about how it is used.

Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

The number in brackets shows its place on the Top 200 list. Some observations beneath the list. Observations There is more interest in the use social networks within education than workplace learning, and indeed much more use of free online social tools than commercial tools. The primary smart device of choice in education is the iPad. iPads in the Classroom. Unleashing Creativity: Greg Kulowiec App Smashing – from Beth Holland.

Greg Kulowiec begins his session by asking, “Why limit our students to one tool at one time?”

Unleashing Creativity: Greg Kulowiec App Smashing – from Beth Holland

With App Smashing, students can create content with a variety of apps and then publish it to the web – don’t let content “die on your iPad.” The general concept between App Smashing is merging content from a variety of apps. Greg likes the word App Smash, but Lisa Johnson (@techchef4u) calls it App Synergy. Toolkit for App Smashing – keep it simple! The key to App Smashing is the camera roll – use apps that can save to camera roll or take screen captures and bring them in.

Presentazioni multimediali. Assessment Tools & SQ3R. Game Based Learning. Slide sharing Platforms. Cover creators. Creating MultiMedia eBooks. Datenglish: How we started creating our own textbooks. As we don't follow a textbook in class, I started to think that my students could create their own e-textbooks.

Datenglish: How we started creating our own textbooks

I shared the idea with some of them, and they are more than excited about it. We are in the process of editing their Google Documents that is basically where they collect their works. How do we plan the learning journey? 1. We define learning goals together. 2. Recording Tools: a. Digital StoryTelling Tools: a. Presentation Tools: a. Note: Some of my students are still reluctant to use technology by themselves. Important: If students are going to generate their own content, asking questions becomes the starting point in the process.

Example of a lesson plan we designed 1. I’d like to learn about the new role of women 2. Who were some women that made a change? Why did women become so powerful? How do men feel about this new role? Why did the role of the woman change? What are women doing? How did women become so powerful? How do women feel about their new role? 3. 4. A. B. 24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools. Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information.

24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

Its popular uses include project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts, brainstorming and presentations — all in order to help solve problems, map out resources and uncover new ideas. It can be more useful than trying to keep track of our ideas by scribbling them on paper, and can aid in manipulating and generating concepts. We've compiled a list of 24 mind mapping tools to help you organize, summarize and visualize information, with both free and paid versions available to suit any budget or requirement. The tools mentioned are either browser- or desktop-based, with a selection of mind mapping mobile apps at the end of the article for use on iOS and Android devices.

Is there a particular mind mapping tool you would recommend? 1. PowerPoint Templates, Transitions & Animations. The Definitive Guide to Finding Images for Blog Posts and Content. You get it, I know.

The Definitive Guide to Finding Images for Blog Posts and Content

Content is important for marketing your business, ranking in search engines and attracting well-qualified, eager-to-buy customers. What you may not realize is the value of images in that content. We’re not talking about infographics, videos or memes, here. We’re talking about 2D images used to illustrate your content.

Take a look at these findings from a study by Skyword: Content containing related images get more views and tend to perform better across all content categories.On average, total views increased by 94% if a published article contained a relevant photograph or infographic, as compared to articles without an image in the same category. Notice the stat in the second bullet. Clearly, content alone isn’t the golden goose for your marketing. Presentation Software that Inspires.

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Top 10 best list of website builder to create free website

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