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Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey. Download PowerPoint Templates. Creating a Complete PowerPoint Template This article reprinted with permission from All 'Bout Computers.

Download PowerPoint Templates

Part I: Creating Slide Masters Ready to create your own templates? Free Powerpoint Presentations Templates.

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Tvorba cvičení. Mindmap. Photo editor. TitanPad. The Zooming Presentation Editor. Presentation Tools. Edutopia Group Discussions by and for Educators. 11/10/11 Update: We have an additional 30 plus tools, references, and resources submitted by community members.

Edutopia Group Discussions by and for Educators

We all know that teachers are always looking for tools, references, and resources for classrooms. Well, here's 80 "must see" trial, free, and paid websites recommended by Edutopia community members. Keep this list in your back pocket! It might come in handy.