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Finis une thèse professionnelle sur l'acquisition de trafic via Facebook, love salsa!

Accueil - Dossi Zodoganhou-Viaud. Home - Cabinet avocat Zodoganhou. Facebook's Secret to High Emotional Engagement? Faces [STUDY] If you're trying to understand why Facebook elicits such an emotional response, look no further than the name.

Facebook's Secret to High Emotional Engagement? Faces [STUDY]

A study commissioned by Facebook examined how consumers' brains responded to the site as well as to Yahoo's and The New York Times's homepages. NeuroFocus, the Berkeley, Calif., firm that executed the study, found that of the three, Facebook scored highest on attention, emotional engagement and memory retention. A.K. Pradeep, the CEO of NeuroFocus, says the presence of faces on Facebook are a major reason why. "As you can see, one of the dominant features of Facebook is the human face," he says. In the study 84 adults, split evenly between men and women, were wired with EEG sensors, which measured their brainwave patterns as they visited the sites. Le goût de la Chine à Paris. [Infographie] Le coût du marketing sur Facebook. Coût par clic, coût par like… Avec 800M de consommateurs potentiels, Facebook est devenue « The place to be » en terme de marketing.

[Infographie] Le coût du marketing sur Facebook

L’infographie suivante, réalisée par l’équipe de Flowtown, nous donne un aperçu du coût des stratégies marketing déployées sur la plateforme. A titre d’exemple, obtenir un fan Facebook coûterait en moyenne 1,07$. (0,79 €). Facebook Users Are Slow to ‘Like’ Brands and Retailers. Brands and individuals have shared space on Facebook for some time, blurring the line between social networking and marketing.

Facebook Users Are Slow to ‘Like’ Brands and Retailers

Both types of users rely on “likes” as a yardstick for popularity, even if their intentions for being on the social networking site differ. Branded Facebook pages do not fare as well as other types of content, though, according to a Crowd Science survey. They had the lowest number of “likes” (9% of users) compared to wall posts, photos and comments (16%) and videos (12%). The most popular reasons for “liking” a page tied between showing support and enjoying what was being said, both at 28%. Neither are attributes most often associated with brands. The motivations behind “liking” a retailer’s Facebook site in an 8thBridge study were less about aspirations and sharing than broadcasting a straightforward, positive opinion about a purchase. Le guide Facebook ultime pour les marques, les community managers et les entrepreneurs.

Depuis quelques années nous vivons une bataille pour l’attention des internautes, dans laquelle les réseaux sociaux, pour ne pas dire Facebook, ont pris une place importante, grandissante, massive.

Le guide Facebook ultime pour les marques, les community managers et les entrepreneurs

Article rédigé par Genaro Bardy aka Naro, spécialiste Digital Marketing & New Media, et blogueur sur Naro Minded. Quelles solutions face à la “marketing fatigue” ? How Facebook is reinventing digital advertising. The rise of digital content marketing is making it clear to forward-thinking marketers that thinking (and strategy) need to shift in order to find balance between an advertising/media buying model and newer paradigms in which marketers become publishers, creating and disseminating media and messages to their audience themselves.

How Facebook is reinventing digital advertising

Developments in platforms and products over the last few weeks illustrate how quickly these shifts are accelerating. They aren't just affecting marketers, but also "real" publishers, i.e. media companies that are suddenly faced with new and largely untested ways to deliver and monetize their content. In the Q&A following the f8 keynote, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was asked how brand advertising will change. His reply? Ads are becoming more social. Sure, Facebook will still feature display ads. Inside FMM » Is ASOS Included In First Wave of New Facebook Changes? In an in-depth Facebook search for how fashion brands and retailers effected by the upcoming F8 changes, it appears that ASOS was one the first fashion retailer pages may be included in Facebook’s first wave of lifestyle apps revamps.

Inside FMM » Is ASOS Included In First Wave of New Facebook Changes?

While sponsored links and adds currently appear on the side of the page, we don’t know if these will remain given the upcoming changes in advertising models for Facebook. Currently, the ASOS apps still take us off site for content but this is likely to change in order to follow the new model of deeper engagement and more time spent on site. How the "new Facebook" impacts news feed optimization. Over the last two weeks, Facebook released several bold enhancements to its platform that give users more freedom and flexibility with the way they share content and communicate with friends.

How the "new Facebook" impacts news feed optimization

These enhancements touch nearly every facet of the user experience, which will have far-reaching implications for marketers who communicate with their customers on the platform. Facebook optimise le suivi statistique des Fan Pages. Quelques jours après sa conférence F8, Facebook dévoile de nouvelles fonctionnalités susceptibles d'intéresser les marques et les annonceurs.

