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BMW, L'Oreal tackle shake-up in "path to purchase" model. The German car maker and French beauty brand fronted Cannes delegates yesterday with some unsettling news for media owners and sage advice for marketing colleagues.

BMW, L'Oreal tackle shake-up in "path to purchase" model

BMW and L’Oreal’s customer pathway to purchase cycle, once underpinned by big mainstream media awareness raising efforts, was being transformed by producing thousands of narrowly targeted online articles, “how to” online videos and, in BMW's case, “really useful” apps. Most of the online publishing initiatives relied heavily on organic and paid search tactics to get their branded information to people researching those product categories. Using content creators and aggregators like Demand Media and Say Media, L’Oreal and BMW are lessening their reliance on mainstream media – although they stress they’re not eliminating traditional advertising forms altogether – to keep up with the changing sources of influence in consumer purchasing decisions. “The new model is more complex,” he said. RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism. What does the rise of 'brand journalism' mean for your company? Rebecca Jarvis, business and economics correspondent for CBS News, discusses why companies are scooping up journalists to create rich content for their brands.

What does the rise of 'brand journalism' mean for your company?

By Ragan Staff | Posted: March 9, 2012 Is journalism dying? Perhaps. But not in the traditional way. Newspapers may be bleeding, but the demand for journalists is arguably not following suit. Who's hiring them? publisher Mark Ragan discusses this trend with CBS News' Rebecca Jarvis at the Nasdaq OMX studio. Popularity: This record has been viewed 14935 times. New Speakers & Content Added! Invalid quantity.

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Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Please enter your name. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter your message or comments. Please enter the code as shown on the image. Please select the date you would like to attend. Old Spice Guy Now Making Custom Videos for Fans via Social Media. How do you get bloggers, fans and random Internet folks to make your campaign go viral?

Old Spice Guy Now Making Custom Videos for Fans via Social Media

Namecheck them in a personalized monologue delivered by a shirtless man, of course! That's right, everyone's favorite topless dude, Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa, has been tweeting just-for-you-vids to a bevy of Internet folk all day. The Old Spice Guy is undoubtedly one of the most beloved commercial characters in recent memory — he's like The Most Interesting Man in the World, but young and apparently unable to stay fully clothed. He burst on the scene back in February and his videos quickly went viral on YouTube. Well now he's apparently taking awesomeness to a new level — or the ad execs behind his campaign are, rather. Old Spice commerical "Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up @OldSpice" After posting a call for questions on Reddit four hours ago, he responded to a cadre of questions rather rapidly.

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