Facebook optimise le suivi statistique des Fan Pages

Plusieurs magazines en ligne dont Search Engine Land - à qui Facebook a envoyé des informations par email le 2 septembre - évoquent une nouvelle page de suivi statistique. Les animateurs d'une fan page pourront voir "comment leurs messages touchent les utilisateurs de Facebook au-delà de leurs fans" et, au cas par cas, quelles sont les publications qui ont le plus de succès et de viralité. Disponible dès cette semaine, le compteur "People talking about this" ("Personnes en parlent") indiquera le nombre d'événements ("J'aime", commentaire ou encore tag) faisant référence à une publication et susceptible d'être visible dans le flux des utilisateurs.

Quant à la fonction "Conversations on Pages", elle permettra, toujours selon Search Engine Land, de recruter de nouveaux consommateurs, notamment au sein des "amis" des fans. Why Facebook fans are useless. The marketing community has an infatuation with fans -- that is, the kind of fan that simply clicks a button on Facebook.

Why Facebook fans are useless

Some now believe the bloom is off the rose. [Facebook] Un nouvel outil statistique pro et un procès. Le prix de la publicité sur Facebook s'envole ! Devient-il trop cher ? par Sylvain Eche ¿ Chronique e-Business. Les prix de la publicité sur Facebook sont en train d'exploser sous la pression des annonceurs de plus en plus nombreux.

Le prix de la publicité sur Facebook s'envole ! Devient-il trop cher ? par Sylvain Eche ¿ Chronique e-Business

Que faire face à cette augmentation ? Depuis deux ans le CPC sur Facebook ne cesse de grimper à une vitesse vertigineuse. Si début 2010, le trafic Facebook était incroyable avec, par exemple des clics féminins 25-45 ans intéressés par le shopping, pour à peine 10 centimes du clic, aujourd'hui ces même profils se paient à minima 40 à 50 centimes du clic et le mouvement de hausse ne faiblit pas, bien au contraire. Entre le 1 er août et le 30 septembre, le CPC sur les campagnes que nous gérons chez Performads (une cinquantaine par mois en moyenne) a augmenté de 25% à 40% selon la cible et la campagne. Rappelons tout d’abord comment fonctionne Facebook au niveau de la diffusion des publicités : 1. 2. Why Rihanna's "Cheers" Video Was Largely Ignored. Why Fans Un-friend Your Brand on Facebook. How Facebook Brand Fans Interact Post ‘Like’

Hoping to build engagement with their fans on Facebook, brands and companies chase after “likes.” But engagement means different things to different people, and consumers are open to several different ways to interact on the social site. A January 2011 survey from Chadwick Martin Bailey and Constant Contact asked Facebook users who were fans of companies how they interact with brands on the site. Most (77%) read the content posted by a brand, but only 17% said they share information about the brand with others. “The Evolution of Facebook Brand Fans” study, from DDB Worldwide and OpinionWay Research, went a little deeper. How to Forecast & Measure Your Marketing ROI with a Scorecard.

No marketing department has infinite time or money. We are constantly refining our answer to the question “What is the best way to spend our time and money?” And we do that: When we’re building a media planWhen we measure campaign resultsAs we compare tradeoffs between campaigns Essentially, we need a single way to: Normalize data across channels and campaigns to allow for comparisons Project ROI to determine the right mix of media and allow for tradeoffs Identify weaknesses in your plan, such as poor CTR from creative, to help prioritize any tactical needs Set goals against which you can measure and reach with course corrections during execution. "Nous commençons à développer des contenus spécifiques à Facebook"

Mozilla Firefox. Marketing digital: les derniers livres blanc de l’IAB.

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Création d'une chaîne de marque - Centre d'aide YouTube. Help. Facebook : monétiser son trafic et l’intégrer dans une stratégie cross-canal par Alexandre Zeitoun - Chronique e-Business. 4 marketing megatrends you need to watch (single page view) Six months ago, we waxed philosophical, poetical, nostalgic, and quixotic about trends that had emerged during the first half of the year that appeared poised to dominate the advertising and marketing landscape. It's now time to take a look back at the year in whole to see which of those trends we reviewed previously have held, and examine those that have made their way into view since then. Following are the biggest trends that have influenced digital advertising in 2011.

Let's look at what they are, their perceived value, and whether or not they are fads or foundational. Stay informed.